Notes: Wow, my first fanfic in a loooong time. Not my fault either. I haven't seen any Gasaraki fics *anywhere*, so I just had to do my own. (Hint, hint: if you have any of your own, or know where to find them, I'd be very, very happy if you told me.) Anyhow, what do you think?
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by Quintessence


The machine shuts itself off before the second ring can pull me from my sleep. No matter; I woke, as always, on the first sound. Some part of my mind observes that I am as pre-programmed as the clock, and I silence it, already familiar with its thoughts. I sit up, stretch once, relying on habit while my mind still rests. My hand pushes the covers away, always to the left, and I rise, walking to the small bathroom adjoining my quarters.

My mind does not wander as I go through the motions of taking a shower, combing my hair, pulling out a clean uniform, and I am halfway through the door by the time the first thoughts of the day begin.

Did I remember everything?
Of course you did! Since when have you failed? that other voice, the other me, snaps. I push it away, not able to let it live yet, but I am too awake now, and my own doubts fuel its voice. And when have you done anything on your own? *I* resist, *you* just go along with them! You're their *pet*, Miharu, nothing more.
...You use me, too.
*I* have our best interests in mind!

We stop, realizing how immature we both sound. My hands finish neatening the bed and remember to turn off the lights on the way out.

Either way, it doesn't matter now... the voices concedes as it fades back into the rest of mind. I relax internally; arguing with that other personality made it difficult to simply stand back and let instinct and reflexes guide me. I use this moment of calm to center on my self and stir another voice into life, this time intentionally. It flits away in a moment, whispering only Wait... before it fades. I nod, again internally, and carry on my way. The morning may be filled with doubts, but I will let my instinct guide me until it is time to act.


So, any opinions? (looks hopeful)