Okay. Here's the next chapter and I think this may be the last one... except for the epilogue of course... and I know that many of you have been waiting for Owen's dare and I know that I haven't given you the satisfaction of seeing Owen humiliated BUT that is now going to change!!



Chapter 15

The time was 4:56pm exactly and Ianto was standing beside the invisible lift waiting patiently for everyone else to notice the time.

Owen of course was the first to notice since he'd been on edge for the last twenty-minutes down in his little land of dissected corpses, after everyone had vacated the conference room noticing the time was fast approaching when they'd be released from the Hub... and find out Owen's dare.

Swallowing with difficulty Owen left his sanctum and ventured out into the main Hub, noticing Ianto standing silently, patiently beside the invisible lift, 'why's he over there?'

Ianto, as though he sensed Owen's attention on him, turned to look at Owen with a single raised eyebrow, "Ready yet Owen?" he asked, his voice echoing uncomfortably loud around the Hub drawing Tosh and Gwen's attention.

"Not really Teaboy... but would you care if I was?" Owen snarked as he tried to make his way over to Ianto looking unconcerned and confident, the nervous glancing kind of ruined that effect though.

Ianto looked at him for a moment, as though contempleting the question, before answering with a simple, "No. Not really."

'Thought not you evil bastard!' Owen stopped walking and stood beside Ianto as Gwen and Tosh appeared behind Ianto, like magic... or sneaky women. "Soo... what is this dare exactly Teaboy?"

"Something I'm sure your feeling of self-worth won't like at all Owen, that I can assure you of." Ianto answered airily, looking over to Jack's office and nodding – somehow catching Jack's attention.

'Ohhh.... that does NOT sound good!' Owen swallowed, his throat suddenly dry, Ianto couldn't possibly be so evil could he? 'Of course he fucking can be THAT fucking evil! It's Ianto!'

Jack's heavy footfalls echoed throughout the Hub as he came towards them, carrying... something. He smirked at Ianto before stopping beside him and holding the something silently.

Ianto looked at it and then at Jack saying, "Thank-you Jack."

"No problem Ianto... the pleasure will be mine... Tosh and Gwen's too I'm sure." Jack replied with an evil, evil smirk at Owen who felt like running away and bunking down with Janet – might be safer for him!

"Owen." Ianto said, suddenly his voice was more commanding and alpha-male-like, 'huh.. suits him' Owen thought absent-mindedly as he turned his attention to Ianto.

"You're dare is this. I dare you to put on whatever it is inside the box and to ascend the invisible lift and to do the fandango in full view of the public." Ianto said, his voice calm, controlled, not betraying that inside he was falling apart in fits of laughter like Tosh, Gwen and Jack were.

Ianto took the box from the laughing Jack and placed it in Owen's arms before turning away and walking off towards Tosh's terminal to type in the lockdown-shutdown code.

The alarms in the Hub went off simultaneously for ten-seconds before ceasing and the cog door rolled open and the system rebooted itself, allowing Ianto to log in and check the Rift Monitor – clean as a whistle, not a single piece of activity. 'The irony of it!'


Ianto along with, the now-calm, Tosh, Gwen and Jack were all standing beside each other watching the live CCTV feed from the Plaza waiting for the lift to ascend. None of them, except Ianto, had seen what was inside the box or what Owen was wearing since Ianto had told, ordered them, to look away until Owen was too high to really see what he was wearing.

Although... from the severe cussing about Ianto, the other's guessed it was something that Owen was going to kill Ianto for.

"Three, two, one." Ianto said softly watching as there were a throng of people walking along the Plaza – all completely unsuspecting.

Then, suddenly another figure appeared out of thin air which immediately began to dance.

Tosh and Gwen literally fell to the ground in laughter whilst Jack clung on valiantly to the terminal and Ianto stood next to them with tears of laughter in his eyes and the most evil and satisfied smirk ever seen by any species on his face.

This figure dancing, doing the fandango to be exact, was wearing a short, knee-length dress that looked to be flaming red, with stiletto high heels – also red – and a vividly blonde wig.

The camera, piloted by Ianto, zoomed in dramatically on to this figure's face, and upon seeing it on three different screens Ianto finally collapsed along with the others in helpless fits of laughter. But, not before clicking on upload LIVE to Youtube...






Epilogue of course will be up next but that's Ianto dare and I'm sure you can ALL imagnine how THAT'S going to go!! :P