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Two: Edward and Bella do grow up in this fic. That will happen later.

Other than that...I hope you enjoy the story.

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Just twenty more minutes. I silently watched the round clock hanging over Mrs. Jenkins desk. History class was dragging on and on. My eyes wandered over to the window where I could see the red orange leaves rustling amongst the branches.

"Hey Swan," Mike Newton hissed behind me. I turned my head slightly without looking at him and raised a questioning eyebrow. "Tell Coach I'll be ten minutes late to practice," he smirked silently and leaned forward on his elbows almost tipping his desk over, "I need to walk Jessica home first."

I rolled my eyes upward and turned back toward the front of the class.

I was used to guys like Mike bugging me during class. I was Coach Swan's daughter and that made the players think they could use me as a messenger. Nevermind that my father usually dismissed anything I had to say. He mearly let me hang out with the team as the stat recorder. During practices I was lucky if he said two words to me. Football was my Dad's life and I think with each passing day he was resenting more and more that he only had a daughter and not a son.

The shrill of the bell jerked my mind back to attention and I snapped my binder shut and thrust it into my backpack. "Just tell him for me okay?" Mike pleaded as he passed my desk. I glanced up at him and nodded slightly. "Thanks Swan." And he bolted out the door making wisecracks with the other guys jostling them in his hurry to catch up to Jessica.

I slung my backpack over my shoulder and headed for the door. In front of me I could hear two of my classmates Tina and Rebecca jabbering animatedly. I pushed a lock of hair out of my eyes and behind my ear as I trudged behind them.

"He's new?" Tina was asking her red hair cascading down her back in soft waves.

"Yeah, he just transferred over from Sterling, he's in my Math class and just gorgeous!" Rebecca's voice was almost a squeal.

"Rumor has it Jessica looked ready to sink her claws into him."

I raised my head slightly wondering what was going to happen to Mike and his plans, Jessica was Fork's High beauty queen and most sought after girl. It was only fitting that she and Mike, the varsity quarterback would lend up together.

"No way," Tina said in amazement her hands waving frantically in front of her face, "what about Mike? What's this guy's name anyways?"

"Edward Cullen." Rebecca's voice drew out the name Edward with a longing sigh.

I shook my head and rounded the corner away from Tina and Rebecca and all their giggles. I didn't have time to listen to anymore of their nonsense.

I could see my Dad already on the football field looking pretty angry. I threw my backpack down by the bleachers and zipped my hoodie up all the way to chase out the chill that always seemed to linger over the wide green grass. Most of the players were already suited up and ready for practice.

I grabbed my clipboard from the player's bench and jogged over to the field.

"Dad," I muttered as I reached his side, "Mike is going to be late…"

My Dad turned away from me oblivious to my words, "Whitlock!" he shouted walking over to Jasper Whitlock our wide receiver, "where the hell is Newton?"

Jasper shifted nervously his hands clutching the football, "I don't know Coach," he shrugged his broad shoulders, "maybe he is still in the locker room."

My Dad's eyes narrowed and flashed angrily, "How are we suppose to run the goddam plays without our quarterback!"

I shifted the clipboard to my other hand as I tried to get into my Dad's view, "Dad," I tried again, "Mike is going to be late…"

My Dad finally focused on me, his rage clearly showing. "I am sick of that boy flaking off acting like this team doesn't matter!" he turned and walked away from Jasper and I still muttering angrily to himself.

"Goodson! Bring me our second string Quarterback, call Percy to the field." My Dad yelled over to the assistant coach who was putting all the helmets in a row on the grass.

"Coach, Percy is out for the season, he broke his ankle last week on that skateboard accident remember?"

My Dad blinked rapidly and I knew he hadn't even remembered that Dale Percy had fallen off his skateboard last week and broke his ankle even though it had been the talk of the school all week long.

My Dad huffed and muttered something foul under his breath, he began stalking off the field, Coach Goodson hurried after him. "Charlie!" he called after my Dad, "We have a new guy here today, he wants to try out for the team, he looks sharp Charlie…" his voice trailed off as my Dad turned to face him. "Well where is he!" My Dad spread his hands around looking exasperated, "Where's Mr. Sharp?"

Coach Goodson looked up past my Dad and right over to me. "He's right here," he said pointing right at me, "standing behind Bella."

Behind me? I turned and nearly collided with the prettiest darkest brown eyes I had ever seen. The figure in front of me shifted and he met my gaze. I felt my breath hitch, he was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. His skin was a golden bronze and his eyes big as silver dollars. He looked down at me and gave me a lazy crooked smile that showed the two cutest dimples in his cheeks. I was memorized for a minute just blinking at him stupidly until he reached up with his right hand and pushed back his black hair that had fallen over his eyes. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed how the muscles rippled in his arm and how his skin almost seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. I finally broke the gaze and looked down onto the grass.

"s'cuse me." The beautiful figure moved around me and jogged lightly over to where my Dad and Coach Goodson stood. I tried not to follow him with my eyes but failed miserably.

Coach Goodson had tossed a football into those big bronze hands and was pointing to Jasper across the field. I watched how those long fingers gripped the football with ease, and as if it was effortless as breathing, those hands, those dimples, that jet black hair had the football sailing into the air across the field in a perfect spiral.

We all watched it soar through the air in amazement.

Jasper caught it easily he looked back and forth in disbelief at the distance the ball had covered and jogged over tossing the football back to this gorgeous creature. "Nice throw." He said with a hint of surprise. "Thanks." The gorgeous creature replied his voice deep and velvety.

My Dad's raised eyebrows and hint of sparkle in his eyes told me he was impressed. He pushed Coach Goodson out of his way and he almost skipped over to where the boy stood. "What's your name son?" my Dad asked with a smile.

"Edward Cullen... sir." Edward reached out his hand to my Dad who took his handshake with enthusiasm. I knew Edward had just scored brownie points with my manner loving father. "Welcome to Forks's High football team son."


My day had sucked royally. I spent the entire morning arguing with the office secretary at Fork's High about my schedule, or lack of it.

"Your records were never sent by your last school." The secretary narrowed her eyes at me as if it was my fault the records never made it to her precious desk, "we don't know where to place you."

I stared back at the older lady getting madder with each passing minute. "I don't know where my records are, Sterling High was supposed to send them over," I began again for the fifteenth time, "but I am a Senior."

The secretary began typing something into her computer ignoring my words. After three more minutes of tense silence she printed out a paper and handed it across the counter to me.

"Here is a tentative schedule." She said in a tiff, "when your records arrive we can place you permanently." She spun away from me in her chair and I knew our conversation was over.

I spent the next ten minutes looking for my math class. When I had finally found it class had already been in session for a while, so when I entered the entire class stopped and stared at me. I walked confidently over to the instructor and gave him my schedule. The girls sitting in the front row began whispering furiously to each other. I offered them a crooked smile and a small wink in which they immediately dissolved into quiet giggles. I rolled my eyes upward, were the girls here going to be that easy too?

"Edward Cullen welcome to Geometry." My instructor waved his right hand over to an empty spot a few rows behind the giggly girls. "You can sit there."

I sighed heavily; I had taken Geometry when I was a freshman at Sterling. I should be in Calculus. I walked over to the empty seat and looked out the window. Beyond the metal fence I could see the football field. I watched a P.E. class jog around the track. I couldn't wait until I was out on that field. I had talked to assistant Coach Goodson yesterday and he had let me throw the football around. I knew he was impressed with my arm because he had told me to show up today at practice and talk to Coach Swan.

I looked back at the clock, about twenty minutes left; I hoped I wouldn't be stuck in Geometry tomorrow. I made a mental note to ask my Mom to call Sterling and figure out what happened to my records.

Something hit my shoe with a small bounce. I glanced down to see a glittery pink pen with a small feather attached to the end. I reached down and picked it up looking around me for the owner. The girl in front of me turned around to face me. She was pretty in a superficial kind of way, her blond hair hung straight down her back, her eyes were a vivid shade of blue, and her lips a painted pink, just like her pen.

"You have my pen." She smiled leaning forward, her elbows rested on my desk giving me an outright view down the front of her pink sweater. She tilted her head and cocked an eyebrow at me, "see anything you like?"

I smiled lazily at her enjoying the view. I slid the pen across the desk until it was less than two inches away from her chest and looked back up at her. "See anything you like?" I repeated her question. Her smile got wider and she reached over and picked up her pen.

"Yes I do." She let the feather of her pen trace down her behind her ear to the bottom of her neck until she stopped at the silver heart necklace she wore. "Thanks for my pen." She said.

"Jessica!" our instructor called out loudly and the girl in front of me spun around quickly. He frowned at her.

"I'm sorry Mr. Pearson," her voice rueful, "I dropped my pen and Edward was so nice to pick it up for me."

"Very well…" Mr. Pearson sighed, "Please pay attention Jessica, we have a quiz tomorrow." He turned back to the whiteboard and began writing again.

I fixed my focus on the whiteboard but wasn't really paying attention. While I enjoyed the show Jessica gave me I knew her kind. Many of the cheerleaders at Sterling were the same way, eager to please, but attached themselves like leeches if you weren't careful. Despite being the first string Varsity quarterback for Sterling since I was a Sophomore in high school I never allowed myself to date them, my game was my true love and I didn't have the slightest interest in those silly girls and their giggles. Over the years I had found it was easy to impress them. The raise of my eyebrow, a crooked smile, a wink, all usually gave me the same reaction; these girls were easily conquered. I had yet to meet a girl that didn't at least blush when I smiled at her.

The shrill of the bell jerked me back from my musings. I grabbed my backpack and stood up.

"Bye Edward." Jessica turned around smiling looking up at me through her eyelashes. I winked at her and made my way past her giggle, past the rows of desks and out the door. I was glad that class was over.

By the end of the day I was itching to get out on the football field. I walked across the grass over the player's bench. I threw my backpack down looking around for Coach Goodson. He was in an animated discussion with who I assumed to be Coach Swan.

Coach Swan looked pissed, his arms were failing wildly above him as he yelled, and he was a big man, probably a star player in his time. I decided not to approach them just yet as I didn't want to get caught in the middle of whatever had ticked off the coach. I noticed the small figure standing next to him. At first I thought it was just a really small guy but then the figure turned slightly and I could see wisps of long hair peeking out from this really oversized hoodie she wore. I couldn't make out her face but wondered what a girl was doing on the field next to the coach. Girls weren't usually allowed on the field during any practices as most coaches did not like the players distracted but I noticed that not one player on the field gave her any notice.

Coach Goodson scanned the field rapidly and finally rested his eyes on me. He brought up his hand slightly to call me over. I began walking slowly across the field not really wanting to get into the screaming match. I paused slightly behind the hooded girl.

"He's right here," he said pointing right at me, "standing behind Bella."

The girl in the hood spun around and my eyes locked onto the deepest blackest eyes I had ever seen. Her eyelashes fluttered slightly as she stared at me. Her mouth was slightly open and the sunlight bounced off the wisps of jet black hair that peeked out from her hoodie. I felt my heart start to race and wondered what her hair looked like under that hood, I had a sudden urge to push the hood back down off her head and I immediately dismissed it. Trying to take control of the situation I offered her a lazy smile. She didn't smile back, she didn't giggle, she didn't do anything but blink at me with something that looked like an annoyed expression on her face. I felt a bit taken back and ran my fingers through my hair nervously.

"s'cuse me." I brushed past her trying to get myself in check. I mentally shook her off and jogged over to Coach Goodson.

Coach Goodson wasted no time; he tossed a football into my hands before Coach Swan could say anything. He pointed out the wide receiver that was standing across the field close to the ten yard line, "That's Whitlock our WR, do you think you can hit him?"

I nodded and gripped the football. Taking a quick breath I looked over at Coach Swan who had his hands on his hips watching me. I took a small side step and twisted my hips slightly. I snapped my thumb down and let my fingers roll off the ball; it sailed out of my hands across the field and into Whitlock's hands with ease. Whitlock looked surprised. He jogged over to me and tossed me the football. "Nice throw." He complimented. "Thanks." I nodded.

Suddenly Coach Swan was looming over me. "What's your name son?" he seemed in a much better mood now.

Edward Cullen... sir." I answered still a bit intimidated by this large man, I extended my hand in greeting. Coach Swan's eyes gleamed and he shook my hand with much enthusiasm. "Welcome to Fork's High Football Team son."

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