When darkness falls, the city becomes a playground. Not just for the living, but for the undead as well. Undead? You ask. Well let me explain. There are people in this world who are not what they appear. They live among us, acting as one of us, but are clearly not. They are called vampires. Sucubi (Suck - you - by), the undead. Hunters who feast off of the blood of the living. Creatures of the night, who creep up on you without you even realizing it.

With the undead comes the Akatsuki. An elite team of vampire killers. Assassins of the undead. An organization created over seven hundred years ago, by a man with special abilities to sense there presence and super human strength to take them down. Seven other members were added to the organization, with similar abilities. Each passing the abilities on to their offspring. The abilities changing somewhat with each generation.

The Akatsuki all share a common goal. Kill the vampires and save mankind. Bound by mortality, sworn to secrecy and driven by determination. They thrive off of the kill of the vampire while the vampire thrive of the torture of an Akatsuki member. To bag an Akatsuki member is to prove one's worth to their leader. This might earn you a sweet young virgin to rape and mutilate or a simple place at the leader's side. A lapdog or golden boy status if you will.

The problem is that the Akatsuki are not so easy to take down. It is a constant challenge that has turned into a game over the centuries. Kill them before they kill you, so to speak. The Akatsuki have abilities, but with the abilities comes responsibility and hard long, hours of training to hone one's skills. Oh and did I mention that the Akatsuki members are all highschool students? Oh, my bad and right at this very moment six of them were studying for a history final.