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Meant To Be

They'd accepted long ago that what they had been imagining for months now was unavoidable and inevitable, neither Spock nor Nyota speaking another word of caution or logic as they held each other close, their kisses increasingly hot and passionate as the minutes ticked by. To some, what they were about to do was highly un-logical given their positions as teacher and student, but both knew in their hearts that they were highly logical and that this was the ideal outcome.

Since he'd realized the likelihood that someday their relationship would progress to this level Spock had diligently and thoroughly researched human mating rituals and techniques in order to insure that he understood what was expected of him and how best to go about securing his physical claim over her. As he'd found out there was even more literature and media references on the subject than he could have imagined and so had thought himself quite prepared.

What he'd read about didn't come close to reality though.

He didn't remember asking them to do so, but Spock was vaguely aware of his fingers moving to the back of her dress as they continued to kiss as though their lives depended upon it, his sensitive ears picking up the sound of the zipper as he pulled it down. And then they were parting the material, the straps sliding down her shoulders, seeming to invite its removal.

She didn't protect the action either, instead moving with him tandem to finish sliding it off, the black dress pooling at her feet in seconds so that she was wearing only her bra, panties, and heeled black sandals.

In silence Spock studied the picture she made, having to clear his throat twice before he could get his next words out without stuttering like a school boy. "I believe it would be best if we were to retire to my bedroom right now." Because if they didn't he was going to end up dragging her down to the floor, unable to control this fierce, increasingly consuming passion he had for her.

Nodding Nyota lifted a hand so that she could lace their fingers together, giving them a squeeze. "Lead the way."

When they entered the room Spock called for the lights at sixty percent, the blackness switching to a dimness that allowed them to see each other and navigate the room without taking away the ambience of the moment.

"I would like to see you, but I read that some females dislike that as they don't wish to have their forms shown so clearly. You have nothing to be self conscious about, but I can dim the lights further if you'd prefer."

Nyota shook her head with a small smile on her face. "No, it's fine. I want to see you too."

And to prove her point she reached out and started to undress him, Spock staying still unless absolutely necessary as his jacket was removed and then his shirt, his stomach muscles clenching painfully as his skin registered the barest contact of her fingertips against his flesh as she undid the buttons before drawing the material off his shoulders.

Setting aside the clothing she'd just removed Nyota quickly turned her attention back to him, wrapping her arms around his neck as she leaned in to press their lips against each other's once more, losing herself in the taste of him, in the strength of his arms as he so carefully held her against him perfectly.

The heat the flared between them was once again breathtaking in its strength, both of them instinctually moving towards the turned down bed, knowing that they needed to get there soon before they lost themselves completely in the other.

Lying down on the bed Nyota held her arms out to him, sensing that under his usual, calm veneer there was a whole host of nerves and insecurities. She didn't know how much sexual experience the man had, but she had sensed over the course of their growing relationship that he wasn't used to letting his human, emotional side have sway and that it scared and unnerved him when that happened. 'But it's okay when it's around me' she silently conveyed to him with her eyes. 'It's okay because I love all the parts that make you who you are and I'll never reject you. I'll never find you wanting'.

Staring down at as he took in what he'd been gifted with Spock could actually feel his intelligence disintegrate and leave him as he moved to cover her body with him, shutting down so that all he had was instinct, need and a desire that burned through his body in a way that put Klingon liquor to shame. His hand even shook a little, Spock silently marveled, as he reached out to tenderly stroke her cheek, understanding that she was his mate, his other half. "Nyota."

Saying his name in return Nyota was smiling as he lowered his head to capture her lips once more.

In the silence they slowly shed the remainder of their clothing, taking the time to touch and kiss every inch of revealed skin as they learned each other's bodies and just how much Spock had learned from all those articles and instruction manuals he'd read in preparation for the night.

Later she's think that he hadn't missed a single erogenous zone during his exploration of her body, making thorough love to it before turning his attention to the fact that her legs had come around his waist and her words were a jumble of pleas that made it clear that she wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

And when Spock finally slipped inside of her, claiming her as his, Nyota gasped out Spock's name again and again, welcoming him into her body with all her heart as she held him close. Together they moved in a seamless rhythm that spoke of how in-tune they were with each other, discovering the pleasure to be had in the other as they breathless communicated their feelings for the other with every rise and fall of their bodies.

Together their needs and desires entwined like their bodies, orgasms building into explosive climaxes that had them both entering a world that consisted only of emotion.


Later, while nuzzling her cheek against his as she lazily stroked his sweat damp hair, Nyota couldn't have moved even if she wanted to. Not that she wanted to, she'd never known this level of contentment or rightness before and intended to savor it to the fullest. She was going to stay right where she was and bask in the masculine weight of her commander on top of her, Spock's larger body covering her so completely as he allowed her to stroke and cuddle him.

When he moved on top of her, obviously getting some of his strength back, Nyota sighed when he used that strength to turn them on their sides. But he cradled her against his warm chest once they were settled, and tucking her head under his and letting him hold her wasn't a hardship by any means either.



"You would be interesting in doing that again in the near future?"

Chuckling in delight at his oh so serious inquiry Nyota hugged him tightly. "You better believe it."


Shifting up so that her head was resting on the pillow beside his Nyota continued to touch, wanting to learn every curve and dip of his physic with her fingers and mouth. "It was way better than good, Commander, I assure you. If it weren't for the fact that I'd have to murder all your perspective clients you could do it professionally and make a fortune."

"I have no interest in sharing sexual relations with anyone else."

Nyota gave him a slow, sweet kiss for a reward before informing him that that was the right answer.

As his human side was fully in control of him for the time being Spock decided to exercise his curiosity. "You would find the idea of me with someone else so abhorrent that you would end their existence? You have a temper, yes, but you aren't violent or given to dark impulses by nature."

"I was exaggerating. A little." She admitted, smiling over his literal interpretation of her words. "How would you feel if I were to sleep with someone else?"

Spock considered this, immediately recalling the fact that not that long ago he'd thrown an apple at Cadet Kirk's head so hard it exploded for merely attempting to interact with Nyota against her will. "I believe I would have violent impulses towards that individual, though I would refrain from killing him." Hopefully. He didn't trust his human side not to go berserk given how much it seemed to need and want the woman he held against him.

"Then it's a good thing we're both monogamous types, hmm?"


And it was only going to be the two of them from here on in, they both thought as they held each other close. There was nothing powerful enough to separate them now.


Ten Year Later

"So then she says that she'd be happy to confirm the rumor about just how flexible her race is. And boy were they not kidding, let me tell you. She could get her body into some of the sexiest positions I've ever seen. If it weren't for the weirdness of the extra set of hands, which came in 'handy' in the throes, I would have-Spock, are you even listening to me?" Captain James T. Kirk demanded to know, glaring at his second in command who was looking right at him, but had yet to so much as bat an eyelash. And okay, the guy was half Vulcan, but still…

"Your bizarre habit of bragging about your sexual exploits has made it possible for me to know what you're saying even without giving you more than ten percent of my attention, Captain."

Snickering into his beer Bones saluted his commander after taking a healthy gulp. "He's got you there, Jim."

"Shut up, Bones."

"Why you would tell him to shut up when he has no problem engaging you in conversation about your prowess with females perplexes me. Didn't you just state your desire for a more interested audience?" It was somewhat petting, but Spock couldn't help but point that out just to irk his captain further. Being half Vulcan, no one aside from his wife thought him to have a sense of humor, and he enjoyed taking advantage of that fact when the situation presented itself. Someone had to keep the captain's ego in check besides Nyota after all.

Kirk glared at Spock, hating when his commander used that tone with him. Like he was a kid instead of the captain of the ship they were currently occupying.

"You're just jealous, you pointy eared bastard." Kirk informed Spock, even though at heart he knew the man wasn't. "I can get all the girls I want and you're stuck with my sharp tongued, know it all communications officer."

"I hate to have to correct your thinking once again, Captain, but she is MY sharp tongued, know it all communications officer. And will stay that way." Which still pisses you off after all these years, but who could blame you, Spock silently added, love for his wife coating his thoughts.

"He's got you there."

Kirk glared at his best friend. "What part of shut up did you fail to understand?"

Deciding to let them continue to argue like an old married couple, an expression Nyota had informed him applied to the two, Spock pushed back his chair and smoothly got to his feet. "I believe I'll leave you two to your heated discussion for the time being. Unless you have something work related that we need to discuss before I return to my personal quarters, Sir."

Kirk thought about making something up, just to annoy his commander, but at the end of the day the sneaky bastard would come up with some devious way to make him sorry for it later. No one could give him a headache as quickly or as brutally as Spock could. Except maybe the man's wife, the captain of the Enterprise admitted, and when they ganged up on him it was sheer hell.

Especially since the two were such a unit, and he envied them that more than he'd ever admit.

"Dismissed, Commander."

"Then good night, Captain, Dr. McCoy."

"Night, Spock." Bones waved the man off before turning his attention to smirking at his best friend. "You get any more jealous and people are going to assume you're an Orion."

Since telling the man to shut up wasn't working Kirk went on the offensive, not about to admit to anyone, even his best friend, that he was in any way jealous of the fact that Spock had the girl he'd never been able to quite get over for reasons he didn't understand. "I am not jealous. He's welcome to her. If I wanted her that badly I would have stolen her from him by now. Don't think I couldn't."

Thanks to his remarkably good hearing Spock heard his captain's remark and shook his head, the sentiment one he was used to hearing expressed by the younger man. He knew that his wife would never leave him, least of all for their captain. Their personal relationship was as antagonistic now as it had been when the two had been cadets together. They might be cordial enough during work hours, but after hours she still sliced their young captain to pieces with the sharpness of her tongue whenever the opportunity presented itself.

And given Kirk's habit of hitting on her the opportunity presented itself often.

He was almost to the door leading out when Spock's gaze happened to land on the bowl of fruit placed at the end of the bar for easy grabbing. Picking an apple out of the mix Spock absently tossed the piece of fruit lightly into the air, catching it easily as he recalled another apple.

"Everything all right, Commander?"

Turning to meet the gaze of the ship's navigator Spock paused, considered, and then held out the apple. "Would you deliver this to the captain for me?"

"Of course, Commander." Taking the apple the Russian smiled and headed in the direction of the ship's captain and doctor, happy to help.

Exiting the mess hall Spock had just made it to the lift when he heard his name being called, the half Vulcan turning around to see his captain running down the hallway towards him as the doors closed in front of him, the apple clutched so tightly in the other man's hand that had the captain had his own strength it would have been crushed by now.


Spock waited until the doors were closed and the lift was moving before he allowed himself a small smile that would have shocked anyone who was not family to him.

His face was back to his usual calm expression when the doors opened once more, Spock stepping out of the lift and strolling with purpose towards his quarters. Letting himself in the commander turned to the side to automatically secure the doors for the evening before he went in search of the other occupants of the suite, knowing where to look due to the time.

And as predicted there they were, Spock thought as he stood in the doorway of his daughter's room, his eyes moving over the figure of his child cuddled up against Nyota's side, listening in rapt attention as her mother read the lines from her favorite book out loud.

"-and looked up over the side of his bed. If that great big man was really asleep she picked him up and rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while she rocked him she sang:

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be."

As she finished the verse she'd repeated hundreds of times before Spock's communicator went off, the man automatically answering it. Kirk's voice came through demanding that the door to his quarters be opened so that he could shove the apple down his Vulcan throat. And knowing that the man wouldn't let up until he'd gotten his chance to rant and rave Spock informed his captain that he'd get the door in a moment's time.

He shouldn't have given into his impulse.

"What the?" Nyota gave her husband a questioning look, Amanda just as interested as to why their captain sounded so angry at her father.

"Nothing you need to worry about."

"Hmmm." Getting off the bed Nyota walked over to Spock and handed the book to him. "You finish reading and I'LL go inform him how I feel about him showing up at our quarters to rant and rave like the idiot that he is when it's Amanda's bedtime."

And not waiting for him to agree with her Nyota left the room, leaving Spock to do as ordered as he moved to take his wife's spot on the bed, flipping to the spot she'd left off at.

"The Captain is in for quite the dressing down, isn't he, Father?" Amanda asked as she snuggled under her covers, her eyes drooping back down to half mast as her long day continued to creep up on her, her interest in their captain's outburst waning now that her father was there with her.

"No doubt. Now close your eyes the rest of the way and I will continue to read the story for you."

And loving her storybooks, especially when her father read them to her, Amanda nodded and settled in to listen.