"Deidara, let's go. We need to get back to the base." Sasori called.

"Okay, Danna." Deidara called back, as he walked out of the shop.

They exited the village they normally shopped in and headed for home.

Deidara had bought more clay and some new shampoo, while Sasori had bought some more wood pieces and a couple of new tools for his puppets.

Deidara walked along with his head in the clouds, thinking about what his next sculpture would be.

"Come on brat. We don't have all day!" Sasori barked. Bringing Deidara back to reality.

"Okay, Danna!" Deidara said, picking up his pace.

Deidara pouted sadly as they entered the base. Sasori had yelled at him twice more and called him a brat three times already today. Why did he have to be so mean to him all the time.

Later that night, Deidara sat sculpting as Sasori walked into the room. It's time for dinner brat." Sasori said and opened the door wider, motioning the blonde through it.

"Okay, Danna." Deidara sighed as he put down the sculpture and followed Sasori's orders.

As they entered the kitchen. All eyes fell on the duo. Deidara sat and began eating as Sasori sat next to him.

"When you finish, your going to go back upstairs and clean up that clay." Sasori stated firmly.

"Okay, Danna." Deidara said quietly. He finished eating as his appetite suddenly vanished.

Sasori left the kitchen and entered the living room to join Kakuzu in some television.

Konan sighed and shook her head. Itachi spoke up, which was rare. "He treats you like one of his puppets, you know? What's worse is you allow it." Deidara looked up to see everyone's expressions.

Everyone was nodding In agreement. He quietly got up and walked to the sink. He rinsed his dishes and exited the room.

He walked upstairs to his shared room, eyeing the clay sadly. Sasori didn't respect him or his art. His heart clenched at the knowlege.

He sat down at the desk and began to sculpt again. He couldn't tell how long he sat there before Sasori came in the room.

"Brat, you didn't clean up that clay and now it's time for bed." Sasori demanded, making Deidara jump.

"No, un. I'm not taking anymore from you, Danna!" Deidara yelled.

Tears began to fill his eyes as he went to rush past Sasori.

But Sasori was quicker. He caught the blonde by the arm and pulled him against him.

"Deidara, what's got you so angry?" Sasori asked, a look of concern on his face.

"You really don't know, un? You order me around like a child. You treat me badly and call me names with no reguard to my feelings, un. It hurts, Danna. It hurts too much, un!" Deidara cried.

"Is that what you think I do? Do you honestly think it's just to hurt you?" Sasori asked incredulously.

Deidara nodded and stared at the floor, his tears falling to the hard wood planks below.

"Deidara, when I tell you to eat, it's because I know that you will skip a meal to do your art. When I tell you to sleep, it's because I know that you will stay up all night to work on your art. When I tell you to come on or hurry up, it's because I can't wait to get you back to the base where it's safe.

You mean so much to me Dei, that I can't even bare to let anything bad happen to you. You are my world. I know I call you brat. I apologize, but I get scared sometimes for you and it makes me act out." Sasori explained as a smile broke out on Deidara's face.

Deidara threw his arms around Sasori's neck and hugged him tight. Sasori hugged Deidara back as he kissed Deidara's cheek.

"I love you, Danna!" Deidara said happily.

"I love you too, Deidara, so much!" Sasori replied.