The Chipmunk Tour Saga Closing Ceremony Special

By William Raymer

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Chapter 1:

"The Characters Enter!"

As William Raymer wrote the final words of Kingdom Hearts, Part III: "Endgame," he felt an emptiness grow in his soul.

After all, he had spent the previous four years of his life chronicling the adventures of Team Chipmunk. In fact, William felt, Alvin, Brittany, their family, friends and enemies had become almost as much a part of his life as his own family and friends.

Suddenly, he felt and heard a loud, resounding vibration coming from his backyard. William looked out his window and saw a huge oval-shaped object that appeared to be made out of solid chrome.

"I gotta get my eyes checked," William said to himself. "That can't be Max."

But, he went out into the backyard to investigate. William slowly approached the object, a shovel he had been using to dig up an old tree stump at the ready.

Finally, he reached out and touched the object. It felt cool, metallic...and real. Suddenly, a voice came from the object.

"Come aboard, William Raymer," the voice said. A set of stairs formed out of the body of the object. "You won't need that shovel, William," Max said.

William let go of the shovel as he climbed the stairs and boarded Max.

"Wha—How can you be here, Max?" William said. "You're a figment of my imagination!"

"It's simple, William," Max said. "Remember the spatial rift in Book 7 that brought the Twilight to Barza?"

"Yeah, I remember," William said. "I had to write that sucker in so that I could reassure Jacob Turner about the use of Anakin and Ahsoka."

"Well, I used that rift to travel to your world," Max said as William approached a pair of doors marked "Holosuite 1." "Enter through the next hatchway on your right."

The doors opened, allowing William entrance into... "Kitchen Stadium?!?" William exclaimed. But, the three portraits at the front of the hall were not of the three Iron Chefs William idolized—they were of Alvin and Brittany, Simon and Jeanette and Theodore and Eleanor.

The main Stadium lights darkened as the six primary members of Team Chipmunk rose into the hall.

"Is that him?" Simon asked. "Sure looks like it," Jeanette said. The Stadium lights came back on as the platforms stopped.

"Hello, William," Alvin said. "We've so wanted to meet you." "And not just us six," Brittany said. "All of the characters-both good and evil-wanted to meet you. William Raymer, meet the characters of the Chipmunk Tour Saga!"

The music William associated with the Stadium he stood in began to play. A curtain at the far end of the hall parted, revealing... "Abby?!"

Abigail "Abby" Sciuto was the first to enter the Stadium. She carried a flag emblazoned with a mountain, a stylized eye and a boy sitting on a crescent moon and fishing-symbols William associated with Paramount Pictures, CBS Studios and Dreamworks Pictures.

As the characters continued to march into the Stadium, William occasionally noticed tuxedo-clad men carrying black-and-white portraits of certain characters. William was confused as to the meaning of the gesture.

A voice from behind William spoke. "Remember the challenger's march in the Japanese version of the King of Iron Chefs Final?"

William turned and saw Jason Archer and his wife, the former Melinda Crosby. "There was a similarly-dressed man who held a portrait of a chosensha (Japanese for "challenger") named Rory Kennedy, who had passed away between his two battles in 1997 and the KoIC final two years later," Melinda said.

William turned back to the characters' march as he said, "Now I remember."

With all the characters of the Chipmunk Tour Saga in Kitchen stadium, two chairs rose into the hall. "All right," William said as he sat in one of the chairs. "Who wants to talk to me first?" Alvin held up his hand.

What secrets of the Saga will Alvin reveal?

Find out...

"Uh, excuse me, Mr. Narrator," Brittany said. "William forgot something." "What did I forget, Britt?" William asked, shrugging his shoulders. Fingers all over the Stadium pointed to the table next to where William and Alvin were seated.

William looked where the fingers were pointing-to a lone yellow bell pepper on the table.

"Ah yes," William said as he stood up, walked over to the table and picked up the pepper. "Let the Chipmunk Tour Saga Closing Ceremony Special begin!" he said before biting into the pepper. The occupants of the Stadium cheered as William sat back down.

Brittany then turned to face the narrator's table. "Now, you may take us out," she said.

Thank you, Brittany.

Now, where was I? Oh yes. Ahem...

What secrets of the Saga will Alvin reveal?

Find out next time....