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"Ready? 'Course ya are..."

The question sparked a shudder to jolt through Jonathan's spine and he bit his lip, his eyes widened and he gave a slight nod. He felt something like a hard pinch in his ass; a sort of intruding pain that made him arch up and bite his bottom lip as he cried out weakly.

The finger that The Joker had inside of him had moved over just a bit to allow room for another. Together, they spread apart from each other and, between them, he slipped the head of his needy member. A deep groan elicited from him. A quick up-turn of his head and he once again stole the lips of the other man, which were already messily stained with red paint.

"Nh..." Crane grunted. The Joker's lips, though forced upon him, were like none other. Calloused, though warm; inviting. He could have become lost in them if not for a sudden jerk of the hips that sent Jack's phallus slipping deep into him, greedily burying itself. He cried out once more, louder. "MNAH~!"

Jonathan's scream rang past Joker's lips and vibrated his throat slightly. He growled in reply, removed his fingers from him and gripped his hips. He hummed, in a way, against the other's lips as he began to rock his hips up and down. He let out a few sharp pants and what sounded like intoxicated moans, caused by the vice tight, hot crevice that was squeezing him half to death. Curious, his tongue parted his own lips in search of doing the same to the one's he owned for the moment.

He found compliance when the doctor mewed softly and let his lips be probed, allowing the excited clown to taste the inside of his mouth. He enjoyed the warmth of it, the slight sweetness he tasted. In the back of his mind, he heard himself screaming, urging him to tear into the poor man and be done with it. But something kept him from doing so. Something very strange wanted him to take it slow, to bring them both falling upon the tip of the climax he himself was climbing for. One of the hands that held so viciously to the dark-haired male's hips removed itself and, with a misplaced softness, found another destination. Gently, yet strongly, he pressed his palm against Jonathan's small, arched back and began to caress it. His hips found themselves a nice, even pace, each thrust pulsing him in and out in a circular motion.

Jonathan Crane was open-mouthed and whimpering then, his body trembling violently under the high frequency of sensations he felt. He shut his eyes. Though it was pain he still felt, he could feel himself slipping into pleasure and soon, his body would melt to every movement. He felt himself quiver and jolt as The Joker's tongue darted lewdly in and out of his mouth, exploring as far as it could reach.


"Fuck, you're so...tight..." Jack mumbled in a drunken voice.

The victim let out an embarrassed cry. Half because he was sexually praised, half because he had just felt his first pleasurable sensation from the head of a thrusting member brushing against his prostate. His face became so flushed, you would think he was suffocating.

"You like that..?" Joker purred in a lulling way, seductively. The hand that still held those lush hips then slid over, caressing pelvic region until it came upon Jonathan's own pulsating member.

There was a gasp.

The doctor's tongue sheepishly licked at the one dominating the inside of his mouth.

Pleased, the clown bit down on that tongue playfully and began to suckle upon it. The hand that brought him such an enjoyable reaction then wrapped itself around that cock. Slowly, he stroked it along the aching shaft, shuddering to each heart beat he could feel running through it. Each stroke, in perfect sync with every thrust, began to bring moans from Dr. Crane, separated by a gasp between each one.

"Getting used to me..?" Joker asked, licking his lips as he pulled back to stare upon Jonathan's pretty face. Something about just his face brought a deeper perversion to his mind.

The man couldn't answer. He could only pant and moan as Joker continued to sway in and out of him. He felt like he was floating in warm water, tiny bubbles were rising up below him and sensually molesting every inch of him. His eyes glittered as he opened them slowly, pupils dailated as he focused on the moon-lit face of his rapist. Rapist, though he was, Jonathan seemed not to mind any longer. It was as if he could sense that there were feelings behind The Joker's actions; and if this were all just a trick, he was certainly fooled at the time...

"...More..." he mewled, staring deep into those frozen, unfeeling eyes. He felt as though he could see into him. Perhaps it was wishful thinking.

The Joker grinned. His Johnny boy wanted more. More than happy to comply, he began to brace himself. As he moved his hand from the graceful curve of the other's back, his nails bared down, clawing their way to the destination of Jonathan's ass. What a nice ass it was. So plump and silky smooth. Like a woman, thought Jack, what a catch Jonathan is... Just as the brunette opened his mouth to beg for more once again, The Joker began to barrel into him.

From the smaller one's open mouth came a shrill moan, much like a woman would produce. Embarrassed, he bit his lip, shut his eyes and turned away from Jack. His body shuddered hard as he felt pre-ejaculation produce at the tip of his excited phallus.

"Come now, Johnny boy... Let's not be a little girl about it." he teased, speaking more about the hiding than the noise. "Look at me. I want to see your face when you cum..." as he stared into his eyes, he pumped his fist faster and began to angle his thrusts up into him. A continuous bucking from Jonathan's hips let him know he was hitting the right spot each time.

"Oh god--" Crane cried out, gasping for air as he was mercilessly ravaged against the wall. It wouldn't be much longer until his body gave in. Each breath he took in sent a rippling sort of electricity through his spinal cord, causing him to writhe between The Joker and the wall.

Bodies covered in sweat, palpable heat in the air, grunts and moans. At this point Jonathan wished so much that his hands were free so that he could bury his hands in the messy hair of the other man, to claw his manicured nails down his back and hold onto him. Unfortunate, how that wouldn't happen. He could feel Jack's heart beat pulsating against him, making him itch with mounting pleasure even more.

Then it happened. His A-spot had been stimulated enough at last. Every sense of his consciousness whited out; like a lightning flash outside of a window, filling a dark room with blinding fury. Time stood still for Jonathan, for a second that seemed like years. In that instant, he went numb, then in an extreme rush of white-hot pleasure he climaxed. His fists tensed and dug his nails into his palms, causing them to bleed. His hips bucked strongly against the other and he cried out "Nh--Jack!" as a jet of hot, thick semen burst from him to splatter against Joker's chest and abs.

The Joker elicited a pleased hiss in reply to the instantaneous tightening he felt upon his shaft when Jonathan reached his peak. The sudden squeeze of it sent him reeling into his own climax. A curse was muttered and he thrust mercilessly into him for a moment as he came deep within him. He soon filled him with his seed and collapsed against him, clinging roughly to his hips to keep himself standing.

They both remained there, suspended in intoxication, panting the hot air in and out of their exhausted lungs. In the back of his empty mind, somewhere, Jonathan hoped to himself that The Joker didn't noticed the slur of his name again. His throat vibrated with a heavy purr as Jack took his lips once more, deeper this time. Messily they enjoyed each other's mouths, passing the time as their minds slipped slowly back to consciousness.

By the time they had become sober once more, they were simply staring into each other's eyes.

"Well, Johnny boy... It's been fun." said The Joker as he stepped back to put his clothes on, laughing as he nearly fell over in the midst of donning his trousers.

Jonathan managed to offer a smile. He couldn't deny that he had enjoyed it, though he wasn't going to come right out and say it. A timid smile was enough. He shook off a wild shiver that mounted his spine, cooing softly as it reached his neck. Just as he was beginning to think he was safe:

"By the way, Dr. Crane. I told you...not to call me by my name again. You disobeyed me." Jack grimaced as he reached into his coat pocket. "I'm disappointed in you..."

The cerulean hues of Dr. Crane widened upon that hand, fearing they were reaching for the worst; a knife. Of course, what he saw was a small key. He looked up. Handcuffs were what held him to the wall. He sighed.

"I-it was an accident, Joker. I'm terribly sorry." Crane pardoned himself, relieved at least that his wrists were finally to be free of the pinching prison that held them.

"I know ya are, Johnny boy. I know." Joker replied, smiling genuinely now. "Almost hurts to do this, but punishment is punishment." he went on, stepping towards him. Gently, almost lovingly, he pressed his lips to the soft one's of his pet. He held the kiss for so long, until finally pulling away. Jonathan would have made a noise in disagreement to letting go of those lips, had it not been for the key that was suddenly lodged between his own perky ones.

"Mph?" he inquired.

Joker smiled at him.

"Goodnight, babe. Don't drop that key." he purred and with a wave of his purple gloved hand and a hyena laugh, exited the apartment.

Jonathan could only stare at the door in disbelief. How the hell was he going to get out of this..?

"...Mpnhhn mphrrn..." [Roughly translated, "Mother fucker"]


There. That was worth the wait, wasn't it? Expect more from me. Signing off~.