The Untouchable Element

(Rosalie Hale + Isabella Swan)

Twilight Re-Written

Rated: M(For future chapters)

A/N: This is my first story, I hope you all enjoy it. I'll update this story on a weekly basis if it turns out to be a huge success.


Bella Swan's P.O.V.

Leaving Phoenix, Arizona to live with my somewhat emotionally distant father, Charlie Swan, in the northwest state of Washington wasn't exactly the best decision I've ever made. Who knew that somewhere within the Olympic Peninsula thrived a small, insignificant town called Forks?

It was a wet, cold, and dreary place to live; I personally preferred the comforting warmth of the seventy-five degree weather that belonged to Arizona. The beautiful desert scenery, the dense population of 1.5 million, and the many excellent colleges to choose from…I was willing to give it all up for Renee.

She was an incredible woman, even though she had a childish and erratic personality. It brought me a great deal of pain knowing that I would be leaving her, but it was for a great cause; Her happiness. It meant everything to me, and the cause for such a happier, youthful Renee was Phil, her new husband of three years. He played minor league baseball and often traveled a lot, which meant leaving my mother alone for quite some time. She would be extremely worried about him when she stayed with me during his trips, and after a few years of dealing with her recurring sorrow, her depression became a burden on me.

The sight of my mom clenching and unclenching her fists, biting her lips hard enough to make them slightly bleed, and the constant tapping of her impatient foot on our linoleum floor in the kitchen as she waited for Phil's phone calls saddened me so much, I impulsively volunteered to move in with my father Charlie without much thought of the consequences I would most likely face.

Renee's reaction surprised me when I told her what I lied about wanting to do. She was temporarily shocked and angry that I would want to leave our beautiful home and peaceful lifestyle behind after a disastrous summer vacation three years ago. When I sprained my ankle at the age of fourteen while hiking with Charlie, my mother and Phil were so pissed off that they refused to let me go see my dad for awhile. Now that I was seventeen, I was old and mature enough to make my own decisions, despite how much trouble my natural clumsiness could get me into.

At the Phoenix airport, I felt a twinge of annoyance when my mother tried to convince me not to go. She didn't know how I silently suffered watching her shut down whenever Phil wasn't around, and I didn't want to inform her or else it would break her heart. Renee deserved to be happy with the one man she was truly in love with, and with my absence, it would permit her to follow her heart where ever it went. At least, one of us could be happy.

"Bella" she started saying, staring into my soul with those loving, affectionate eyes, "you don't have to do this you know. Phil and I are going to miss you so much…" A tear betrayed her as it escaped an eye duct but I swiftly caught it with my sleeve. While my warm hand was still beside her cheek, I removed a few strands of wild auburn hair and placed them behind her ear as I faked the best meaningful smile I could offer her. "We'll see each other soon, I love you mom. I promise I'll take care of Charlie but I can't guarantee myself seeing as I'm clumsier than a drunk hobo." She chuckled at my joke as she embraced me tightly in her arms and against her chest. "Take good care, Bella. Say hi to your father for me." With that, I turned my back on the life I once knew and forfeited all rights to happiness as I glanced back at my mom. She could barely contain her grief as she waved a final goodbye, her facial expression clearly telling me that she never knew when she was going to see me again. I turned back around and unknowingly headed for a destiny I never once dreamed of having.

[FIVE HOURS LATER ] - Port Angeles

When I landed in Port Angeles, it was raining as I had predicted earlier before I left. Disappointment consumed me after I saw Charlie waiting for me in his cruiser, a genuine smile taking over the aging features on his face. He too was surprised that I wanted to move to Forks with him when he knew that I, just like my mother, openly expressed my distaste for his hometown and my birthplace.

He and Renee didn't need to know the truth about this whole deal about me "wanting" to be with my father. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad but I'm not exactly the most optimistic person in the world so I'll just cope and move on with life as memories are good enough to remind me of who I truly am.

"Hey Bells, you haven't changed one bit. How was your flight?" He asked, pulling me into a hug before quickly releasing me. I sighed, pretending that it was a content one, and spoke to him about my travels as we easily fit the trunk of his vehicle with my luggage. While we drove on our way to the house, I couldn't deny my admiration for the beauty that surrounded this serene place. Phoenix could never measure up to Forks but of course, I'll have to keep that bit to myself.

Realization struck me as I had just remembered that I was starting in a new school tomorrow. Charlie did not waste time as he already registered me for school and him being the chief of police, small town folk were going to talk about me. Bella Swan, the girl who was taken away from her father at an early age to pursue a different kind of life that opposed Charlie's beliefs, has finally returned home. I cringed at the thought of being the victim of attention, that was the last thing I needed since I was a klutz. It was one thing to have inherited unstable balance from your father but to be talked about as if I were some celebrity sent new fears tingling up my spine. Ugh. Life in Forks will be difficult at first, that's for sure.

"Hey Ch-dad, whose truck is that?" I asked out loud, looking over an ancient cherry red Chevy that was parked in Charlie's driveway. It was absolutely beautiful, and my experience with cars was very limited but this was something I could definitely see myself driving. Wait-was the truck mine? Was this the surprise my dad mentioned over the phone before I left Arizona? Tears were beginning to well up in my eyes but I instantly shook off the pleasant familiar tears of joy as my father spoke.

"This truck is a gift to you, Bella. I know it looks old and rusty, but it runs great! Do you remember Billy Black and his son, Jacob?" He asked, staring at the house instead of looking at me. It must be very awkward for a man to witness a woman cry, it was never easy for them.

I nodded my head as memories began playing behind my closed eyelids. Jacob Black was an aggravating young boy who used to tease the hell out of me when I used to visit my dad regularly back in the day. How was that son of a bitch doing nowadays?

We stepped out of the car before he continued rambling everything he knew about the truck. Apparently, it belonged to Billy and now that he was in a wheelchair, which I felt guilty about, he sold the truck to my dad at a real cheap price when he heard that I was moving in with him. I guess that was really generous of him.

When we walked into the familiar house, nostalgia gripped me for a second as the wonderful scent of apple cinnamon filled my nostrils. Sure, I was unhappy about living in a small town filled with strangers I never cared about but this felt like home, even though I tried so very hard to not get comfortable with my dad again. The only thing I like and should like about living in Forks so far was the truck my dad had given me.

Charlie carried my bags up the stairs and walked into the room that had belonged to me since I was a baby. The wallpaper had slightly changed, which was a good thing since I was nearing adulthood and baby pink was certainly not a favorite color of mine. In the large bedroom, there was a decent sized but aged computer desk complete with an obsolete Macintosh desktop and a few assorted office supplies that were meant for a creative writer. Something unfamiliar caught my eye, however, as I stared at a very large queen sized mattress in the center of my room. The sheets were black, soft, and clean- surprisingly, since I hardly knew men that do their daughter's laundry- and the top blanket was colored milky white, purely satin and thick, which was excellent since I needed the warmth at night. My attention turned towards Charlie, who was obviously seeking approval though he didn't necessarily like the idea of sharing his feelings.

"Here you go, Bella. I really hope you know what you're in for tomorrow, this is a small town after all." He tells me, furrowing his brow before leaning over and kissed my cheek. I groaned playfully before returning the kiss with a pat on the back. How very feminine of me. "Thanks for the heads up, dad. I really appreciate you doing all this for me." I reply hastily before returning to my bags that were carelessly dropped on the floor. "Alright, well…I'll see you downstairs at eight o'clock for dinner. It's uh-good to have you back." He mumbles before slowly walking out the door. He certainly wasted no time in giving me my privacy, which I was grateful for since Renee was constantly hovering over me ever since I became a teenager.

Hm, perhaps Forks will turn out to be my sanctuary as I'm now counting more pros than cons of residing here. Have I been such an ungrateful brat all these years for never appreciating anything about my father and the home he never gave up after the divorce? The thought instantly made me nauseous with guilt since I knew the negative but true answer to that question. There was a reason why he was drawn to this place and I was slowly becoming aware of how I was drawn to it as well.

As I laid out my clothes on the bed before me, mentally scolding myself for being a douche, my peripheral vision noticed something rather terrifying-a figure sitting atop of a branch in front of my window. Instinctively, my head quickly turned only to catch a glimpse of the quick moving person before he or she disappeared. "What the fuck?!" I say quietly to myself, my heart pounding against my chest as I race to peer outside in case I saw anything else. That was strange. Was my mind playing tricks on me or was there really someone out there in the world with that amount of speed? There were only two details I deemed important to make the latter part of my theories accurate; he or most likely she had a pair of liquid amber eyes that seemingly scrutinized my body. The second thing I noticed was the jet black spikes that moved along at the top of this person's head. I haven't been in Forks for an hour and already I might have a stalker.

How foolish of me to think this! I've just been on two planes today - the first one being a four hour flight from Arizona to Washington and the second plane to take me all the way to the location of Port Angeles. I'm ridiculously exhausted, all I wanted to do was just lay down and try to take in the new changes before I start school tomorrow. I'm going to have to convince myself that the figure was apart of my imagination, which kicked in high gear today due to all the stress I felt.

Tomorrow was the beginning of my new life, I shouldn't have to worry about anything anymore. What could possibly go wrong living in such a inconsequential town?

--------------------------------------------------THE NEXT DAY---------------------------------------------------------

I woke up to the sound of the worst type of alarm clock in the world, and my head was throbbing in pain as the constant ringing swelled my ears. My eyes forced themselves open as I propped myself on my elbows, quickly smacking the alarm clock on my right until it shut off. Grunting, I quickly forced myself out of bed and headed straight for the bathroom down the hall. When I grabbed the toothpaste and my toothbrush, I decided to figure out what kind of outfit I would wear today while brushing my teeth.

The moment I stepped into the room, however, I saw a really expensive looking shiny silver car parked in front of my house. I think the owner of the vehicle noticed me standing in front of the window looking over them curiously because they sped off in an instant. Isabella Swan became an overnight sensation I supposed, and I sighed at the idea of it. Being gossiped about was something I never looked forward to so today was probably going to be the longest day of my life.

After dressing up in my favorite black knit draped tie top combining it with a simple pair of worn out jeans and a snowy white faux leather jacket, I went downstairs to say goodbye to Charlie but the cruiser wasn't outside anymore. I scanned the entire living room looking for the important papers my dad said he would prepare for me and saw a neat pile of school documents underneath the keys to my new Chevy truck. Without a moment's hesitation, I grabbed everything in sight and locked the front door before running over to my new vehicle.

This beat up truck was going to be a little difficult to handle at first seeing as it is a stick shift but thankfully I have Phil to thank for teaching me how to drive manually. I took a deep breath and couldn't help but giggle when I noticed the smell of the vehicle was dominated by the scent of my powerful shampoo and body wash. When I placed my keys into the ignition, the truck roared to life and all the uneasiness I felt about going to school went away as soon as I backed out awkwardly of the driveway.

----------------------------------------------------FORKS HIGH SCHOOL----------------------------------------------------

The majority of my first day went fairly well but there were plenty more uneventful days to enjoy while I was here so I shouldn't brag too much about today. I met a few interesting students I could easily befriend but only one of them was exaggerating her fondness for me. Not that I would complain anyway.

At lunch, I decided to become a regular over at Mike Newton's table. He was a fair haired young boy, with gorgeous blue eyes and a smile that could light up the entire room. I had to admit I enjoyed his company, his overall demeanor just made me beg for his friendship. In the seat in close proximity to where I sat, a girl named Jessica Stanley took it over while her eyes never left me as she and I talked about the school and how my first day was going. She was in my Spanish class, thankfully, since I hardly knew anybody in there.

Jessica was going to be very fun to have around apparently. I say that because she was more than eager to walk me to my classes, show me around campus, and whenever somebody else tried talking to me, she somehow steered my attention away from them and over to her. Angela Webber was the quiet observer in the group but I liked her; she was polite and was the only one who didn't mention how very white I am. It's not my fault my mother was part albino. As for the rest of the students I became acquainted with, Tyler, Eric, and Lauren dominated the other half of the table.

I knew I wasn't going to like Lauren since she was the obvious…well, er…bitch of the group.

I guess this was how my life was going to be like for the next few years until I entered college. I looked around the entire cafeteria in case I would notice anything out of the ordinary. "So Bella, did you leave anyone special back home? Like…a b-boy or something?" A high pitched voice asked me. I turned to see that it was Jessica who asked the seemingly innocent question. If she thought I wasn't aware of the hesitation in her tone when she said "boy", she was quite wrong but I would think or say nothing of it.

"No, I've been single most of my life. I really didn't have time for that kind of stuff, I was always more interested in books and my after school clubs." I reply honestly, before my eyes suddenly became enraptured by four of the most beautiful people in the world. Jessica had a hopeful look in her eye and wanted to say something until she saw the lack of attention in my facial expression.

At the opposite end of the cafeteria, two young men walked into the large room with two gorgeous girls by their sides. I unconsciously licked my lips when I gave the tall, blonde girl a once-over. She was completely alien, something I hadn't seen before and for a second, I thought she could be on the cover of a magazine like Maxim. Er…not that I read that but anyway, she was the epitome of beauty.

Her gorgeous, impeccable golden locks flowing down past her shoulders, glimmering pale skin of perfection, and her pair of deadly topaz colored eyes could make anybody fall for her.

The smallest of the four students was a pixie-like girl, with jet black hair styled neatly with sharp spikes jutting out at the ends, and she too had familiar amber eyes and unusually pale skin.

The boys, or men I should say since they looked older than the rest of the students here, were very handsome. Walking alongside the graceful pixie, the man with the wheat colored hair had a powerful presence that surrounded him. I didn't pay attention to the rest of his features since they were about the same as the girls, but he definitely looked different, as if he were uncomfortable or constipated.

The smaller of the men had boyish features, but still handsome to the extreme. His bronze hair was a complete mess, but that's how he liked it I guess and it did receive positive reviews from the girls that were flocking over to him.

As soon as I was done checking them all out, my eyes went back to the gorgeous woman with the golden locks. She was a magnificent creature and I was captivated by her looks alone but that all changed when I heard Jessica made a sound of complete disgust. What did they ever do to her?

"I see you noticed the Cullens," she said, spitting out Cullens venomously, "don't worry about them, however, they don't really care about anyone else." I wanted to ask why hatred was seething out of her as she spoke of them but decided against it.

"What do you know of them? They're very…beautiful." I say, nearly gasping for air as I admitted my attraction to them- or to one of the girls at least. Everybody at the table laughed, but I didn't understand why. Were they monsters in their eyes?

Jessica frowned a bit when I mentioned that they were beautiful but didn't elaborate on her frustration.

"Well, Dr. Cullen and his wife adopted them all but they're a bit too young to have adopted teenagers. The one with the reddish hair is Edward, he's an arrogant pompous ass. The gorgeous blond is Rosalie Hale, no one ever approaches her since she's just like Edward supposedly. Alice Cullen is well-mannered though she doesn't really make an effort to befriend anybody. She just talks to the "normal people" whenever she pleases. And her boyfriend, Jasper Hale, is Rosalie's twin. I don't know much about him actually."

After she described them all, I felt relief wash over me when I learned of their elitist attitudes. I really dislike "beautiful" people with hideous personalities and that seemed like them so perhaps I can avoid them. Not that they would take any interest in me since they were far too absorbed in themselves.

"Jessica, I think you're wrong. They're all staring at Bella now." Mike chuckled, not looking over at the table occupied by the "special" family. When Jessica and I looked over, my new buddy was right. I could feel their eyes boring into mine with such a powerful intensity, blood rushed over to my cheeks as I blushed furiously. I didn't turn away though, it was as if I were frozen. "Oh great, as soon as we get an interesting new girl, they actually show an interest in other people!" Jessica sneered, playing with the food on her tray. Lauren rolled her eyes and sighed in annoyance.

"Not that Bella's really interesting anyway. We get few new students every year, what makes her so damned special?" She retorted, receiving a glare from everybody that sat around us.

Even the Cullens shot her a look of…disproval? Edward appeared to be furious with the girl, but how could he overhear us when we sat very far away from them? The graceful pixie like girl also looked pissed off but I couldn't decipher what had angered them so much.

The only clueless ones were Rosalie and Jasper, their mouths moving rapidly, probably asking why they reacted the way they did.

Lauren was most likely a sour onion in her past life, thus explaining her rotten, disgusting attitude.

"Come on Bella, the bell is going to ring. How about I walk you to Biology?" Jessica offered kindly, reaching out for my hand and wrapping her fingers around mine. I flushed at the touch of her skin but nodded, she didn't know how badly I wanted to leave the cafeteria.

As we stood up to gather our things, I risked another glance over at the Cullens but was caught staring at them again. Edward was a bit flustered, raising his eyebrow at me before turning over to his siblings and speaking to them. Rosalie tensed up, I could see, and her mysterious eyes met mine for a fraction of a second before picking up her tray of untouched food and stormed off.

Alice spared me of my embarrassment by actually smiling at me, as if she wanted to come over and welcome me. Jessica grew impatient so she began dragging me away from the spot where I stood.

Forks, Washington. It was supposed to be unimportant and dull. Today proved that there was so much more for me to learn about this small town. The Cullens certainly played a huge part with my increasing interest in this wonderland.