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Me and my buds Jacob,Sam and Victoria where all out celebrating the beginning of the New year. It was past midnight when the tragedy happen and we where pretty all wasted, i was walking in the middle of the road walking in a more or less straight line,suddenly from not so far i saw a white flashing light, i could hear Jake shouting beside me

''Bella get out of the way''.

Before i had a chance to react

"Bam". The last thing i heared was my friends screaming my name.

I felt like if i where floating on fluffy clouds.I opened my eye lids and sat up, trying to remember what had happened,then it hit me i was hit by a speeding car.I looked around at my surrounding thinking i was in the hospital, but to my surprised, all i saw in front of me standing high was black gates and on top in gold it read 'Welcome to Twilight Heaven academy'.

I gasped, am i dreaming, i pinched my self to see if i where awake

"ow". Nope not dreaming, i heared someone chuckle,i shifted my gaze from the sign and to the direction where the sound came from.

In front of me was a small girl with black spiked up hair,she was wearing a purple wrap dress and wedge heels, Smiling widely at me, which kind of freaked me out, and beside her was one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen, she had long blond hair,blue eyes she wore a tight, red t-shirt, black waist coat, tight, black, skinny jeans and red flats. She looked at the girl beside her and rolled her eyes.

"Alice stop smiling at her like that shes going to freak out".She wispered to her, while nudging her sides. It didnt work, because her smile only grew bigger. She suprised me by embracing me into a hug.

"Hi I'm Alice Brandon,you must be Isabella swan, OMG where gonna be best friends".She screamed into my face.I was amazed at her enthusiasm. It was really funny. It sort of cheered me up.

"Umm-m, h-i". I said shyly, not knowing what to say.

"Hi I'm Rosalie but call me Rose". The blond said, while giving me a hug.

"Urr, where am i". I said once she released both exchanged looks with each other and then turned back to me.

" Okay, we don't know how to explain, but-". Rose answered but was cutt of by Alice.

"-Ur in HEAVEN". She jumped up and down.

Shit, I must have not survived the car accident, then I gasped, looking back at them with teary eyes.

" Heaven, the-n, i-m i-m, an-". I stuttered.

" An angel,". Rose said finishing off my sentence.

I looked at both of them, each holding on to my arm and looked at my surroundings. The black gates still standing their and on top it read Welcome to Twilight Heaven Academy. I looked back at Alice and Rose, with wide teary eyes. I'm in heaven, heaven,heaven. I thought to my self, and a grin plastered my face.

" I'm in heaven". I said for the billionth time. They both nodded their heads, and each took hold of my arm and lead me into the now open gates...............

Find out what happens next...........

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