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Chapter 1

I was absolutely positive that Alice Cullen was the prettiest girl in the whole wide world. She was tiny, with short black fluffy locks of hair that stuck out in all different directions. Her pale skin was unblemished, her lips full and pink, and her large sea-blue eyes were rimmed with long, dark eyelashes, and sat beneath picture-perfect brows. She had the body of someone who'd never seen a chocolate bar; but the appetite of a starving man; which had probably contributed to her you-can-comfortably-rest-your-head-here cleavage, and you-can-barely-tell-it's-there-but-I-have-got-some-junk-in-the-trunk arse. Her impeccable fashion sense, and faultless make-up only served to highlight her perfect features. But the best part about Alice Cullen was her beautiful personality. Her lack of height was made up from her bubbly attitude, quick wit, and a heart I was positive had been abducted from the BFG himself. She was also one of the most outgoing people I'd ever known.

I sighed, pulling my hood further over my face, and pushing my back harder against the cold wall behind me. Alice Cullen was everything I wanted to be. Beautiful, outgoing, funny, and popular. Those were words that defined my complete polar opposite. I was a wallflower, if that. Plain Jane Bella Swan; so plain, in fact, that people walking into me because they simply 'hadn't seen me' was more than common. In fact, on a good day, it'd only happen once.

I clutched my books to my chest, watching as Alice's group passed by my spot; they didn't notice me, of course. Alice danced ahead of the rest, chattering away at them; her sweet soprano voice carrying her words back to her friends. Today she was with Irina, Kate, and Tanya. All of them were absolutely gorgeous, and popular. Just like Alice Cullen. I would have been jealous, if they weren't all so dim-witted. Alice was smart, but not the others; sometimes I even wondered why she spent her time with them, she was obviously leagues ahead of them. But then I realised that there was nobody else she could hang out with. The only person I'd recommend to be her friend would be Angela, dear, sweet, Angela; my only friend. Angela had long locks of mahogany hair, and gentle green eyes. She was smart, sweet, caring, and, when she was in the mood, very funny. She was also the only person who'd ever bothered to talk to me after my first week at school.

Alice Cullen lead her cliché of popular people out of sight, and I scurried around the corner, my head down, and my side still against the wall. I leaned against the wall once more, and looked up to see them again. I wasn't stalking them, but sometimes I liked to watch them, and imagine what it would be like to be pretty, and, well, loved. I was loved by my parents, of course, but people my own age? No. My best friend was my mother, Renee, a contrast to my shy, introverted state; she was outgoing, beautiful, and flighty. I only wished that I were more like her.

Another familiar ache filled my heart as I saw a tall, blonde haired boy walk leisurely over to Alice. She ran towards him and flung her small arms around his slim waist, and looked up at him lovingly. This was Jasper Hale; Alice's boyfriend since forever. I didn't know much about him other than that he was absolutely stunning, and absolutely head over heels in love. He'd once helped my pick up my books when somebody had bashed into me and sent me flying. I'd admired him from that moment on; I wished desperately for him as a friend. And Alice; always Alice.

I watched the group as Jasper took Alice's hand in his own, and waved over to two other boys who started to approach them. The taller, and overall bigger of the two had his arm wrapped protectively around a stunning blond. The blonde was Rosalie Hale; Jasper's twin sister, and most likely, the future Miss America. Most girl's wanted to be Rosalie; she was popular, and she looked kind of like an angel. Unless you caught her at the wrong moment; her sneer, though not ugly, was vicious, and her glares had redefined for me the phrase 'if looks could kill'. She looked down on almost everyone around her; she made me quiver with fear.

The guy holding her was Emmett McCarthy; the college's signature jock, and star player on the football team. The quarterback, I thought he was called. He was a total stereotype; massive, and gorgeous. He had longish curly brown hair, and big blue eyes. He'd also got the goofiest grin I'd ever seen; and his sense of humour was legendary at the college. Another person I'd love to be friends with.

Finally, my eyes rested on the last guy in the group; who now stood laughing with Jasper. He was stunning; slightly shorter than Jasper, with pale, unblemished skin, a strong jawbone, full, kissable lips, and the brightest green eyes I'd ever seen. Best, though, was his gravity defying copper hair. The colour was unusual enough, but it was always messy, like he'd spent a lot of time running his hands through it (and I'd seen him to that too). I'd heard some of the other girls call it 'sex hair', which I thought was sort of vulgar; this was while, of course, they made comments about how his fitted shirts wrapped snugly around his defined muscles. I'd heard him described as 'fit', 'buff', 'gorgeous', 'beautiful', and some had even gone as far as to call him Adonis himself. Personally, I felt that none of these descriptions were sufficient, but after much thought, I'd settled on describing him as beautiful. Needless to say, I'd never spoken to Edward Cullen; but Angela had been partnered with him on a project once, and she'd said he was just as nice as everybody said. He sometimes greeted her in the corridor.

I liked to admire him from afar, and try to work out his personality. And, of course, I daydreamed about him. Angela always thought it was a bad idea to daydream about people; she said we create people to be a lot more than they actually are. For example, I imagine Edward to be loving, sweet, affectionate, with a passion for literature, and music. When he's probably mean, nasty, ice cold, with a love of porn, hip hop, and rap. I didn't care though; I wasn't ever actually going to speak to him, so I didn't mind building him up to an almost godly status; he was never going to be able to prove me wrong.

My thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing, and I picked it up in a panic, before realising that the subjects of my observation were far too far away to have heard.


"Bella!" Angela's soft voice called down the line, "will you come back to the dorm? I need your help!"

I pushed away from the wall and began the walk back to the dorm I shared with her.

"What's wrong?" I asked, a little worried, though I had a feeling I knew what she was about to say…

"I need your help to pick out something to wear on my date with Ben tomorrow!" she cried, speaking faster than I thought she was capable. I grinned, so he'd finally plucked up the courage to ask her out. I was glad, Angela had been enamoured with him since high school, and he seemed nice.

I made the short journey back to the dorm in a few minutes, and let myself in to find Angela pacing in front of her wardrobe. I almost giggled, she looked so panicked, a slight flush covering her cheeks as she worried.

"You'll look beautiful in whatever you wear, Angela", I told her, and she whipped round and smiled.

"Thanks Bella, but there's nothing I want to wear!" I looked over the clothes she had laid out on her bed. Most of them were every day clothes. Angela didn't have many 'special occasion' clothes; at least, not ones she brought to college each semester.

"I can't believe I'm going to say this", I mumbled, "but maybe we should go shopping tomorrow?" Angela looked like her eyes were about to pop out.

"You would go with me Bella?" when I looked up at her and nodded, she grinned, "thanks so much!" she cried, "I'll buy you lunch and everything!" then she gave me a big hug.

"No problem", I replied, then walked across the hall and into my room. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

A/n: BFG stands for BIG FRIENDLY GIANT; it you haven't heard if it; look it up; it's fabulous. I'll give you a hint, the author also wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you've never heard of that, then you've been either living under a rock for the last millennia, or you are seriously, seriously deprived. Or both.