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Chapter 5

Edward Cullen had been looking forwards to having a great time with his brother and sister; Alice and Jasper Whitlock - slash - Cullen, after an absolutely dreadful decade of his life, which had been spent avoiding several other vampires.

Unfortunately, it seemed that Alice was hiding something from him, which meant that he was spending a lot of time getting reacquainted with the surrounding area, so that he didn't have to deal with loud renditions of the most annoying songs in history. I.E. The Edward Cullen Hate Listed tunes.

The only saving grace was that Alice had finally, finally gotten bored of The Chicken Song. The moment he realised that she was blocking him out with another song, and had been doing so all day, had been a momentous one. No more stupid lyrics, or annoying tune, or Alice's high pitched voice imitating it inside her head. It was like the feeling of instant gratification.

What Alice was keeping from him, however, he had no idea. Though he had a feeling it had something to do with the exquisite smell that lingered around her when she got back most days. The smell clogged his nostrils, and brought a roaring flame to his throat, which meant he almost always wanted to go hunting soon after he'd smelt it. The only thing she would tell him, however, was that she had been seeing her best friend.

Which meant that Alice was almost definitely hanging out with a human - one which, for some reason, smelt absolutely amazing to Edward. Mouth watering, was the only way to describe it. If he ever met this girl, he was going to have to have eaten a lot first.

It was for this reason that Edward began to hunt more often than usual, Alice had always been a very emotional being, and, though he was sure he wouldn't ever kill a human again, he wanted to be prepared, just in case. He would hate to kill her friend by accident, merely because he was a little hungry. These days, his eyes were paler than ever; almost translucent yellow. He constantly felt bloated after meals. It was a little odd, but he felt that it was definitely worthwhile.

Despite having to travel quite far to hunt on some days; wanting to move to more populated areas. When Emmett arrived, however, they would be able to hunt in more places, since he always preferred to travel with a brother. Jasper was too busy working to accompany him for the time being.

It was a month after he'd arrived when Alice came bounding into his room at the top of the house, and telling him that he was going to go to Port Angeles that evening, Esme was going to ask him to scope out a building she wished to reconstruct.

"Hunt first", she told him, which surprised Edward, before darting back out of the room as he nodded back at her. He'd seen the building in her mind as she talked, so he knew which one Esme was interested in. He quickly took a shower and changed into some cleaner clothes, before heading out into the woods for a quick snack or two. He was still full from his last meal, but decided to hunt until he was once again bloated; then there was almost no chance of him dining in Port Angeles that night.

Three small doe later, and he was off into the town. He took his Volvo, which had been shipped from his last home in Chicago the week before.

The drive was swift, since Edward always drove extremely fast. None of the Cullen coven were slow drivers; a need for speed was one of the few things that linked them all. The slowest driver of all was Esme, and this was merely because she enjoyed watching the world as she drove, and was thus happy to drive at a more human pace. Though even she detested driving under ninety.

The house wasn't hard to find. It was an old building on the outskirts of the city. Edward pulled his camera from the passenger seat of his car, and snapped a few shots of the place. Then he easily slipped inside, and scoped out the inside, with a few more pictures of the parts Esme was sure to be interested in. Having done this sort of work for her before; Edward was well aware of the parts she would be looking at.

When he was finished with the house, he decided to drive around the area a little more. He was interested in finding a new lodging for himself, since he didn't want to spend all his time with his family. He loved them all dearly, but he enjoyed his alone time. He was generally somebody who enjoyed his solitude. Having spent the last decade on the run, he was interested in some peace and quiet of normal life.

There were several places he'd been interested in. A couple of large houses in Forks, a penthouse flat in Seattle, and an abandoned warehouse in Port Angeles that Esme and Alice would be only too pleased to do up for him as a home. He could even smash the whole thing down, and build a nice house there instead. If he stayed out of the public eye long enough, he could live there for around ten years or so. And he could always come back and inhabit it again in a few decades. Once people had forgotten his face.

Or he could stay mostly inside for a few decades, then announce he was a new tenant.

As he looked at the warehouse from his car, he suddenly picked up on the 'voices' of a few men nearby. There were few people in the area at such a time, so his time had been relatively quiet, but when he heard what they were thinking, his blood boiled.

He launched himself into one of their thoughts, and saw the image of a beautiful brunette woman walking towards him. He quickly examined her surroundings, and realised, with some joy, that she was nearby. He shoved his foot down onto the gas, and sped away from the curb. He took several turns at a high speed, and finally found the road she was walking down a few moments later. He sped down it towards her, and sped around her small form, and in front of her, reaching over and flinging open the door with one hand.

"Get in!" he yelled, and watched, almost surprised, when the woman gave him a shocked look. This look flickered from shocked to grateful, and finally, there was a flash of recognition in her eyes. To his surprise, she actually jumped into the car, yanking the door closed behind her with a 'bang'.

Edward span the car around, and headed back up the street, with the woman in the car beside him. He brought one hand to his nose, and massaged the bridge for a few moments. He wished he could clench the steering wheel like a human could when stressed, but instead focused on not breaking the plastic.

It was a few moments before he realised how silent the car was. He'd stopped breathing for the time, because of his anger, but he heard absolutely no 'voice' from the woman beside him. He sucked in a deep breath, and was suddenly hit by the most amazing smell he'd ever experienced. Immediately, he stopped breathing again, and thanked god that he'd hunted before coming. He wouldn't attack her; he was too full.

And he'd just met Alice's apparent 'best friend'. The elusive woman was sitting next to him, as he sped around Port Angeles. He'd been on auto pilot, searching for the road that would take him back to Forks.

"You're going at a hundred and twenty miles an hour!" A voice suddenly squeaked from beside him.

Immediately, he slowed down.

"Sorry", he felt himself say, "I'm a little stressed right now."

Stressed wasn't the half of it. Edward's throat was burning with raw heat, because of the woman's smell, and his hands were trying not to grip the wheel too tightly. Then he was absolutely horrified about what had almost happened to the beautiful woman. What would have happened, had he not seen what those lowlifes were thinking.

Sometimes, he loved having his gift. This was what made it worth it. Being able to stop bad things from happening. There had been a time when he had drunk human blood. He'd waited on the streets and drunk from those who were planning to hurt others. He would never, of course, go back to drinking from humans again; but he would always want to stop the evil. Even if he did not kill them.

Even now, as he drove, he wanted nothing more than to go back and snap the necks of those men who had been herding the woman beside him.

"What is your name?" he managed to question, through his wall of intense emotion.

"Bella Swan", she answered quickly. "Yours?"

"Edward Masen-Cullen", he ground out. He'd not yet decided under which surname he'd decided to live for the next few years. He was leaning towards Masen; then he could say that he was a family friend of the Whitlocks, Cullens and McCarthys.

"Thanks for…uh…helping me?" Bella muttered to Edward, and he chuckled darkly.

"How do you know I'm not kidnapping you, to do even worse than they would have", he asked her, regretting it almost immediately afterwards.

"I don't", she muttered back simply, and he saw her shrug in his peripheral vision.

Whilst Edward sat panicking, and heading desperately back to Forks, Bella sat in stunned silence.

She glanced every so often over at the man behind the wheel of the car.

It's HIM! her mind screamed at her, over and over. It's 'THE MAN'!

She'd compared him to the picture a hundred times since she'd thrown herself into the car. The perfect bronze hair was there; the strong jawbone was there, the long, sloping nose, the soft lips; and the paler than snow skin.

There was only one difference: this man had eyes like those of Jasper - soft, sweet butterscotch. But this man's were paler, lighter, and almost more beautiful. Was he wearing contacts? Where were those piercing green eyes that Bella had dreamt about since she'd first seen that portrait?

In her other pictures, and in video images, it'd always been difficult to tell his eye colour; but they could well have been this colour, rather than green. Had the artist edited his eyes? Perhaps. But why?

There was only one thing Bella Swan was sure about; and that was that the man before her was the most beautiful man she'd ever seen.

Even Jasper could never hope to compare.

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