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Dear Sora,

I'm sorry to be bothering you like this, but I have discovered something urgent that is involving the heartless and other worlds again. I want you, Riku and Kairi to meet with me at Radiant Garden. I've set Leon and the gang out get get you, they should be arriving shortly.

Looking forward to seeing you again,

King Mickey

"And that's what it says." Said Sora, finishing reading the letter that he had found with the king's stamp on it aloud, as Riku and Kairi listened, standing beside him as the trio had gathered on their island.

"It seems we're going to have to do battle the Heartless again." Said Riku, his silver hair flowing in the breeze.

"So it seems. I am the Keybearer after all." Admitted Sora as he held the letter in his hand. "But isn't something kinda strange?"

"What do you mean, Sora?" Asked Kairi inquisitively.

"Well, we defeated both Ansem and Organization XIII, who were the causes of all the disruption in the balance of Dark and Light." Said Sora. "But now that they're both gone, the balance should be restored now, right? So what could be this urgent matter? Are there even more enemies out there?"

"Who knows? The universe is a big place. We'll just have to ask The King when we meet him." Responded Riku. "For now, we should just wait for Leon and the others to tell us."

"Right! For now, we should just get ready." Said Kairi. "Sora, do you think you could get some essentials for us?"

Sora reached his hand behind his head and said. "Geez Kairi, why does it always have to be me?"

"Because," Said Kairi firmly, not thinking of a proper answer. "Just go get them, please?"

Sora could not say no. "Oh, alright. I'll back soon." And with that, he ran off.

Riku slightly smiled to himself. "Hmph, he never learns, does he..."

"Hey Riuk, you should go help him out too!" Kairi said to Riku suddenly.

"Oh? Feeling a little sympathic now, are we?" Asked Riku.

Kairi could not help but turn a slight red. "That. That is..."

"Just Joking." Said Riku. "I'll go help him out."

Kairi made a face at him. "Why you..." But Riku didn't hear, he was too busy running off.

"Hmph, those boys..." Thought Kairi to herself.

Meanwhile, while Sora and his friends prepared to see The King and everyone else, they were unknowingly being wached. A projection of their actions was being displayed, somehow magically, floating around in a dark room. Or rather, an area of total darkness. There were people gathering around watching the display, though none of them could be seen, as they were engulfed in the darkness. One spoke up as the projection focused on Sora, smiling as we was searching the island for things like food and the likes.

"So he's the Keybearer?" The voice spoke. It sounded almost comforting and assuring, but that only made seem even more frightening. "Indeed, he doesn't seem very strong..."

"That may be true," Spoke another voice, which sounded calm and collected, as if fear was a foreign concept to him. "But it's always the insects who wind up annoying you the most."

"Are you suggesting we take care of him now?" Asked the third voice, sounding clever and tactical, but also had a hint of evil in it. "It does make sense, we have the power. And there's a chance he could be troubling, considering some of the names he's taken out..."

"If that is the case, I will not participate in it." Said a fourth voice, that sounded of total strength and fright. "It is not fit for a king to fight off insects."

"Oh, quite the talker, are we?" Said the fifth voice, sounding rather normal, but that made it almost sound psychopathic.

"What was that?" Responded the fourth voice, it's anger slightly rising.

"Now, now" Hissed the sixth voice. "Let's all get along here, shall we? Anyway, I myself am in favor of eliminating him now and just be done with it."

"I too agree." Said the first voice. "There are more important matters I have on my hands then just this kid."

"Hmph, if you ask me, he's just some trash that's on the side of our path." Said a seventh voice, sounding vile and stuck up, as if the person thought very highly of himself. "There's no way he could ever stand up to the likes of me, or any of us for that matter."

"And we got another proud one here." Said the fifth voice again. "I don't really care myself, but I'd like to get in to some action, so I'll go with it too."

"Well, so far the vote seems to be 5-2, in favor of us killing the Key Bearer now." Said the sixth voice. If a person was there, he wouldn't have been able to see it, but the speaker then turned his head towards another person, the eighth person. "Well, what do you think?"

"Killing him now is the logical choice," Spoke the eighth voice. It sounded almost pure and warm, the voice of a gallant leader. "But we should hold off for just a bit more."

"Oh? Care to explain?" Asked the third voice. "I'm curious on what your thoughts are."

"Where you not paying attention?" Responded the eighth voice. "He shall be meeting with The King and the others soon. At Radiant Garden, none the less.

"Hmm, I see." Said the second voice. "Not just him, but everyone else in one swoop, eh?"

"And Radiant Garden will fall in the process of doing it too." Said the seventh voice. "Now you've got me interested in this. As expected of you to come up with something like that."

"You think too highly of me." Replied the eighth voice.

"Playing the humble game now?" Asked the first voice. "You know that's not going to buy people like us, right?"

The eighth voice said nothing to this.

"I can concur with this too." Said the fourth voice. "The King is a person I've wanted to meet for some time..."

"So are we agreed then?" Asked the first voice. "We wait till they've all gathered together, and at that moment, we will attack."

"When you say it like that, it almost sounds like something from a kid's show." Said the fifth voice. "But it does seem the most effective."

"I will agree with this as well." Said the third voice. "The strategy is brilliant."

"I have no problems with it either." Said the second voice. "The only question is if it will work..."

"I shall also carry out with this." Agreed the fourth voice. "I feel as if we cannot lose."

"I agree too." Said the sixth voice. "I'll be looking forward to it."

"And I shall also come." Said the seventh. "But none of you should get in my way."

"Then we're settled." Said the eighth voice. "We shall reunite soon to commence the attack."

"Then I'm outta here." Said the first voice. "There are other things I'd like to attend to."

"I too shall leave." Said the fourth. "I shall resume with my conquest."

With that, the two voices quietly departed in the darkness. The others too, gradually followed suit, until there was only one left, the eighth voice.

"And so our attack commences." He said to himself. He then looked at the floating moniter, which showed Sora again happily about his business. "Will you be ready, Key Bearer? Or shall you fade into the darkness...." And with that, that voice too, faded into the dark.


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