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"So there was an invisible man, you say?" Asked Leon as he, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper where walking through the corridors of the mansion back to the dining room where they had first seen Hogback.

"That's right, he was there, without a doubt." Said Nami as they walked through the halls.

"I don't believe it!" Said Usopp. "There just can't be something like an invisible man! I don't believe anything we've seen so far! There's got to be some sort of explanation!"

"From a medical standpoint, all incredible things have an explanation." Said Chopper. "But if Dr. Hogback really threw away his life to study here, maybe there are miracles occurring on this island."

"Don't you have a little too much confidence in that guy?" Asked Leon.

This made Chopper angry. "Dr. Hogback is a great man! You're the ones being disrespectful! There's no proof he's in cahoots with the zombies!"

"Still," Said Nami. "Maybe it's just my intuition but he's still very suspicious."

At that point they had walked into the dinner room from before. However, the lights had been turned out, making the whole place dark and scary.

"H-hey, why is it so dark in here?" Asked Usopp.

"Oi! Dr. Hogback! Where are you?" Called out Chopper. "Cindry-chan!"

"The two have already gone to bed." Said a voice from above. They all looked above them to see none other than Hildon, who was resting on a chandelier.

"Hildon! You scum leaving us out in the cemetery like that..." Said Usopp.

"My apologies for that." Said Hildon innocently. "The horses went wild, there was nothing I could do..."

"That's a lie!" Said Nami. "You're all in cahoots with this island!"

"Now, don't say such a terrible thing..." Said Hildon as he suddenly left the chandelier and took to the air. "Follow me. I will guide you to your rooms..."

"I don't really trust you after the last time you 'guided' us somewhere." Said Leon.

"ohoho, they're giving you the cold soldier, Hildon..." Called out a voice. It was coming from a picture of a woman on the wall. "These kids have noticed many things, so before you let them escape..."

"Why is...that picture talking?!" Said Chopper.

"WE WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY!" Screamed the picture as the woman lept outwards towards them. Leon was barely able to block it away with his sword.

"W-what's going on here..." Muttered Leon.

Suddenly, from one of the walls, a mounted pig head with arms began to move. "Oink..." It said as it picked up the swords that were mounted below it. It took one and flung it at Usopp. "Woah!" Screamed Usopp as he barely evaded as the sword hit the rug in the room.

"Hehe, the boss of this room is me, the Great Oinkchuck!" Said the pighead. "Don't think you'll be able to set one foot out of this room!"

Suddenly the rug started to move. "W-what's with this rug?" Called out Nami as they were all risen in the air.

"Hey, who stabbed me in the back with that sword!" Called out the rug, which one closer inspection was actually polar bear skin, complete with a head.

"Nami was right, this mansion is full of zombies!" Called out Usopp as he jumped to the chandelier. "Eat this, you rug-bear-thingy!" He called as he dropped one of the candles on it.

"Ah! It's hot!" Called out the rug bear as it tried to extuingish the fire on it.

"Hah! I know you're weak point!" Said Usopp who began throwing more candles at the zombies. "Chopper! Leon! Nami! Get to the door! We're leaving!"

"Right!" Said Leon as he fended off another zombie as they all ran to the door.

"Hurry! Open it!" Called out Usopp as Nami was trying.

"This can't be happening..." Cried Nami. "It's locked!"

"What?!" Said everyone else. Just then they saw the rug bear coming right at them again.

"For now, let's just go somewhere else!" They began running to another room, however, they found themselves run right into the fireplace.

"What?! This is the fireplace!" Yelled Chopper in horror. "There's nowhere to run!"

Suddenly the fire place turned around. They where in another room.

"Where are we?" Said Leon. "Was there a secret passageway?"

"Well whatever it is, we're safe for now..." Said Usopp. Almost the instant he said that, he noticed the pictures hanging on the wall. Then he noticed the zombies coming out from said pictures.

"GAH! MORE ZOMBIES!" Said Chopper as they began running again.

"This is no good, no matter where we go, there's zombies!" Said Leon panting. Then they saw another door infront of them. They qucikly opened it and then just as quickly slammed it behind them.

"GAH! MORE PICTURES!" Called out Usopp as he noticed the large amount of pictures in this room. However, the panic subsided when they realized they were all photographs. "Phew...just photos..." Usopp breathed a sigh of relief.

"Hey, these pictures..." Said Nami. "Aren't they of that Cindry person?" Indeed, all the pictures showed a woman who bore a strong resemblance to Cindry, the only difference being that they didn't have any scars and they were all smiling happily.

"What...is this room?" Said Leon


"Eh? A Shichibukai! Is that true, Robin?" Said Luffy in a bit of disbeleif.

"Um, what's a Shichibukai?" Asked Sora, hoping the question wouldn't reveal that he was from another world.

"The seven pirates that are under the protection of the World Government..." Said Robin. "They're some of the most powerful ones in the world..."

"But what's one doing here?" Pondered Zoro.

"I don't know," Said the old man they were with. "But We aren't the only people trapped on this island. There are a lot more people than me who have fallen victim hiding in this forest. The fact that you people are here means Moria has set his sights on you!"

"Well, we're looking for the guy who steals shadows anyway." Said Luffy. "If he's after us, I just have to kick his ass. So while we're at it, I'll save you and the others too!" Said Luffy.

"Th--thank you for your kind words..." Said the old man, as he nearly broke down in tears. "I'm regaining hope once more!"


Meanwhile, back in Hogback's Mansion, they examined the portraits of the woman.

"This really does look like that woman." Said Leon. "Except she doesn't have so many scars..."

"Victoria Cindry..." Said Nami, reading some newspapers that were in the room. "Seems she was a pretty famous actress..."

"An actress?" Said Usopp. "Does it say anything about being like a maid? Or having hatred towards plates?"

"No, it seems ever since she was a child she was acting..." Said Nami, as she looked through the newspapers. Suddenly she saw an article that made her blood run cold. "Th...this...this is..." She said.

"What is it?" Asked Leon.

"Ten years ago..." Said Nami. "She fell off the stage...and died!"

"So these really ARE zombies!" Said Chopper in disbelief.

"This can't be right! I'm getting a bad feeling..." Said Usopp.

Suddenly Nami noticed something by Usopp's feet. It was a large box, shaped like a chest.

"Wait a second! Usopp! Is that a treasure box!?" Called out Nami, her expression changing to a happy one right away. "Open it!"

Suddenly, from the box emerged a gigantic, jack-in-the-box like zombie. "YOU FAIIIL!" It screeched. "THIS IS NOT THE TREASURE!"

"KYAAAAA!" Screamed Nami as they all ran out of the room again into another hallway. Then they spotted another room, that had a large door that was opened slightly. From it, they could hear a faint but familiar laughing coming from inside.

"That's Hogback's voice!" Said Nami, recognizing the laugh. They all stopped and peeked inside the slightly opened door. There was Hogback and Cindry, standing over a large corpse-like object, looking much like the zombies from before.

"Fosfosfosfos!" Cackled Hogback again. "This is a splendid Mario! What do you think, Cindry-chan?"

"That Cindry...she really does look like the girl in the pictures..." Said Leon.

"So I was right! Hogback's the one making the zombies!" Said Nami.

"But I don't understand!" Said Chopper. "Even if he's responsible, there's no medicine that can cure the dead!"

Suddenly they all heard a voice from behind them. "Yohohoho! Good day!" It spoke. "If you've already looked inside, you should just enter!"

"This voice..." Said Nami, turning around.

"Brook?" Asked Chopper.

Suddenly, they were all blasted forward, causing the door to be knocked down, as they fell into the lab.


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