Summary: What if Edward abused Bella? Will his jealously make them drift apart? Can Carlisle help or is it too late? What if Bella finds out a secret she's not supposed to know? 1st fanfic. Please review. Ch 9 is last chapter. Ch10 starts as new story.E/B,mild C/B
Author's Notes: This is my 1st fanfic! Yea! Sorry if there are errors… I'm not exactly the smartest person. Rated M for content! This story contains mentions of abuse and/or rape on this chapter and in several others, so if you can't handle it then don't read. Carlisle and Edward are both vampires and Bella is still human.
Recommmended Song to listen to: Sick Hearts-The Used

Carlisle's POV

There was a light knock on my office door. "Come in," I said invitingly. The door made a small clicking sound as it was closed.

"How have you been, Bella?" I asked, without looking up from the files on my desk. "Um...good," she said nervously. "It's okay. There's no need to be nervous," I assured her. She only nodded her head slightly. "Why don't you lie down so you can talk about the problems been you having? Edward isn't the problem again, is he?" I asked. Only months before, Bella came to see me weekly but her visits stopped abruptly.

She did as I told her and lay on the caramel-colored chaise. "You may begin whenever you feel ready," I stated. She was silent for awhile, but I knew that talking about problems like hers was difficult. She started, "He hit me again last night. He told me that I was spending too much time with Jacob. But he's my best friend and I don't like to stay away from him. He said that friends didn't matter and that I should just move on. I said no but then he slapped me so hard that I fell to the floor." Her voice cracked.

I offered her a glass of water and she accepted it. "Thank you, Dr. Cullen," she whispered. I nodded and she continued. "He helped me up and started to lead me to the bedroom. I didn't want to but I know that I couldn't stop him." She was crying now, tears streaming down her pale face. I handed her a box of tissues and surprisingly enough, she blushed, maybe from embarrassment?

"It's okay, Bella. It's not your fault. You need to stay away from Edward. He's dangerous and you shouldn't let him hurt you anymore. He only hurts you because you let him." I told her, "Bella, I'm going to need to examine you, okay? I'm not just a psychologist but a doctor, too."

Her eyes, still puffy from her weeping, seemed somewhat brighter. Very carefully, I noticed, she pulled her shirt off then slid off her sweat-pants. I walked towards her as she sat on the edge of the examining table in my office. Slowly, I looked over her delicate body. I stared at her in horror. Bruises and scars littered her once-beautiful body. What had he done to her?

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