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Phases of the Moon

Ch. 2 Hector Must Die

It was official I hated Hector. Why you ask? Well here's the list. One, he sent me here in the first place. Two, He sent me with other people. Three, those other people had to be the most irritating Angels in Asgard.


Oh, and did I mention that because Ein was wingless it meant that we had to walk the entire way.

"Are you okay?" Ein asked crouching down next to my fallen form.

I turned my head to glare at him and said, "Just peachy!"

Needless to say he backed away pretty quick. I stood brushing myself off and looked at the massive cavern before us.

"Heaven's gate," Ledah said in that annoying monotone he always had. "If the reports of demon's are true we need to be prepared for every eventuality."

"You're training the newbie." I declared immediately.

"Very well, Ein!" Ledah called.

"Yeah?" The amateur called back.

"We have to keep moving, time is of the essence." Ledah said venturing into the depths of the cavern, not bothering to see if we were following.

I hung back and waited for the newb. When he finally reached me he seemed surprised that I had waited, but quickly recovered and smiled.

"Thanks for waiting." He said.

"I'm an archer, you're a swordsman. Archers belong in the back so the meat shield, AKA you, gets the snot kicked out of him and not me so move it!" I said walking quickly after Ledah leaving Ein gaping at the entrance.

I caught up with Ledah in a large room with various crumbling and fallen pillars spread throughout it. Dried blood decorated various place on the ground and pillars. I slowly walked over to one of the fallen monoliths and gently rested a hand on top of it. So much blood was spilt in this place. I thought paying no attention to anything around me. Surprisingly it was Rose's voice that brought me out of my thoughts.

"That horrible scent… Ein, those are demons!"

Hearing demons" I swiveled around drawing Necrosis only to find Ein and Ledah battling what looked to be "a giant dog. I raised Necrosis and held it as if I had an arrow and drew the string back. A bolt of black energy appeared where the arrow would be as I aimed between Ein and Ledah at the beast. I fired, but Ein rushed forward slashing the beast getting in the way of my shot.

"Look out!" I called, but it was to late my shot slammed into Ein's shoulder knocking him to the ground as the bolt dissipated. I rushed forward and dragged him out of the way as Ledah dealt with the beast. Once we were at a safe distance I shot once again this time hitting the beast's shoulder. It roared then turned to charge at us, but before it could Ledah impaled it with Lorelei. Seeing that the beast was dealt with I turned back to the kid.

He was unconscious and had a hole in his shoulder, but was otherwise all right.

"You don't happen to have a potion do you?" I asked turning to Ledah.

He shook his head and said, "No, but this place did have stores of them at one time there may be some left."

I sighed, "Okay, let's go look for one, he should be fine for a bit." With that I stood and followed Ledah into the next room.

"Look out!" Ledah called jumping out of the way of a boulder hurtling towards us. I dove to the side, but the boulder blocked off the path back to Ein. I looked ahead and saw three demons approaching us. An ape charged in the lead with a hobbit, and a swordsman standing behind it. The ape picked up another boulder and hurtled it at me while the swordsman and hobbit went for Ledah. I dove to the side and fired hitting the ape in the side as Ledah blocked the swordsman's strike.

The hobbit's eyes turned red and it slammed its hammer onto the ground opening a fissure underneath us. I dove out of the way only to be met with the ape punching me in the stomach. I grunted as I was flung back into a wall before rushing to my feet and shooting the thing between the eyes. I sighed and turned to see how Ledah was doing when a hammer came flying at my face.

I ducked and shoot at the hobbit, but my aim was off and I hit the crumbling pillar behind it. The pillar broke and began falling towards the hobbit and me. I managed to get out of the way, but the hobbit… not so much. I turned to Ledah who was walking over to me from the remains of the swordsman.

"Our way out's gone." I said simply motioning to the boulder. He thought for a moment before turning back to me.

"I'll look for a way back. You go and see if you can find one of those potion stores. If you can't we'll have to leave him behind." Ledah said after a moment.

"Fine." I replied heading deeper into Heaven's Gate. I hadn't walked long until I came across what looked to be a dead end.

"Great. Just Great." I muttered leaning against a pillar. I was about to head back, but the pillar I was leaning against began to crumble. It fell backwards over the edge of a cliff and decided to take me with it.

"Shit!" I yelled my voice echoing across the cavern.


Ledah, who was still searching for a way back, heard Liana's very loud curse and paused.

"I wonder what she did this time."

He mused before returning to his search.

With Liana…


I slowly pulled myself from the rubble rubbing my back.

"I swear I'm going to kill Hector next time I see him." I promised myself.

I stood slowly brushing dirt and rubble off me and looked up at the ledge I had fallen from.

"At least I didn't fall that far."

With that in mind, I started forward through the corridor she had miraculously 'discovered.'" After ten minutes it was safe to say that I was…


…less than happy.

"Seven demons, three traps, two falls, a room with a spiked roof, and a rockslide, but not a single potion! The newbie can drop dead. I'm done."

I muttered, as I dragged myself back towards where I fell originally. I quickly flew back to the ledge and started towards where I had left Ledah.


There in front of me were both Ein and Ledah strolling in my direction as though nothing was wrong.

"One of the demons had a potion."

Ledah explained as he walked past me. Ein followed, but stopped in front of me pushing a vial into my hand.

"You look like you need this more than I do."

With that he ran after Ledah, leaving me twitching at the entrance.


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