Inspired by the song series "Daughter of Evil", "Servant of Evil", and "Message of Regret". I don't own Vocaloids, nor do I own the characters involved in this.

Oh, and I took a few liberties with the song... might not fit exactly. I dunno if this will be a oneshot or not, depends if people want me to write the followup.

"M-my clothes. Wear em."

Rin looked from the bundles up to Len's aqua eyes. His hands were shaking, eyes rapidly filling with tears despite trying not to cry. He was holding the clothes out in trembling arms, blond hair lossened from it's ponytail.
"It's okay... W-we're twins, they won't notice." he mumbled, thrusting the clothes towards his princess. She nodded shakily and accepted them, quickly changing.

A few minutes later, Len shivered. He was wearing his princess' clothes, a yellow dress tied with orange ribbon. He'd had the foresight to shove some tissues down the front to give himself a bigger chest, and so far they hadn't noticed. He shuffled his wrists slightly, trying not to cry out from the pain. They were bound painfully, painfully tight.

In the crowd, it was the once-Princess Rin's turn to try not to sob. She was wearing her servant's clothes (Len's clothes, always Len, not the servant), his cape pulled tight to her body and her hair tied up just like his had been. She scrubbed the tears away, remembering all the times he had served her treats and snacks. It had been brioche yesterday, right? Rin turned her head up to watch, and for a moment, she could have sworn their eyes met.

Rough hands grabbed Len's hair and shoulders, forcing him to kneel. His throat bashed against the rough wood of the guillotine, and his eyes searched madly for his sister. His princess. He found her, trying to swallow sobs. Len glanced upwards, watching the hypnotising effect of the sun glinting off the blade. So much he hadn't done, so much he hadn't seen. So many of his sister's smiles he wouldn't be around to cause.

"For crimes again our kingdom, the... the citizens condemn Princess Rin Kagamine to death. Her body shall be buried in an unmarked grave. She will not be mourned." intoned a red-clad figure standign mere inches away. From this angle, it was hard to see much of her face, but from the voice he realised she was Meiko. The former princess of the red land, Rin had had all the inhabitants of every village either enslaved or slain.

Kaito stood nearby, holding a piece of paper in shaking hands. He crouched by Len's face, and he sucked in a breath - maybe this close, the blue prince would recognise his lover's killer? There was a flicker of recognition and hatred (such hatred he had never seen). In that instant, he realised.

Kaito and Meiko already knew.
"We know about the swap," the prince murmured, a smirk crossing his face. "We figure, eliminate Rin's brother and the wayward princess will behave, yeah? Sort of like having Miku killed made me bitter." A nod from Meiko, and Kaito drew a small, sharp knife, slashing it across the rope holding up the blade.

There was a swish and a thunk, and then Len Kagamine knew no more.