Rin had been sitting here for several hours already, and the moon glinted off the surface of the waves. The spray caught the moonlight, making the night air sparkle. She sang in a quiet voice. It was a song without words, supposed to be happy, but now it sounded more like a dirge.

Len heard the song, even in his isolation. His head jerked up, and for the first time he spoke.
He practically screamed, the sound screeching in his ears. His voice scratched on his unused ears like nails on a chalkboard, but he continued. Shouting, sobbing, wailing, he did it all. The shackles began to crack.

Rin could hear the noise, like a whisper on the edge of hearing. She shook her head vehemently, blonde hair fluttering lightly from the motion. He was dead, wasn't he? Beheaded while passing himself off as her. The noise continued, getting louder and louder, and suddenly sparkles began to appear in the air. She stood up, reached out.

Len felt all the emotions that he had ever experienced, all at once. All the sights, sounds, smells, they assaulted him.
'This is your rebirth. Rin's regrets have earned you another chance... use it well, Len Kagamine.'
The words simply arrived in his memory like they had always been there, and he felt the shackles shatter, the shards spilling away into the dark. The space around him lightened slightly, the ground moreso, until he could see sand and waves and a sky speckled with pale stars.

Rin's jaw dropped open. Len was there, curled up above the waves. His aqua blue eyes were searching - just like the last time she'd seen them - searching for her.
"Len, you're b-back!" she stammered, running into the surf. He dropped like a rock, landing in her arms. The breath woofed out of him, and he stared up at her muzzily, a smile upon his lips.
"I'm back."

They ventured to the blue land on foot. Len got a change of clothes, of course - he couldn't walk round in a dress, after all. He filled the air with words, tunes, trying to fill the time lost with notes and harmonies. Finally they reached the Azure Palace, home to Kaito the blue prince.

"R-Rin... will he try to kill us again?" he murmured, leaning close to his twin. She bit her lip nervously - she hadn't planned this far. She strode up to the guards.
"I wish to see Prince Kaito, please." she announced. They laughed, waving her in.

Kaito glared at them. He'd been standing in the main hall of the palace, speaking with a villager, when they had walked in. He stormed over and jabbed Rin in the chest.
"Do you know what it feels like now? To lose a loved one? Well?" He was practically shouting, and Len shoved the prince away.
"Stop it! She's redeemed herse--"
"Wait... You're supposed to be dead! Meiko and I made sure of it, we cut your head off!" Kaito hissed. He rounded on the once-servant. "You killed Miku. My Miku. You stabbed her in the heart and watched her bleed to death."

Len looked to one side and sighed.
"I did it for Rin. She wanted me to do it; who was I to say no to my princess?" This wasn't going the way he wanted. "Please, can we put this behind us?"
"No, we bloody well can't! No amount of 'moving on' will bring my love back, and you know it!" Tears were beginning to well up in the blue prince's eyes.
Len wanted to scream. This was not why he had been redeemed.
"Miku... Miku said something before she died, you know." He hadn't wanted to tell anyone. Last words were intimate things. "She said... she said that even in her last moments, she loved you." That seemed to calm him. The other boy ran his hands through azure hair, breathing deeply.
"I was going to marry her. Our countries would unite, and we would be happy." he muttered, turning round to look out of the window.

The trio peered out of the window and saw life continuing far below on the streets. It was market day, and the sounds of merchants shouting their wares and prices and cheap deals rose up to their ears.
"I... I forgive you. Miku wouldn't want me to stay so bitter."

They left silently. They returned to the yellow kingdom to find there was a new ruler, someone who actually cared for the people. That angered Rin a little - the throne was hers by birth - but she seemed secretly relieved she wouldn't have to do it again.

The years passed, and the princess and her servant grew up. Len took a job as a carpenter; Rin sang in a restaurant. They were happy.

This ending doesn't really sound that good, but I need to finish this.
It was great fun writing this, I hope you enjoyed it!