As I got home from school, Charlies filthy car was their. I thought he had work today. I opened the door quietly, afraid that my so call father will hurt me again.

I'm Isabella Marie Swan I currently live in Phoenix with my father, my mother left Charlie and I at the hospital a couple of hours after my birth. Ever since I was 12years old, Charlie will come home drunk and I assume you know what happens next.

I just turned 18 years old, and had planned on running away someday soon and that day happens to be today.

As i entered the house, I could hear Charlies faint snoring coming through the living room.

I sneaked a peek inside the room to see if my entrance had waken him up.

Their on the couch is the lazy, dirty, snobby asshole and beside him are at least 5 cans of beer. I quickly tiptoed upstairs, making sure not to wake 'him' up. I rushed to my room and grabbed all my belongings which was packed in a black suitcase and half ran to the front door. I opened the door, pulling my suitcase behind me and sprinted outside. I glanced back at the house, and said my goodbyes and walked fast along the high way.

As i was walking I heared sirens, I panicked so I hid in the forest beside me. I ran, deeper and deeper into the forest until I couldn't hear the sirens anymore, as i was doing so i tripped over a tree branch and fell flat faced onto the surface beneath me . I slowly manage to get my self up. I looked at both palms, they were bleeding. I was about to wipe it against my jeans but was stopped by a cold hand gripping tightly on my right arm. I gasped, and looked up from the hand to see a man in his twenties, with red eyes, brown hair, and really pale skin.

I tryred to struggle out of his embrace, but miserably failed. He laughed evilly, before i could scream for help, he pulled the back of my brunette hair and bit me sharply into my neck. I screamed out in pain and drifted into darkness.