After we made it inside, everyone already being familiar with The cullens home, Esme asked Edward politely to give me a tour around the house. He nodded and smiled at me, before guiding me toward the staircase, I looked at the others to see them all looking on and smiling at us. Weirdos I thought. As Edward finish showing me all of the rooms on that floor, he led me towards another staircase which led to another room.

"And this is my room" he said twisiting the knob and guiding me inside.

"wow", I said looking around the room, entering futher into the room I looked at the music collection and saw many familiar cds and many others that I did not recognise. I picked up the cd that read 'Debussy' and raise an eyebrow at him. He smiled and plucked it off my hands and put it in the expensive looking cd player.

"Clair de lune", he smiled at me

" im surprised your familiar with that piece of music, not many people your age listen to that kind of music", he questions.

"yeh, I use to listen to it everytime when he..he."I smiled sadly at him and looked out the glass wall on my right,

"Bella", he whispered, while taking my chin and raising it up so im looking into his eyes,

"when who what", I looked up at him and was about to reply when Emetted booming voice shouted from downstaires

"YO, EDDIE, stop making out with your girlfriend and come down, so I can beat your ass in Halo", I glanced up at Edward and saw him looking me with a expression that said this aint over.

Making our way towards everyone, he held my onto my hand never letting go even as we sat down


There was something she was hiding and I was determind to find out exactly as to what that was.

I looked over at her to see her looking down at our joint hands which tingled from her touch, giving it a little squeez as she looked up and smiled when her lips parted, I knew that she felt it too.

REview plz