Honestly this was just a small idea I had, while rewatching the first season. It's the episode White Rabbit, where Kate is sorting the clothing from the fallen luggage, and Claire asks her if she's a Gemini. Varies between actual episode dialogue and AU. Just a small drabble, enjoy it for what it is.

"I thought so," Claire says, her face lighting up. Kate's stomach drops as Claire's aquamarine eyes sparkle with knowledge. "Restless, passionate..." Claire trails off, looking at Kate, almost confused. "Geminis..."

Kate smiles. "You believe in that, then? Astrology?"

Claire nods, running a hand over her stomach. "A lot of people don't, but that's just because they don't understand it."

Kate thinks there are a lot of things people don't believe in, because they don't understand them. Her eyes trail down Claire's neck, where her blonde, wavy hair is billowing in the breeze, down the swell of her breasts (there is a twitch between Kate's legs) and down to her very pregnant belly. Claire is beautiful and delicate, and it is in ways that Kate has never known before, in ways she thought she'd never understand. There are other women on the island--Sun, who is dark and exotic and submissive, Shannon who is willowy and lush, but they can't compare with what Claire makes her feel. She wants to protect Claire, but she has a deep feeling that Claire can protect herself, that she's had to do so her entire life.

Kate's eyes follow the curves of Claire's body back up to her mouth. Claire's lips are pink and slightly chapped, and Kate wonders just what they would feel like against her own. Almost as if she in a trance, Kate stands, wiping the sand from her jeans, and moves over to Claire, who is now looking up at her, questioningly.

Kate bends down, taking a tendril of Claire's hair between her fingers, "You ever read Alice In Wonderland?" Kate asks softly.

Claire shakes her head.

"I think you're my white rabbit." Kate whispers, and before Claire can say anything else Kate turns and jogs away, disappearing into the jungle.

Across the beach, Claire notices that she isn't the only watching, and her eyes meet Sawyer's briefly before they are dropped to the sand.

I really am a hardcore Sawyer/Kate shipper, but I think Claire/Kate is kind of cute, too.