Sam was jerked awake with the sound of Dean retching and he sighed. This will show him to eat crap for breakfast. Ignoring his sore muscles, he rose from the hard-backed chair and stepped towards the bed. Armed with a glass of cold water from the kitchenette, he slowly ambled towards the bathroom, knowing better to go in there when Dean was still spewing out the week old burrito, he had insisted on having that morning.

Dean looked like death warmed over, and Sam couldn't help being sorry for him. Holding the glass at Dean's lips, Sam rubbed circles onto Dean's back.

Dean stilled, as he realized that Sam was doing the same thing that Dean used to do for him. Seems like so long ago. Involuntarily he smiled and nodded at Sam, signalling the need to get up and move towards the bed. With Sam steadying him, they made quick work of getting Dean settled into the bed, and Sam waited until Dean pretended to fall asleep before tucking the sheets around him. Both of them knew Dean was pretending, and both smiled into the dark. They will be ok, as long as they had each other!