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"Who is that?"

Sonny Munroe gasped and her jaw fell open in shock as she turned slowly to face the perpetrator that would say such a thing.

"And what's wrong with your face?"

"Chad," Sonny huffed, "That is Adam Lambert! Isn't he positively…"

"Gross. What is that stuff on his eyes?"

"That's guy-liner. It just adds to his hotness."

"Do you realize how much you sound like a crazed fangirl right now?" Chad asked before taking a seat on the couch of the So Random lounge, "So, who is he?"

"He's only one of the final two contestants on American Idol!" Sonny screeched, "And he had better win. Shhh…listen!"

Chad folded his arms across his chest and leaned back against the couch with a bored sigh and watched as the boy with black hair, black eyes, black liner, and black attire took the stage. He scoffed as Sonny crept closer towards the TV as if that would make her hear him better.

His voice was soft, smooth and soothing. Chad almost had to admit that the guy could sing, despite the makeup. Seriously, what guy wears makeup? Chad Dylan Cooper didn't need makeup, he had natural beauty.

"Every step you climb another mountain…" Sonny whispered along to the song.

"You can sing?" Chad asked in dismay.

"You can go higher, you can go deeper…" Sonny seemed to ignore him, too caught up in watching the performer.

Chad decided not to push the subject. Instead, he tried his hardest not to stare too long at her as he struggled to hear her muffled singing. She had a gorgeous voice, smoky and airy. She was really good, really good.

"I think I am in love with him," Sonny said, though not to Chad. It was as if she were talking to dream.

"Do you think he'll win?" Chad asked.

"I hope so. I think I'll just die if he didn't."

"You are such a fangirl!" Chad laughed, secretly hoping Adam would win too; if he didn't, according to what Sonny had just said, he'd just die too. He couldn't stand to think of how sad she would be.

"Shut up," Sonny shoved him, "He's…glamorous and dark."

"And wears makeup."

"His voice is powerful. He's a good singer, Chad."

"So are you."


"Nothing," Chad laughed, "I didn't say anything!"

"Yes you did! You…you said I was a good singer."

"I don't remember saying any such thing."

"Well you did," Sonny smiled, "Thank you for that."

"You're welcome," Chad grumbled, "Well, I got to go practice lines. Let me know if he wins."

The next day, Chad saw Sonny in the lunch line. Her eyes were downcast and he knew why. Portlyn had eagerly told him who the winner was last night and his name was not Adam. Chad's heart went out to Sonny as he sauntered towards her.

"Hey," he greeted.

"He didn't win."

"I know," Chad nodded, "You want my pudding?"

"Pudding won't make him win, Chad," Sonny smiled.

"It could help."


"So yes or no on the pudding?" Chad raised an eyebrow and offered his chocolate pudding cup towards her.

"Yes," Sonny answered, taking it.

"I'm sorry he didn't win, really."

"Thanks, Chad. But he'll go on to something great. He's good enough to be someone great."

"And when he gets a record deal, you'll be one of the crazy girls who will stand outside at two in the morning to get his CD first, right?"

"Possibly," Sonny smiled, "I am a fangirl after all."

"Pathetic," Chad scoffed.

"Thanks for the cupcake too," Sonny smirked.

"But I didn't give you…"

Chad looked down at his tray and noticed that his cupcake was gone and Sonny was walking towards her lunch table. He shook his head but couldn't help but hide a smile.

As Sonny made her way towards the table, she couldn't help but think of what Chad had said about her being a fangirl. She was a fangirl but despite her love for Adam, one guy would always have heart and that guy was just a few feet away, totally oblivious.

And he was right about one thing though, it was totally pathetic.