This is a story I have been toying with for a while just pure Fiyeraba of course with a little story with it Musical verse. But does nothing about the musical sort of AU

In other news I have just finished lion among men I read it in about three hours I loved it and I need more again LOL may have to read wicked and son of a witch again Hehe. This fic is purely to distract me when I am meant to be doing exams I have written up to chapter 3. I am also a little upset that Adam Lambert for those who haven't heard of him where have you been? didn't win American idol but I think that he will be better than the guy who isn't Adam who won. (I know his name is Kris Allen but that comment made me laugh from some internet site)

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Chapter one

This girl Fiyero thought to himself, did not like him at all. But for the life of him he didn't know why. All the other girls had fallen head over heels for Prince Tiggular when he arrived at Shiz University, But not this girl who sat before him. His eyes couldn't move away from her not that he wanted them to anyway.

How can I get her attention he thought, he had never has to work for attention before it kind of came with the territory being a prince. He put his pen to his lips; he wasn't paying any attention to what was being taught. He never did. Dancing through life was his theology and he wasn't going to change a habit of a lifetime.

Now back to Elphaba, he smiled, when he saw the green girl with full concentration on her face, furiously taking notes so that she wouldn't miss what the teacher was drowning on about,

He looked at his paper, nothing was on it. It was as clean as it was at the beginning of the period. I know! He thought he could right her note usually people replied to them right.

Elphie (he done this because Galinda called her it)

I was thinking what are you doing after class? Maybe we can go for a drink or something


He passed the note over her shoulder. She didn't look up or turn towards him about five minutes later and yes Fiyero counted a note of paper was on his desk.


Firstly do not call me Elphie! I may tolerate it from Galinda but I certainly do not tolerate it from you! (Ouch thought Fiyero)

Secondly you are distracting me from my learning; I know you have no interest in learning but some of us do. So I would appreciate it if you wouldn't disturb me again.

Lastly in answer to your question, I am not doing anything. So I suppose you can take me out for a drink or something as you so articulately put it.


Wow someone writes a lot while ferociously taking notes darn this girl was good Fiyero smiled.

Elphaba was used to being the Butt of all jokes when it came to life her at Shiz. When Fiyero Tiggular turned up she didn't expect anything to change. Of course her roommate Galinda had latched onto him as soon as he made it through the door, well even before that. Elphaba knew that the most popular girl deserved the most popular guy. Something that she will never be or she deserved either. However, in the last few weeks Fiyero had been paying more attention to her than he ever had done with Galinda.

She forced herself to look directly at the board; she knew he was behind her. She though could not turn around.

'You are not that girl Elphaba' she whispered. She was shocked when she saw a note come from over her shoulder and land on her desk. It was from Fiyero asking her Elphaba Thropp out. She wondered how much he had been paid to ask her out. Because he wouldn't want to be with her would he?

She would have to go along with the 'date' because what was one more humiliation at her days at dear old Shiz?

She quickly wrote a reply and placed the note back on his desk. Now let's see where this was going to end up. She smiled.

The bell couldn't come quick enough for either Fiyero or Elphaba but for different reasons. Fiyero couldn't wait to spend time with the elusive Elphaba Thropp. Elphaba because she thought that this was going to be some practical joke that she was sure the popular clan had invented to tease the artichoke or to steam it.

The bell finally came and Fiyero was the first out of his seat. He waited at the end of the aisle, Elphaba's aisle until she had packed her books into her bag.

'Would you like me to carry that for you?' Fiyero smiled

'I am perfectly able to carry my own books' she raised her eyebrow. She passed them to him anyway she had a feeling he wasn't going to give up until she agreed any way.

There were plenty of stares as they walked out of the class room. Imagine if we were dating thought Elphaba. She pushed that thought to the back of her mind.

'Oh great now everybody is staring' Elphaba joked, people usually stared at her but not because of this.

'No not him' Fiyero pointed, 'no he just looked'

Fiyero chuckled. Elphaba laughed also.

'Where to Madame?' Fiyero smiled

'Coffee shop, it is too early for alcohol' she looked at him.

'Is it? It's got to be night somewhere in OZ' he caught her eyes, beautiful eyes, eyes that held so much pain, maybe he would be able to break down those walls down one day. He held the door of the coffee shop open for her as they walked it.

'How about over here?' Fiyero whispered into Elphaba's ear it caused shivers down her spine.

'Hmm' was all she could manage to get out.

The table was secluded, so maybe he is not here to embarrass her in front of everyone, Elphaba smiled.

'So what would you like?' Fiyero looked at her

'No, No I will get it' she went searching for her purse realizing that it was in her school bag that Fiyero had next to him.

'No, Elphaba let me, I asked you here let me get you it' he smiled triumphantly, 'so what can I get you?'

'Erm, coffee, strong milk and sugar, think your brain can handle this amount of info' she suppressed a smile.

'I think I can manage it' Fiyero laughed. He went up to the counter.

Elphaba breathed, well so far so good no horrible disaster it seemed to be going fine.

Fiyero was back quickly sitting opposite to Elphaba he leant closer to her.

She took a sip of her coffee. He did get her order right maybe there was hope for him yet. She smiled.

'What are you thinking?' Fiyero asked

'Apart from the obvious' she replied

'What's that supposed to mean?' Fiyero grinned.

'Why did you ask me here Fiyero, how much were you paid?'

Fiyero looked at her in shock and hurt in his eyes, mostly though sadness that this beautiful girl could not see that he wanted to be here more than anything.

'Elphaba' he took her hand she didn't remove it, 'I did not ask you here for a bet, I would never sink that low, I asked you because I actually want to get to know you'

Elphaba stared at him, 'no bet?'


'No money'

'Not at all'

Elphaba took another sip of coffee. Fiyero did the same waiting for her to process what had just occurred.

They sat in silence for ten minutes. Fiyero counted again.

Elphaba looked at her hand still entwined with Fiyero's.

'Well this is different' she smiled

'What is?' Fiyero rubbed his fingers across her hand.

'That' her eyes gleamed

'I suppose' Fiyero teased

They looked into each other eyes it seemed they had been looking at each other for hours, years even but it had only been a few minutes.

'Come on, Galinda will be here soon, we better get moving before she becomes obsessed or kills us both' Elphaba smiled

'Alright' Fiyero nodded, he carried her bag

'I don't want to go back to Shiz yet, fancy a walk?' Elphaba asked

'Why miss Elphaba I would be honoured' He stuck out his arm, she placed hers in his, giggling.

They walked a while.

'You know I haven't seen you smile so much than you have tonight' Fiyero noted as they sat on the grass.

'Maybe you haven't been looking hard enough' Elphaba laughed

'Oh I have been looking Elphaba' he replied

'Really?' she raised her eyes

'Yep' Fiyero confirmed

Elphaba shivered from both from that comment and the fact it was getting very cold.

'Come on' Fiyero stood up taking his coat and putting round her, 'let's get you home'

He helped her up and they made their way back to the reality of Shiz. Where Elphaba was just the green girl and Fiyero was the most popular guy in the school, Boq was attempting to look like Fiyero.

They approached Elphaba's door a little too quickly than both of them would have wanted.

'Thank you for a lovely evening Fiyero' Elphaba blushed

'And may I thank- you Elphaba for an amazingly enjoyable evening' Fiyero smiled

'But next time I am buying' Elphaba stated

'Oh there is going to be a next time is there?'

'If you play your cards right, prince, then yes' Elphaba smiled wickedly

Fiyero brushed his fingers across her cheeks, 'How about this?'

'getting there' both of them felt the electricity between them. He moved his lips to her cheek. Her cheek tingled. She wanted him to kiss him again, 'keep that up and you will defiantly be getting a next time' she kissed his cheek

'goodnight Elphaba, you know I will get a second chance'

'night Fiyero, and I am hoping you do'

With a final brush of hands Elphaba shut the door. All Fiyero could do was smile.

Elphaba was greeted to the smell of perfume, Galinda's obviously.

'Elphie is that you?' Galinda shouted from the bathroom

'It's me' who else would it be

'good' Galinda smiled as she opened the door, 'I was getting worried about you '

'I was at the library' Elphaba lied

'I went to the library you weren't there'

'I also went to get something to eat we must have missed each other' Elphaba spoke

'maybe' Galinda nodded

'you look nice Galinda where are you off tonight?' Elphaba quickly changed the subject

'I am going to Shenshen's party, oh elphie you should come' Galinda squealed

'no Galinda, I'm tired I am probably going to read for an hour and then go to sleep'

'ok well have fun and I will try not to wake you when I get in' with that Galinda kissed Elphaba on the cheek and headed out the door. Elphaba got her book out but it didn't get read. All she could think about was that Fiyero Tiggular had asked her out and kissed her. Her! Elphaba Thropp, take that popular elite. The most popular guy in school liked her, the green girl hahaha! How things had changed.

Elphaba gave up reading putting her book down on the floor; she went to sleep swept with dreams of a prince and for the first time she was not an evil dragon or a wicked witch she was the princess being rescued. Little did she know Fiyero was having the exact same dream about Elphaba.

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