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Chapter 3

The next week was possibly the best in Elphaba's life. Although it had not gone all to plan, Fiyero and Elphaba were now public knowledge. This came with its bad points like the constant staring and jealous cries from the girls whom up to a week a girl had not even been remotely interested in Elphaba and only knowing that she was the green freak. Elphaba did not care about the remarks, she was on top of the world and no one was going to bring her down, if someone thought they could fly Elphaba would be doing it right now.

Elphaba sat at breakfast with Galinda whom with Fiyero seemed to have become Elphaba's personal body guards although Elphaba kept constantly reminding them that she had taken care of herself for many years before they had come into her life.

Fiyero entered the cafeteria to a number of stares. Hey what's new? He thought to himself.

'I've heard she put a spell on him to make him fall in love with her, what on earth does he see in the green girl' some girl a few years older than Elphaba and himself who was chatting to her friends.

Fiyero rolled his eyes; seriously couldn't they come up with something more original. He approached the table; he smiled to Galinda and sat himself next to Elphaba.

'Good morning' he whispered letting his breath linger in her ear.

'Morning' Elphaba shivered

It was the weekend which meant no lectures. Fiyero was extremely excited about this because he got to spend time with Elphaba alone.

'Oh Elphaba' a voice broke the silence between Elphaba and Fiyero.

Elphaba looked up reluctantly it was Nessarose.

'Yes Nessa' she sighed. Fiyero squeezed her hand.

'Father is coming today to see how we, well I am getting on, I hope if you can pull yourself away from the prince that you would come and see him' Nessarose informed.

Elphaba sat shocked father here oh sweet lurline. She swallowed hard.

'What time will he be arriving?' she smiled

'Some time after lunch'

'I will be there' Elphaba looked at Galinda, Galinda nodded. Fiyero didn't understand the exchange.

Nessarose turned around in her wheelchair and went to annoy Boq.

Elphaba's breathing began to quicken her father could not find out about Fiyero under no circumstances. If her father saw her happy he would pull her out of Shiz so fast.

Fiyero looked worriedly at Elphaba the pain behind her eyes could be seen so much more that it had ever been before. Elphaba stood up and grabbed Galinda.

'Elphie what's wrong?'

'I need you to keep Fiyero away from my father, if Frex found out about Fiyero I'd hate to imagine what he would do' tears formed behind her eyes

'Elphie its ok' Galinda hugged her

Elphaba looked at Galinda, 'just make sure he is safe' Galinda nodded.

'Thanks Galinda'

Galinda watched Elphaba turn away and quickly disappear. Galinda went and sat next to Fiyero.

'Fiyero, it's erm Elphaba's birthday next month I think we should go shopping and buy her and amazifying present' Galinda squealed

'Galinda…'Fiyero sighed, 'what's wrong with Elphaba?'

'Nothing is wrong with Elphaba' Galinda swallowed, 'oh come on Fiyero don't you want Elphaba to have a great birthday'

'Of course I do' Fiyero nodded.

Looks like her was going shopping with Galinda today but no matter how much he tried Fiyero could not shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Lunch time came and went, Elphaba paced up and down in Nessa's room. Frex would be here soon and as soon as he was gone Elphaba could go back to being happy.

'Elphaba stop pacing, you are giving me a headache!' Nessarose snapped


At that moment Frex walked in, his tall body made Elphaba flinch, no one could have guessed that Elphaba was his daughter the way he walked past her. he stooped down to Nessarose.

'My darling Nessa'


Ten minutes passed after the appearance of Frex before he turned and acknowledged Elphaba.

He looked her coldly in the eye, 'Elphaba'

'Father' she said acidly. She couldn't help it.

Nessarose sensed the tension; 'father, we are learning a lot about the unnamed god here' Nessa smiled.

'Really, why don't you tell me about it?' Frex turned back to Nessarose.

Fiyero had been out for hours with Galinda and had brought a present for Elphaba's birthday and something for later. He suddenly had the most gut wrenching fear come over him. Elphaba something was wrong.

'Galinda, I have to go'

Fiyero ran back to Shiz but he could have sworn he heard Galinda scream, 'oh oz elphie is going to kill me'

Frex turned his attention back to Elphaba.

'I hope that you have been behaving yourself' Frex said

'Yes father' Elphaba nodded

'Oh yes, Elphaba is top of her class at everything and is very good friends with Galinda Upland of the upper uplands and even better friends with prince Fiyero Tiggular of Vinkus ' Nessa confirmed

'You have friends what have you told them that you are not a wicked creature here to dam them all, or have you lied about things and your circumstances so they feel sorry for you, and you a friend of a prince and Fiyero Tiggular at that you are deluded if you think that you and him are friends'

Elphaba looked at her father hatred spread across her face, 'me and Fiyero are none of your businesses'

Frex stood up, 'why you have been lying, haven't I taught you anything' he struck her across the face, 'wickedness must be punished'

Fiyero opened the door to Nessarose's dorm good job it wasn't locked. He saw Frex strike Elphaba and instincts took over. He stood in front of Frex he was there quicker than he ever could have thought possible.

'Governor Thropp, what do you think you are doing?' He shielded Elphaba from this man whom he was sure he despised.

'Move a side' Frex shouted

'Now that's no way to talk to a prince!' Fiyero did not move. He could hear Elphaba panting in shock and horror.

'Well, I've seemed to outstayed my welcome, Nessa darling I will see you soon' with that Frex left.

'Oh Elphaba! Why do you have to ruin everything?' Nessa shouted

'Your father just hit her and you are blaming Elphaba' Fiyero could not hold back.

Nessarose turned away and signalled for them to leave. Fiyero took hold of Elphaba and took her to his dorm which was not too far from Nessa's.

'Elphaba, look at me' Fiyero pleaded

Elphaba was unsure what was really going on. Fiyero placed his hand on her cheek.

'Ouch' Elphaba squinted

'Sorry' Fiyero kissed her good cheek.

Elphaba allowed the tears to flow. Fiyero embraced her and just allowed her to cry she needed to do this.

Twenty minutes later. Elphaba snapped herself of her moment of weakness as she saw it. She met Fiyero's eyes.

'Thank you' she spoke hoarsely

'What for?' Fiyero asked

'Being you, being here and for standing up to my father although goodness knows what he is going to do to you now'

'Sssshh stop rambling, he won't do anything. Not if he wants my father to continue to support him and all of oz to know that he is an abusive father. Elphaba he is not going to hurt you anymore, I promise, I am here, I will keep you safe' Fiyero pressed his lips to her forehead.

Elphaba smiled, 'thank you Yero my hero'

'Oh right, I am not allowed to call you elphie but you can call me yero. I am glad you are smiling I was thinking that I had lost it' Fiyero teased poking her in the stomach

'I don't like elphie but I only tolerate it from Galinda because it is all she will call me'

'Well I will come up with a new one that only I can call you'

'Well….'Elphaba laughed

'I'm thinking it will come to me'

Elphaba laid her head on Fiyero's bed how long had Fiyero dreamed about that, but he decided to push that thought to the back of his head. He sat on his desk.

'Still not come up with it' Elphaba smiled

'Not yet'

Elphaba shuffled herself up on the bed, 'hey why are you all the way over there'

Fiyero blushed but moved to his bed. Elphaba looked at him her cheek was red from the hit but looked a lot better than it had earlier. The knock on the door made Fiyero blink.

'Who is it?' Fiyero shouted

'It's me Galinda, have you seen Elphie?' Galinda shouted from the door

Fiyero opened the door, 'she's here'

Galinda drove past Fiyero, 'oh elphie, he hit you again, and that father of yours needs stringing up'

'Wait this has happened before?' Fiyero almost shouted

'Fiyero please, my father thinks that it is my fault that Nessa is how she is' Elphaba looked at him, 'he loses his temper with me a lot'

'It does not mean that he should hit you Elphaba' Fiyero protested

'I know but it is my fault that Nessa is the way she is and why my mother died' Elphaba looked at Fiyero pleading with him to understand he didn't but he nodded that he wasn't going to push the subject anymore.

Elphaba turned to Galinda, 'And you, well both of you, no going off at Nessa that will only make Frex worst'

Both Galinda and Fiyero nodded.

A few minutes later Galinda turned to Fiyero, 'well have you given it to her yet?' Galinda whispered

'Wasn't really a good time, Galinda' Fiyero hissed.

Elphaba heard the whole exchange.

'Given me what?' she raised her eyebrow

'Erm… well I brought you a present' Fiyero smiled, 'thanks Galinda' he added

'But I haven't got you anything' Elphaba stuttered

'It doesn't matter' Fiyero laughed

He pulled the small package from his pocket and gave it to Elphaba. Taking it firmly in her hands her green fingers sensitively removed the package. Her eyes lit up when she saw a beautiful box.

'Wow' Elphaba smiled

'And you call me dumb' Fiyero laughed, 'that's not the present that's inside the box'

'Oh sorry' Elphaba apologised

She opened the box and gasped when she saw a pendent with green emeralds and a blue diamond.

'Fiyero, I love it' Elphaba swallowed tears down she had done enough crying today.

'You aren't just saying that are you?'

'No Fiyero I absolutely love it' she tried to put the necklace around her neck.

'Here let me' Fiyero removed her hair sweeping it to one side. Fiyero wanted to kiss that neck so much. He fastened the necklace around her neck and spun her to face him.

Fiyero was so gentle. He touched her neck sending shivers down her spine, why did he so that to her?

'Done' he muttered and spun her to face him. She looked deeply into his blue eyes, she only wished that she was as beautiful as him.

'Ah hem' a voice sounded

Elphaba turned she had forgotten that Galinda was still here, Fiyero wasn't ready to let Elphaba go just yet, he pulled her close to him with his arm firmly around her waist.

'Well I was thinking we should get some food' Galinda smiled

'Come on then' Elphaba laughed, 'Fiyero you can let me go now!'

'Nope' Fiyero shook his head

'Yero' Elphaba tutted

He let go of her waist but took hold of her hand instead.

When they entered the cafeteria they were met by stares.

'Come on elphie' Galinda pulled her to a table while Fiyero went to get the food

'I guess Nessa has been making up new rumours about me'

'Why am I not surprised' Galinda laughed, 'I swear I will get her one day and elphie you better not stop me'

'I won't' Elphaba grinned wickedly not that she thought that Galinda would ever hit Nessa.

Fiyero sat next to Elphaba putting the food in the middle of the table, 'what are you girls talking about?'

'About how Galinda is going to attack poor defenceless Nessa' Elphaba joked

'I would like five minutes with your father' Fiyero touched her cheek

Nessa entered the cafeteria with assistance of Boq, she saw Elphaba happy. How could she be happy when she had caused father to go away. Why did she have to be green? She moved herself towards the table where Elphaba, Fiyero and Galinda were.

Galinda clocked her first, 'Nessa, go away don't you think you have caused enough hurt today?'

'Me that bitch ruined everything! Father had something to tell me'

'You spoilt little brat' Galinda got up and slapped Nessa.

Fiyero was glad that she did because he was about to, and he would never hit a woman.

Elphaba looked at Nessa and turned away from her, Nessarose went back to Boq her ego wounded.

Elphaba looked at Galinda, 'I can't believe you just hit her'

They began to eat their food, Fiyero kept an eye on Elphaba. She looked as if she was better well she was hoping that she was better.

'Galinda' Elphaba said, 'what's wrong?'

'Nothing it's just have you ever noticed how unhappy Biq is with your sister'

'Galinda, since when have you paid to attention to a munckin' Fiyero asked

'I'm not it's just I never noticed before' Galinda stuttered

Elphaba laughed.

Fiyero smiled, 'oh and I suppose that you are secretly in love with Boq too'

'I didn't say that I loved Biq'

'And Fiyero, why do you suppose that?' Elphaba teased

'Maybe it's me that is secretly in love with Boq and I am trying to conceal it from both of you' Fiyero laughed

Elphaba looked at Galinda, 'what do you think Lynne, do you think Fiyero loves Boq?'

'Hmm not sure, he does dress peculiarly sometimes and cares about his hair a lot'

Fiyero looked at both of them did they actually think he was serious.

'You know elphie there is always the test' Galinda smiled

'Oh yes you are right' Elphaba winked

What test, Fiyero screamed inside his head.

Elphaba pulled his head to face hers. What was she doing? He thought.

Galinda got up, 'Elphaba let me know how the test goes'

'What are you doing?' Fiyero breather

'Testing' Elphaba whispered

She moved closer to his lips. She made contact with then and it was as if electricity had been put between them. Elphaba pulled apart but Fiyero wanted more.

'What is it?' he breathed

'I think I better watch out for Boq' Elphaba giggled

Fiyero put his head to her, putting his hand through her hair and kissed her again.

'Still think I want Boq'

'Maybe' Elphaba smiled

'Fae' Fiyero laughed, 'stop it now'

'What did you call me?'

'Fae, it kind of slipped out' Fiyero replied, 'do you like it?'

'I do'

'Good now my Fae, feel my heart as you touch me and then tell me I don't want you'

Elphaba complied and put her hand to his heart it was beating very fast.


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