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Chapter 2: Early Morning Phone Calls


When I walked back toward my room I found Edward laying on the bed with his right arm over his eyes.

I quietly walked over to my side on the bed and laid down taking his left hand in both of mine.

I kissed his wedding ring softly before moving up slowly leaving wet kisses in my trail.

"Bella don't start something you can't finish." He groaned as I lightly nipped his collarbone.

"Who said I wasn't going to finish." I whispered against his lips before taking his bottom one in my mouth and sucking lightly.

That must of set him off because he swiftly pulled me on top of him and gripped my hips causing me to moan.

"I need you, love." He pressed his hips against mine proving his point.

"I know I need you too that is why I'm going to ask if one of our caring friends can watch Nessie for a day or so."

"Anything to see you naked and writhing under me." He bluntly stated.

My eyes widen. "What has gotten into Edward?" I giggled. I've never heard him say this stuff before, I mean he has had some of his dirty talking moments, but trust me those were rare.

And quite frankly hearing Edward cuss just sounds wrong. The way his voice is so velvety and musical just makes any dirty word weird sounding.

"What has gotten into me is not getting into you for what seems like years." He said caressing the skin that my tank top didn't cover.

I was starting to get flustered so I needed to stop this before I really couldn't control myself. "So it's a deal? I'll call one of them tomorrow, maybe Rose she has such a connection with Nessie, she would be glad to watch her."

He nodded staring at my lips. I knew what that meant so I pulled him into a chaste yet passionate kiss.

We pulled apart breathing heavily. "Lets go to sleep. I'm tired." I rolled off of him, but placed my head on his chest while he draped his right arm around me.

"Goodnight, my love." He kissed my forehead gently.

"Goodnight Edward." I mumbled onto his bare chest before drifting into a peaceful sleep.


Ring Ring Ring

"Ugh." I softly groaned still tired.

Ring Ring Ring

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I mumbled even though the person on the phone couldn't hear me.

I wiggled out of Edward's grasp careful not to wake him. I reached over and answered my phone.

"Hello." I greeted, annoyed that the person woke me up.

"Bella? Did I wake you?" Alice chirped through the phone.

"Of course not, I always wake up at," I looked over at the bedside clock, "7:30 on a Saturday morning." Sarcasm dripped from my words.

"Sorry I didn't mean to wake you I just needed someone to talk to."

Her tone sounded serious. "What's up Al?"

"Well…um…I can't really say it over the phone so I was just wondering if we can have a mini get together at your house. Just Rose, you, and me."

"Yeah sure I need to ask you guys for a favor anyway. How about you guys come over at 10. I'll make a brunch sort of thing."

"Sounds great. I'll just call Rose."

"Great see you at 10."

"Yep, Bye Bella."

"Bye." We hung up and I rubbed the remains of sleep of off my eyes.

I heard Edward softly snoring so I turned to look at him. His hair was extremely wild from sleeping and the moonlight from the window washed over his bronze locks causing them to shine.

He face had a soft smile and his eyes fluttered. He was dreaming.

I kissed his nose because he was so adorable and hopped out of bed.

I decided to get a head start on brunch so it would be ready when Alice and Rose got here.

I walked over to the dresser and pulled out black boy shorts and a matching bra, then I walked over to the closet and decided to wear a comfortable Juicy Couture black sweat outfit with white lettering. (pic on profile)

I gathered the clothes in my hand and went into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

I stripped out of my pajamas and hopped in. I lathered with my freesia body wash and washed my hair with my strawberry scented shampoo.

After I washed up I hopped out and dried off before putting on the clothes I picked out.

As I walked into the bedroom I heard soft cries come from the baby monitor. I picked it up and took it out into the hall so Edward wouldn't wake up.

I opened the door to Nessie's room and found her whimpering in her crib.

"Good morning my baby girl." I cooed picking her up and cradling her in my arms.

She whimpered and opened her mouth slightly. I knew what that meant.

"You hungry?" She just whimpered in response. I kissed her gently on the forehead before walking out of her room and down the stairs.

When I walked into the kitchen I gently placed her in her baby bouncer that was on the kitchen counter. (pic on profile swing and kitchen)

I turned and walked to the left refrigerator. There are two. The one on the left is where we mostly keep Nessie's stuff and on the right is where we have Edward and my stuff.

I took out a bottle that I just filled yesterday with my breast milk. (I don't know how long you breast feed but Nessie is a month old so I think you breast feed until they grow teeth)

I heated it up in the microwave and mad sure it wasn't too hot before I placed it into her awaiting mouth.

After I made sure she was feed and burped I gave her, her favorite little plush wolf.

She smiled and her brown eyes shined with happiness.

I kissed her on the forehead before I started on making some bacon omelet's for brunch.


Just as I finished placing the pancakes next to the omelet's on the table the doorbell rang.

"I got it Bella." Edward mumbled trudging down the stairs dressed in a green polo and grey sweat pants. His hair was slightly wet probably from a shower.

I heard Edward answer the door followed by voices and footsteps.

"Nessie! Your aunties are here!" Alice squealed giving an Eskimo kiss to my baby. Rose walked in shaking her head at Alice's antics.

"Hello to you too Alice." I said dryly.

"Oh hello Bella." she greeted before going back to playing with Renesmee.

"Good morning Bella." Rose said softly walking over to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

She was dressed comfortable also in a red cotton tank with a string tie in the middle and a jean skirt.

Alice was wearing a white sweater with short sleeves and tan shorts.

"So before we talk why don't we eat first." I suggested.

"Sure the food smells amazing." Alice complimented taking Renesmee in her arms and carrying her to the table.

We followed her to the table and I was about to sit when Edward pulled me onto his lap.

We all took some of the food and placed it on our plates before digging in. I cut a piece of pancake off and fed it to Edward before I cut some off for my self.

After we were done eating I stood up from Edward's lap and went to pick up the dishes but Edward stopped me.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me too him nuzzling his face into my stomach. (He is still sitting down in case you were confused)

"I'll do the dishes, love. I'll give you girls some privacy." He stood up and kissed me sweetly before stacking up the plates and putting them in the sink.

"Rose, Alice go into the formal living room I'll be there in a second." I took Nessie from Alice's arms and they walked out of the kitchen.

I walked over to Edward, he took her from me and swatted my ass playfully as I walked out of the kitchen.


(Formal living room pic on profile, I hope it matches the kitchen)

Rose and I were sitting on either side of Alice on my tan couch, anxiously waiting for her to tell us what was bother her.

She took a deep breath and opened her mouth but closed it again.

Rose growled. "On with it already."

"Rose." I hissed at her. "Give her time it is obviously important."

"Your right." She sighed. "Sorry Ali. It's not like your going to tell us your pregnant are you." She joked.

Alice's green eyes widened.

Disbelief flashed across Rose's sky blue eyes. "Are you pregnant?"

Alice whimpered in response.

"Alice do you know what this means?" I asked, rubbing her back soothingly.

She nodded. "Mama Hale is going to kill me."

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