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Chapter 1

Max's POV

My family and I aren't normal. We are always on the run, we don't have families other than each other, and we have never had a formal education, oh yeah, we are hybrids. We have 2% bird DNA. We can fly and we each have a super power, which is actually pretty cool.

There are 6 of us, Fang, Iggy, who is blind, and I are all 17, but I'm the oldest and the leader of the flock. Then there is Nudge who is 15, the Gasman 11 and Angel is 9.

Fang can turn invisible whenever he wants and can become completely silent making him able to sneak up on you when you least expect it, plus he can breathe under water. Iggy can tell who anyone is by their finger print, feel colors, and see when there is a white background. Nudge can hack anything, feel the emotions of people from what they had touched. Gazzy can mimic anyone and the other is too gross to mention. I can fly at super speed, breathe under water, and get an obnoxious voice in my head, aren't I lucky. Finally Angel, she hit the jackpot, she can read minds, send thoughts, control minds, talk to fish, breathe under water, and change her appearance.

"Max, can we land soon? I'm starting to get hungry, I really want some pizza. Do you think we can use your Max Card to get pizza?" Nudge said, "I think the grossest things on pizza are anchovies and onions, but pepperoni isn't too bad I guess. Remember when that pizza blew up? That was totally awesome, but really scary at the same time si-"

"Thanks Ig," I said. Nudge doesn't know when to stop sometimes and the only way to get her to stop talking is to cover her mouth and that is really hard to do in the air. When we are in the air we have to watch our wings and make sure we don't hit each other.

I did a 360 making sure that no one was hurt and that there were no Erasers, even though we destroyed Itex 3 years ago. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, Angel was talking to Nudge and Iggy and the Gasman were talking about something, probably some new type of bomb that they were planning on making. Fang was looking at me and then gave one of his rare smiles, although his smiles have become less rare since we started dating.

I smiled back. Then, of course, the Voice had to come in and ruin a perfect moment. Max, you have to find a place to land soon. Go ahead of everyone and scout out a good area.

Whatever I thought back. "Okay guys. We are going to land soon, but I'm going ahead to find a good area. See ya in a few and Fang's in charge."

"Always favors the boyfriend," Iggy whispered to Gazzy.

"I will pretend I didn't hear that." And with that I flew off with my super speed.

I had only been flying for a minute when I hit another flying person, not someone from the flock. We both started falling because we forgot to flap for a second. When we caught ourselves we looked at each other.

"Who are you?" I asked in my no nonsense voice.

"Name's Hope. Who're you?"

"I'm Maximum Ride. Did you come from the School? How old are you? How long have you been away from the School?" I asked. I was a little uneasy to tell her my real name, since I don't trust people I just meet. The only reason I did tell her my real name was because we haven't been attacked in 3 years.

"I did come from the school. I'm 15, and I escaped from the school when you destroyed Itex. Thanks for that by the way. I have been trying to find you and your flock, because I have a brother and I think he might be in your flock, but I'm not sure I have to touch him first to actually know for sure."

I raised my eyebrows, crossed my arms and looked at her like you have to touch him to know if you are related.

Maximum, she could be Iggy's sister. She has to touch him because her power is being able to tell anyone's family tree just by touching them, but she can't know her own. She can be trusted, just take her back to the flock. I inwardly rolled my eyes hoping that the Voice could see it.

"Okay, come with me. You might be related to Iggy. Both of you have the strawberry blonde hair, but your eyes are green and his are blue."

She started explaining that same power that the Voice had just told me about, plus how she is a healer which the Voice didn't tell me about. I didn't tell her that Iggy was blind though, I wasn't sure if her healing powers could heal him and I didn't want to get my hopes up for him. With that we started flying back to the flock. When we got there Fang looked at me like who is the new girl?

Max who is that girl? Her mind is safe. Angel projected into my mind

"This is Hope everyone. We are going to land right here. Which is where again?" I asked.

"We are in Wyoming, Max. We are going to Canada, although I'm not sure why because you hate the cold. Remember how cold Antarctica was and then there was Brigid. I don't think you enjoyed that trip at all with the cold and Fang flirting with Brigid and then Angel getting cap-"

This time Fang put his hand over here mouth, he saw me tense up when she mentioned him flirting with Brigid.

We landed and I explained how I think that Iggy and Hope are brother and sister. At that time Hope had walked over to Iggy and put her hand on his cheek.