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Chapter Thirteen

Edward's POV

I was in Physics class again with my Bella and Alice. It was the new students second day and I couldn't get anything out of their head today. It was almost like they were blocking me out. I must have gotten a confused look on my face because I heard what's so confusing? from Bella. She had gotten really good at her shield.

"I can't hear Max's, Nick's, or Jeff's thoughts, but it's not like your kind of blocking me out. It is more like they are purposely blocking me almost as if they know that I can read minds," I said too fast for anyone around us to hear what I said.

Then Max sat down next to Alice and Alice started talking a mile a minute, it was impressive that Max could keep up with her, even if she is one of the flock and they have enhanced abilities. All I know about her and her family was what I got from Fang's blog.

Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Hope, Gazzy, Angel

I heard all of the flock's names, but I don't know who thought it, I can only assume that it came from Max, Nick, or Jeff. I looked at all of them but I didn't see any recognition on their faces that they thought it.

"Edward," Bella said.


"Did you hear anything?"

"Yeah, I heard all of the flock's names, but I don't know who thought it," I said. Our whole conversation took place in vampire speed. Then Mr. Harper started the class. I don't need to pay attention when he teaches. I've already done this class a few times. Instead I thought about the connections between the flock on Fang's blog and the new teens in class.

Rosalie. Great- Aunt.

What I heard that thought again, I think that it's Max. I heard her "voice" yesterday, but these thoughts are just in passing. What does that mean? Rosalie is a great- aunt. It is possible that she is a great- aunt because she did have siblings, so they could have gotten married and have kids who had kids. It is completely possible, but how would she know. Well, Fang's blog did say that Iggy's sister can tell who people are related to, but how would they know that Rosalie is a great- aunt. I'm getting really confused, which is unusual for vampires to be confused. I decided to use my photo graphic memory to remember a part from Fang's blog. We are in search of the Gasman's and Angel's great- aunt. We know that she is still alive and lives somewhere in Canada. It seems like they were the flock and that Rosalie was two of the flock member's great- aunt.

All of the sudden the bell rang and Max whispered, "Have a nice lesson." Then she walked out of the class with Nick and Jeff or Fang and Iggy. I'm not sure if it is possible for vampires to get confused but I was starting to feel confused.

"What did Max mean by have a nice lesson?" Bella asked. Alice also looked at me and I could hear the questions in her mind.

"I heard only eight words from Max, Nick, and Jeff total. They were Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Hope, Gazzy, Angel, Rosalie, and Great- Aunt.I'm almost positive that Max, Nick, and Jeff are part of the flock and they are really Fang and Iggy. Then I'm not sure but I believe that Rosalie Gazzy's and Angel's great- aunt," I explained to them and then went onto why I believed that, and they agreed with me.

Finally the day ended and I could tell the rest of my family and the pack about the flock and our suspicions.

When we got to our car I saw that the flock (or at least I was assuming that they were the flock) was already at their car, but they weren't getting in they were just hanging out and talking. It was almost like they wanted to find something out. When I thought that I saw Max smirk, maybe there was a chance that she was a mind reader, but that seems unlikely.

I was surprised when I finally looked at who was at the car, it wasn't just my family, Embry, Quil, and Seth were also there.

"Hey, guys. What are you doing here?" Alice asked. I could tell that she was still a little annoyed that she didn't know what was going on because she is blind when the wolves are near us.

"We decided that we were bored and we wanted to explore, so we came here," Seth explained.

"Interesting, and I have some news about the new kids that I got when I was in class," I said. Then I went and told them what I heard and what I think and most people agreed with me, the only person (well vampire) was Rosalie. Actually I'm not surprised that she doesn't agree she doesn't want to get her hopes up that there might be someone who is actually related to her biologically.

Then Seth looked over at the flock, who was still there talking, then again our convocation only lasted a minute, and he saw Tiffany. He got the look that all wolves get when they imprint on somebody, and I wasn't the only one who noticed.

Did Seth just imprint? Thought Embry.

Seth is acting the same way I think that I looked like when I saw Claire for the first time, although I'm not sure what I looked like since I can't really see myself. Quil thought, and he is a lot more talkative in his mind than he is out loud.

Yup, Seth just imprinted on a girl that may or may not be able to fly and is an orphan, this is going to be interesting when they meet.

Seth's POV

I was listening to Edward explain his theory when I decided that I would look over and see who he was talking about in the first place. When I looked over I saw a group of people, but I didn't really notice any of them expect for the one with beautiful chocolate brown skin. All of the sudden gravity wasn't holding me down any more, that girl over there was holding me down.

I wanted to go talk to her right now and find out a lot more about her, but I felt two people grab my arms and hold me in place. I looked and saw that Embry and Quil had grabbed my arms.

"Let go of me, I am going over there," I said that, but as soon as I said that, the group of people got in their car and drove away.

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