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"Alice!" James exclaimed.

"James, why are you dancing with another girl!?" Alice said as she tapped her foot, waiting for his response.

"Lily is my friend. My best friend. Besides, you weren't here and I really liked this song, and Snape was trying to get Lily to dance with him," part of it was true anyway... he didn't really have any strong emotion to the song that was playing.

"That is no excuse! I'm leaving!" and with that, Alice stormed out of the Great Hall and to her dormitory.

"Wow," was all that James could muster.

"Oh, I am sorry! I didn't mean to make her dump you!" Lily said, trying her best to hide a smile.

"That's okay. I didn't even mean to say yes to her in the first place...I wanted to ask" James replied, but then looked horrified at what he had almost said.

"What do you mean?" Lily asked, confused.

"noth... nothing," James stammered.

Just then, Sirius and Bella came over.

"Hey, James, where is Alice?" Sirius said with a smile, he had seen what happened.

"She left. Apparently, she doesn't like it when two friends dance. Bit of a nut job, don't you think?" James said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"What? She left... well hey, Lily, now you're not the only one here without a date!" Bella said.

Sirius then nudged James in the ribs.

"Hey, Lil, want to be my date for the rest of the night?" James said while he did a corny bow thing.

This way, I can be her date, but she would only think it as a friend date thing... He thought to himself.

"Sure," Lily said, turning a tad red in the face.

"Great, want to dance again?" James replied as he held out his hand for hers.

She took his hand and they walked to the dancing area. A slow number came on just then, and he placed his hands on her waist once more.

As they swayed to the music, each of them was once again in deep thought that mirrored each other's. They were both thinking that they were happy that Alice walked out.

Lily wanted the song to go on forever, but as all songs do, except for "The Song That Never Ends", it ended.

James was sorry to hear the music fade away and the sound of applause to start.

"Listen, Lil, I gotta tell you something," James started.

"James, we have to talk," Lily said at the same moment.

Lily started to giggle and James started laughing quietly.

They both left the dance floor and headed towards the hall.

When they were out there, James started to talk, "Lil...I have to tell you something,"

"What?" Lily decided to let James go first.

"I really like you," James said very fast, after he said it, he turned away from Lily, expecting her to be anything but happy.

He was wrong though.

Lily first didn't think she heard him correctly. When what he said registered in her brain, she said, "Seriously?"

"Yeah," James responded, his back still facing her.

"I really like you too, James, that is what I was going to tell you!" Lily exclaimed.

"Really?" James asked in wonder as he turned to face her.

"Really," Lily said softly.

James slowly leaned in, and kissed her on the mouth.

The End.

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