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4 weeks later

"Slow down little man." I laughed as Matthew nuzzled into my breast as he guzzled down his breakfast. "You'll give yourself indigestion." As always he ignored me and continued to feed, his eyes slowly sliding closed. A slight whimpering from the basinet told me Andrea was almost awake as well.

I looked over at the clock to find it was only three thirty. "Shhhh baby girl, you're going to wake Daddy." I cooed as I reached over and rocked the basinet gently.

Edward had gone back to work two weeks ago and the sleepless nights were really getting to him. The big purple shadows under his eyes were a testament of this. I felt a little guilty, even though I knew this was to be expected, and I had no control over my babies sleep patterns. At least I could sleep during the day when they were sleeping. Edward couldn't exactly do that while he was in classes.

He'd been so good to me, even more than usual, since the babies had arrived. Since we brought the babies home we'd been a pair of nervous wrecks. I don't think either of us slept a wink the first few nights. If one of the babies even so much as whimpered or sighed we were out of bed and checking they were okay. Every time it turned out there was either nothing wrong and they were still asleep, or they needed to be changed or feed. Never anything to worry about.

Andrea continued to whimper loudly.

Matthew had finished feeding, been burped and was now fast asleep in my arms so I made to place him back and feed Andrea. However my movements and Andy's whimpering must have woken Edward.

"What wrong Love?" He asked sleepily, rubbing his hands over his face.

"Nothing Edward, go back to sleep."

"It's okay, let me help. Here..." He held out his arms for Matthew just as Andrea started to cry in earnest.

I quickly handed Matt over and scoped Andrea up. "It's okay baby girl. Mummy's here." I cooed rocking her gently before bringing her closer to my breast. She quickly latched on and started suckling just as adamantly as her brother before her.

I looked over at Edward and saw he was staring at me with a huge smile on his face. Matthew was snuggled into his side, fast asleep.

"What?" I asked, somewhat lamely.

"You're amazing." He mused, his voice full of adoration and love.

I blushed. "You're not too bad yourself Mister." I retorted pointing to the still sleeping baby in his arms.

"It's more good luck then good management Love." He laughed quietly. "You were made for this though."

"And so is almost every other woman on this planet Edward." I joked.

He frowned. "That's not what I meant. Yes physically you were made for it, but I meant being a mother, not giving birth. I'm jealous; it's obvious they like you more than me." He sounded a little disgruntled.

I laughed loudly for a moment before I caught myself and moved my hand to muffle the sound. Edward looked confused for a few moments but then Matthew started to stir, causing him to direct his efforts elsewhere.

Once we were sure both babies were asleep and that I was in control of myself Edward refocused his attention on me. I stalled for a few moments while I fixed my pyjamas and adjusted Andrea into a more comfortable position for us both.

"Are you going to tell me what's so funny now?" Edward asked.

"You don't honestly think they've started picking favourites yet do you?" I giggled, I couldn't think of a more absurd notion.

He looked at me like I'd grown an extra head. "Are you blind? It's clear they like you more than me."

I shook my head. "Edward, Andy is the biggest Daddy's girl there ever was and will ever be and if you had breasts and were able to feed him, Matthew wouldn't ever want to leave you." It was hilarious to watch the flow of emotions across Edward's face. When he finally settled on embarrassed he looked away to hide his face.

"Now I feel stupid." He mumbled.

"It's okay Edward." I said trying hard not to laugh again.

"Can I hold Daddy's girl then?" He asked, looking excited.

"Daddy should really go to sleep." I warned him. "You've got a big day don't you?"

"But I didn't get my cuddle." He whined, sticking his bottom lip out in a pout.

I rolled my eyes yet again. "Then give Mummy her boy." I said going along with his charade.

"But you just got to cuddle both of them." He said in mock outrage.

And so it went on. We did this almost every morning after the three o'clock feeding. I would normally give in and let him have his way for a while until it really was time for us to all go back to sleep.

Watching Edward with both our babies was amazing. He thought he was going to be bad at it and I loved seeing him prove himself wrong. He bravely tackled all the diaper challenges the twins sent our way, and after each feeding he insisted on burping them, claiming he felt useless otherwise. Then, every night he would hum my lullaby and somehow managed to send both babies and myself to sleep in record time.

I was the luckiest woman in the world.

The rest of the family had been just was wonderful.

Esme and Carlisle had nominated themselves to be our '24/7 baby hotline' and babysitting service, although I wasn't ready to call in that last favour again anytime soon. Edward and I tried to go out for dinner about a week after the babies came home, to celebrate, but I didn't even make it to the end of our street before I started to have baby withdrawal and we had to go home. Once I was confident that I could actually leave my babies alone Edward and I had managed to go out for a few hours. But being confident of Carlisle and Esme's abilities to care for my children didn't stop me from calling every ten minutes to check on them.

Over the past few weeks Alice and Rose had put their shopping talents to good use and bravely tackled the 'challenge' of helping me shop for some girl stuff for Andy. We had plenty of newborn baby clothes in neutral colours like yellow, green and white so I didn't have to worry about buying those for Andrea. Her outfits for when she got a little older were a different story. Edward's grandmother had take her little sailor outfits back and converted one of the sets into a tiny little skirt and shirt outfit for Andy, but that was all we really had.

Since the twins were premature Emma said I would need to keep the twins away from areas where they may be exposed to too excessive amount s of germs. So Alice, Rose and I had entered the not so fun (for me) world of online shopping, or if we weren't shopping online Alice and Rose were 'out in the field' shopping for me. I always got so excited when they brought all their purchases home for me to see. I still detested shopping but I was in love with all the exciting and beautiful things I got to buy for my baby girl. I even got the little black Mary Janes.

Emmett and Jasper were a bit apprehensive at first with the babies. It was quite funny to watch them a first. When someone else was holding the babies they will both lean down and make faces at them and coo about how cute they were, but put a baby in their arms and they'd both freeze. The first time we tried this the looks of terror on their faces caused us all to burst out laughing. I'd never seen Emmett look so petrified in my life. When the babies woke up and started crying they freaked out even more. Thankfully Alice and Rose took the babies off them and managed to settle them down. I was too busy laughing to even give them a hand.

But over the past few weeks the boys had relaxed a little and it was damn near impossible to get Emmett to surrender my babies unless a feeding or diaper change was in order. He found absolutely everything, about how the babies acted, hilarious. Even when they were sleeping Emmett would laugh at their cute facial expressions.

Charlie had been amazing though.

As awkward as he might be around everyone else, he was a natural with the babies. I thought after over twenty years he would have been a little rusty, but this wasn't the case. He didn't need any direction or assistance when it came to looking after the babies. He'd even mastered the art of holding two babies at the one time. Nothing was going to stop Grandpa Charlie.

And it didn't stop there. Sue Clearwater had knitted me about a million pairs of baby booties and little jackets which the twins loved. Jake and Nessie were making plans to come down and visit when Nessie finished her college midterms. Nessie was so upset that she'd only been able to see the twins briefly before she had to return to college and Jake was already to starting to teach Matthew about cars and motorbikes.

It was amazing and I was so blessed to have them all in my life.

"Bella?" Edward whispered quietly.

"Yes Edward?" I mumbled sleepily as I opened my eyes. I hadn't even realised I'd started to fall asleep.

Edward laughed at my sleepy expression. "Will you take Matt for me? I can't put Andy to bed one handed." He chuckled.

"I thought you'd never ask." I giggled as I took Matt from Edward's arms.

"Hello my darling boy." I cooed as Edward swaddled Andrea and put her down in her bassinet. He was so beautiful, just like his father. I couldn't help but think of who he'd be when he grew up. "Who are you going to be little man?" I asked him as I held him up. "Are you going to be a doctor? President? Astronaut?" Of course he couldn't answer me. "Oh well, you've got plenty of time to decide that." I mused to myself.

"What about your sister hmm? Are you going to be a good big brother?" I laughed quietly. "Are you going to chase off all the boys like your Daddy is?" I asked looking over at Edward who was bent over Andrea's bassinet.

"He'd better." Edward laughed. "No one is going to be good enough for my girl." He turned and held out his arms for Matthew.

"Goodnight darling boy." I whispered giving him a light kiss on his forehead before handing him over to Edward. "Give Andy a kiss for me too." I added as I curled up to watch Edward set Matthew down.

"Good night Love." Edward whispered in my ear as he lay down and pulled me close.

"Good night Edward." I sighed as I drifted off to sleep.


The twins woke up again at six thirty and pulled me away from a very strange dream about dancing chocolate bars. Edward was securely wrapped around me from behind and amazingly he was still asleep. One rather loud squawk from Matthew though and he was right awake.

"What's going on?" He mumbled sitting bolt upright in bed, his hair all flat on one side.

All I could do was laugh at him as I pulled myself out of bed. Andrea was lying quietly in her bassinet staring transfixed at the coloured mobile above her head. Matthew however was screaming up a storm, his face bright red.

"Why are boys so crabby when they're hungry?" I mumbled as I scooped him up into my arms. Matt stopped crying almost immediately and started patting his hands against my chest.

"Watch those hands Mister." Edward joked as he made his way towards the bathroom to get ready for work. I chuckled quietly at his mock stern tone before turning my attention towards Matthew.

Once Matt was done I placed him back in his bassinet and jiggled his favourite little teddy bear infront of him. He just stared at it for a few moments before pulling its ear into his mouth.

"Awww Matty what are you doing?" Edward laughed as he came back into the room and saw what was going on. Matt just started at him and continued to suck on the bear's ear. "Come to me little man." And without a seconds hesitation Edward lifted Matt up, holding him so Matt's head was on his shoulder.

From my place on the bed with Andy it was a beautiful view but I knew all too well that the day would not go well of Edward showed up to work with baby puke on his shirt. "You may want this." I said holding out one of the small towels I kept next to the bed.

"Good thinking ninety nine." He said flipping it over his shoulder and readjusting Matthew. A small grunting noise reached my ear and I looked over to see a rather disgusted looking Edward and a very red face Matthew. After a second his colouration returned to normal and he let out a small sigh of relief.

"Really buddy you shouldn't have." Edward said making an exaggerated fanning motion in front of his nose. "Please excuse us ladies, we will be back." And with that he left the room.

"Boys are gross aren't they Andrea?" I laughed as I rested her up on my knees. She just stared at me with her wide green eyes, occasionally blinking or flapping her tiny arms. "Yes they are." I cooed and she smiled at me and gurgled happily.

Several minutes later Edward returned with a freshly changed and gurgling Matthew. "He's all yours now Mummy." He laughed as he placed Matt next to me on the bed before saying goodbye and leaving for work.

"Make sure you're back my four." I called out as I heard the door close.

"I don't think he heard me kids." I laughed. Neither Matt nor Andy seemed to be paying any attention to me. Andy was tugging on a lock of my hair and Matt was gurgling at the ceiling.

"Okay." I said to no one in particular as I slid out of bed to begin my usual daily routine.


The day passed quickly as I pottered around, cleaning and organising things between nap times and feedings. Matt was being particularly fussy and I'd been forced to move Andy into another room so she could sleep while I tackled her brother.

"Come on Matty." I cooed as I continued to rock him. He'd been crying for what felt like forever and simply refused to go to sleep when I put him down. I looked at my watch and noticed it was about three in the afternoon, I'd been at this for almost an hour and half. I sighed and continued to rock him in my arms.

"Okay buddy, this better work or I'm calling Grandma." I joked as I sorted through the CDs scattered around the sound system. After a few minutes I finally found the jewel case that held Edward's Baby CD. I only hoped that the music was going to help.

And sure enough after five minutes Matt was out like a light and I was finally able to put him down for a few minutes. I went to the spare room to check on Andy and make sure the baby monitor was still working before I collapsed on the couch for a nap of my own.

Sadly the phone started to ring only an hour later. I don't think I'd ever moved faster in my entire life, especially on my lethargic state, but I was out of my chair before the phone could start its second ring. Nothing was going to ruin my afternoon's hard work with Matthew.

"This better be important Rose." I groaned after checking the caller ID.

"Hello to you too Sunshine." She chirped happily. "How are my favourite niece and nephew?"

"They're fine Rose. You're just lucky your call didn't wake them up."

"Oh! Sorry Bells. I didn't know." She apologised. I could hear the sound of a car engine in the background. Was she calling me from work?

"Nah its fine Rose. What can I do for you?"

"Well I'm on my way over right now. You are all coming to my place this afternoon before we go out."

Go out? What was she talking about?

"Edward and I don't have any plans to go out." And frankly I wasn't in the mood to go anywhere. I had already made plans to order-in and nap on the couch with Edward.

"Bella it's your three year anniversary, you don't think Edward wouldn't have something planned? We're going out to dinner to celebrate." I heard a car door close through the phone. "Now come and let me in."

I groaned and hung up before slothing my way to the door to let her in. Edward knew I hated surprises, why wouldn't he tell me we were going out?

"Okay woman where are my babies." Rose whisper yelled as she pranced into the house. I simply rolled my eyes and pointed her in the direction of the spare-room. Rose had been way too over excited the past few months, but as curious as I was I wasn't going to press the issue.

"If you wake Matthew you have to get him back to sleep." I called after her.

"Yeah yeah grumpy lady." She said dismissively as she walked over to Andy. It would seem that Andy knew what was going on because she started to wake up.

"Hey gorgeous," Rose cooed. "Want to come with Aunty Rosie?"

I left Rose to dress and organise Andy while I sorted some extra clothes, diapers etc in the baby bag. Thankfully Matthew stayed asleep the whole time. Even when I packed him into his car seat he didn't stir.

"So Emmett has offered to keep an eye on the bubs until I'm finished beautifying you. Alice dropped off your outfit during lunch, and Edward's meeting us at the restaurant at seven thirty. Got it?" Rose said in a hurry and she sped through the streets to her house.

"Sure Rose but can you please slow down?" I begged as I clutched my seat. Rose simply rolled her eyes at me and kept driving.

"Can you call Emmett and make sure he's on his way home." Rose asked as she passed me her phone.

I had learnt a long time ago that you never argued with Rose so I quickly dialled Emmett's number and waited for him to pick up.

"Hey Babe." He answered.

"I thought you said we could keep our affair secret Emmy." I chuckled.

"Sorry Bells. What are you doing with my wife's phone? You aren't holding her for ransom or something are you?"

"No Emmett. She is the one who is kidnapping me."

"So you kidnapped her phone?" He joked. I could just make out a muffled noise in the background when he spoke.

"What are you doing Em?"

"Nothing. Just chillin' on the couch. You guys almost here?" He sounded mush too excited as he said this.

"Almost. See you soon Emmy pie"

"Okay bye babe." He laughed.

"He's already home." I informed Rose as we turned into their street.

"Well we'd better not keep lover-boy waiting." Rose laughed.

Almost as soon as we pulled up outside the house Emmett was outside unbuckling Matt and Andy's car seats. Matthew was thankfully still asleep but Andy seemed to be wide awake.

"Awww Bells I was hoping to watch some of the game with my little man. Why's he sleeping?" Emmett whined quietly as he carried the babies inside.

"Don't even get me started." I groaned as I placed the baby bag next to the couch. Emmett and Rose were having a whispered conversation in the doorway. Both were smiling like crazy and nodding at everything the other said. After a few moments they gave each other a quick kiss and Rose came over to stand beside me.

"What was that all about?" I asked out of curiosity. They'd been acting strange for a while now and I was dying to know what the big secret was.

"I'll let you know later." Rose chuckled grabbing my arm.

"Okay. Emmett, diapers are in the middle pocket, wipes in the side and there's clean clothes there incase they need them." I rattled off as Rose pulled me from the room.

"Okay Bella. Shower. Now." She commanded.

"Geez Rose, calm down. We have two and a half hours." Rose simply levelled a glare in my direction, wordlessly telling me to do as I was told. "Someone's bossy today." I said, sticking out my tongue as I made my way into the bathroom.

After a quick scrub down I pulled on the underwear Rose had set out for me and wrapped myself in my robe that Rose had brought from the house.

"Okay Rose. I'm ready for you to tor- I mean beautify me." I joked as I stepped out of the bathroom. Rose was busy setting out masses of appliances and cosmetics on top of her dresser.

"Let's hope Andy isn't going to start channelling your hatred of all things girly." Rose mumbled and she pushed be down into the chair infront of the mirror. All I could do was roll my eyes and let Rose fluff, plump, flick, and whatever else she wanted to do, in silence.

The end result wasn't all that bad, I have to admit. As always I had just enough makeup to accentuate my best features, but not enough to look overly done-up or unnatural. My hair had been expertly curled by Rose and half of it was pulled up with a beautiful sliver clip. The rest was left to fall over my shoulders in loose ringlets.

I have to admit I looked very pretty.

"Give me a few minutes and then we can get you dressed. Your dress is over there." Rose was already starting her makeup as she pointed to a garment bag hanging from the top of the door.

I removed the bag from the door before pulling it open to reveal a stunning midnight blue dress. The beautiful silky material seemed to be shimmering, even in the artificial light of the bedroom. The top of the dress had wide straps that would rest just on my shoulders and the 'v' neck of the dress was trimmed with blue lace. The skirt looked as though it would rest just bellow my knees and appeared to have several layers under it, making it flare out.

"You like it?" Rose chirped as she finished curling the ends of her hair. Her makeup was a lot more intense than mine, with her smokey eyes and blood red lipstick but she could always pull it off. Her hair was pulled over to the side and decorated with a small black comb studded with red stones. I couldn't help but feel jealous of her. She was so beautiful and confident, while I was awkward and plain.

"I love it." I gushed as I held it up infront of the mirror. "Let's just hope it fits properly."

"It will. Alice has never been wrong before." Rose informed me as she pulled another garment bag from inside her closet.

Amazingly the dress fit. Well to be truthful it was a little loose around the middle but I couldn't tell whether that was because I was successfully ditching the last of the baby weight or whether that was how the dress was meant to be. The former made me feel better so I decided to run with that.

After I was dressed Rose got me to help her into her new dress. It was a strapless red number decorated alone the hemline with a series of black curved lines weaved between each other. It had an empire waist which came around to tie at the back with a large red bow.

"Okay now all we need are the shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes." She mumbled as she searched through the bags at the foot of the bed. "AHA! Here' you are." I opened the box to find a pair of four-inch strappy heels which were definitely going to land someone in hospital. And that someone would most probably be me.

I opened my mouth to say as much but Rose beat me to it. "Not excuse Bella. Those shoes go with the dress and they aren't even that high." She chided me as she pulled on her own mammoth heels.

"They are coming of as soon as we get to the restaurant." I warned her.

She simply shrugged. "Suit yourself, but you will be wearing them tonight. Now come on." She squealed as she jumped up and headed for the door. She was way more excited about tonight then I was.

I pulled the shoes on and slowly stood up. The heels were surprisingly comfortable and the heels seemed to be sturdy enough so I left them on.

Heels – 0, Bella – 1 I thought to myself as I followed Rose out of the bedroom.

"Emmy! Come and admire my work." Rose called out as she dragged into the living room. Emmett was lying on the couch bouncing Matthew with one arm while Andy was snuggled up against the other. They were so adorable.

"I swear I didn't wake him." Emmett explained, smiling at Matthew. "He woke up all on his own."

I laughed at Emmett and went to sit down next to him but Rose stopped me. "Nuh uh Mummy. There will be no spitting up on that dress so you sit over there." She commanded, pointing to one of the lounge chairs as she took Andy from Emmett.

"Okay but you will be giving me back my babies." I warned.

"Sure thing Bellsy," Emmett said dismissively before he turned to Rosalie. "Can we tell her now?" He almost begged.

Rose rolled her eyes at his eager tone but she couldn't help the smile that was forming. "Okay babe."

"Tell me what?" I asked.

"Emmett and I have some news. And we wanted you to be the first to know." She began.

"Okay?" I said, still confused. "What is it?"

They both looked at each other then turned back to me smiling like fools. "We're having a BABY." They yelled at the same time.

I'd never been the one to squeal but I did when I heard that news. "Ah! Congratulations you two. This is amazing. How far along are you?"

Rose beamed as she spoke. "Well since we'd had so much trouble we didn't want to tell anyone until we were absolutely sure it was going to stick." She said in an almost serious tone. "I'm thirteen weeks."

"But that means..." I counted back in my head.

"Yeah!" Rose and Emmett said at the same time.

"It's all your doing Bella. If you hadn't suggested that vacation then we don't know if this would have happened so soon." Emmett was practically bouncing in his seat. "Thank you."

"Hey don't look at me, this was all you big guy." I laughed as I jumped up to hug them both. "I'm going to be an Aunty." I chirped excitedly.

"I'm going to be a Mum." Rose squealed and I saw the tears pooling in her eyes.

"You'll be great Rose." I assured her grabbing some tissues off the table to save her makeup. She quickly wiped her eyes and smiled happily. "Do you have any pictures?"

"You bet we do." Emmett bellowed. "And our kid is just as cute as your jelly bean and peanut. Here!" He quickly handed Matthew over to me, much to Rose's displeasure and ran off to their bedroom.

"Told you he'd be excited." I stage whispered to Rose as she hurried to cover me up in a towel to protect my dress. Rose simply smiled at me and continued to rock Andy who was almost asleep again.

"FOUND THEM!" Emmett yelled as he bounced back into the room with the ultrasound pictures. Rose and I shushed him quickly before he could wake Andy. He looked disgruntled but perked up as soon as I handed Matt back to him.

There were three pictures in total, all just as grainy as mine had been. Each displayed a completely different little person. In the first the baby looked like nothing more than a white shape in Rose's womb. However the second showed what was definitely a little person, all curled up in the most adorable fashion.

The third picture was the most beautiful though. The baby was considerably bigger than it was in the previous tow ultrasounds and it looked as though he or she was sucking their thumb.

"They're beautiful Rose." I gushed when I finished with the photos.

"Hey! I helped." Emmett complained, causing us all to laugh quietly.

"Do you know what you're having yet?" I asked.

"We wanted it to be a surprise." Rose said as she placed Andy in the her car seat, smiling fondly at her.

Emmett huffed as he rocked Matthew. "By 'we' she means 'she'. She won't even let me find out. She insist we both stay in the dark."

"Since when have you ever been able to keep a secret Em?" Rose teased.

"Since never, but I really want to know." He whined.

Rose rolled her eyes at Emmett childish behaviour.

"Don't worry Em." I said wrapping an arm around him. "You only have to wait six or so more months to find out." I joked.

"Not helping Bella." He laughed before his phone started ringing. "He-low!" He boomed into the receiver. "Are you serious?" He glanced down at his watch. "Crap, we'll be there soon I swear." And with that he hung up and started packing Matt into his car seat.

"We're late girls. Move, move, MOVE!"

"Calm down Em. So we're a little late, I'm sure everyone will understand." I complained as I tried to make it to the car and not fall on my face in my heels.

Emmett paid me no attention and continued to herd us into the car so we could be on our way. I was forced to sit in the passenger seat while Rose was squashed in the back between the twins' car seats. I offered to swap but she insisted she was fine.

After several minutes of driving through the now dark streets we slowed to a stop. But before I could take in my surroundings a blindfold was pulled over my eyes. "What's going on?" I hissed.

No one answered me.

"Rose?" My door was suddenly pulled open and Emmett lifted me from the car. Somewhere in the distance I could hear music being played. "Where are we?"

"It's a surprise." Emmett whispered in my ear, chuckling at some inside joke.

"You said we were going to a restaurant."

"We are but we have to stop here for something. Now shush and come with me." He said and he started to pull me towards the sound of the music. In true Bella fashion I tripped several times causing Emmett to laugh at me but eventually we came to a stop. The music sounded so close now.

"Okay Bells take a seat." Emmett told me as he gently pushed me back onto some kind of cushioned seat. "Relax," He told me. "Nothing bad is going to happen." And with that he all but disappeared. I couldn't hear him anywhere of feel him. I was alone with the music.

Before I could start to freak out though the melody changed into something that was very familiar. It was my lullaby. Only this time there were new sounds. The only two I could pick were the violin and flute but there were many other instruments weaving their unique sound in with the piano, and it was beautiful.

Midway through the song the piano drifted to an end and I could hear someone walking around somewhere. The sounds of footsteps came closer and closer until I could practically feel the person infront of me.

Then out of nowhere the blindfold that had covered my eyes was being pulled away. The lights caused me to be temporarily blinded but after a moment I was able to focus and take in the amazing sight before me.

We were in the park and I was sitting on one of the benches across from a gazebo that had never been there before. It was painted white and draped in flowers and fairy lights which twinkled delicately. Sitting inside was a group of teenagers, the oldest couldn't have been more then eighteen at the most. Each was dressed in black and playing a different instrument.

But even such a magnificent spectacle couldn't divert my attention from the wondrous sight infront of me. For there was Edward Cullen dressed in a stylish black suit, hair in disarray, crooked smile firmly in place, kneeling on the ground at my feet.

I couldn't help the tears that immediately sprung to my eyes as he took my hand in his.

"I've been thinking about this for weeks. Just trying to find the right words so I don't sound cheesy and cliché. But I haven't been able to. All I want to do is be cheesy and tell you how much I love and adore you.

"Bella Swan, from the moment you fell into my life I've been in love with you. And over the past three years there has never been a moment where that has changed.

"I know I don't deserve you, but you've stuck with me all this time and you've never deserted me no matter how poor my judgement was. Not only that but you have given me the two most beautiful children. I can only hope that one day I'll be worthy of you.

"Isabella Swan, three years ago in this very same park you said yes to me. You agreed to be part of my life and I've never stopped being thankful for that. Say 'yes' again Bella Swan. Say you'll be mine and let me make you happy."

And with that he pulled a simple black box from his pocket and held it out to me.

"Will you marry me?" He pulled the box open to reveal the most gorgeous ring I'd ever seen. It was a sizable solitaire diamond set in white gold with several small diamonds set in the band on either side. I loved it immediately.

"Bella?" Edward called out to me as I realised I'd been silent for far too long.

Say 'yes' you idiot. My brain yelled at me. Silence in the enemy here Bella.

"Yes!" I cried as I wrapped my arms around his neck. His mouth pulled up into the biggest smile I'd ever seen and he jumped up - pulling me with him - and claimed my lips a passionate kiss. I knew I shouldn't have acted the way that I did infront of our small audience but I couldn't help but throw myself into the kiss. I didn't have words to express how happy I was, so I just prayed that he could feel my sincerity and gratitude through our kiss.

After a few minutes we begrudgingly broke the kiss but stayed safely wrapped in each other's arms. I couldn't believe he'd going to all this effort for me. It was however exactly what I would have expected him to do. He was perfect after all.

"Now you can have your ring." He laughed. I swear I saw some tears in his eyes as he slid the ring onto my finger and kissed it. If felt so right to have it there.

It was a while before I realised that the music had stopped and I blushed with embarrassment when I looked to find all eyes focused on our embrace. The girls were all smiling and the boys were trying to look aloof, without much success.

"Meet my extra credit music class Love." Edward laughed, keeping his arm wrapped around my waist as he gestured to the musicians.

"This...?" I began, completely stunned. "This is what you've been doing all these months? You been...?" I stammered.

"Yes love this is what I've been working on. Originally I intended to ask you sooner but certain unfortunate events made that impossible." He whispered in my ear. "But I think it all worked out pretty well in the end." His last line was followed by a small chuckle.

"Yes Mr Cullen I think it all worked out pretty well too." I said in my most sultry voice as I turned to face him again. Just as I was about to pull him in for another kiss his phone started to ring. He gave me an apologetic smile and checked the caller ID, after which he rolled his eyes and accepted the call. I heard someone on the other end of the line say something, but I couldn't understand it.

"She said 'yes'" Edward announced and I heard several voices squealing and cheering on the other end of the line. "Yes Alice we'll be there soon." He laughed as he hung up.

"What's happening?" I asked as he typed something into his phone. He quickly pressed send before turning to me.

"We are going out to dinner to celebrate with all of our family." He laughed.

"All of them?" I squealed.

"Yes Love Charlie, Jake, Nessie, and several others." My smile continued to grow.

"Come on Love." Edward took my hand and started pulling me away from the gazebo.

"What about-"

Edward cut me off before I could finish. "It's all sorted Love." Seconds later we were standing next to a sleek black sedan, the door of which was already open for us to climb in.

"After you m'lady." Edward joked.

I giggled at his silly formal tone as I slid in. "Thank you kind sir." Edward shook his head and climbed in behind me. As soon as the door was closed the car pulled out of its spot.

"You do realise you're stuck with me now, don't you?" I joked as I watch him play with my ring on my left hand.

He lowered his lips so they were just beneath my ear. "Bring on the shackles my Love. Because there's nowhere I'd rather be."


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