This is just an update I decided to do after a while just to make sure I covered all my bases. So while I am writing the sequel to this I was suddenly inspired to actually create a plan to the Western Palace and it's immediate surroundings. Now when you view this be mindful that my imagination and my newly acquired skill of creating architecturally correct structures were at war so things may not seem exactly how you envisioned, according to my writing. I did do my best.

Now around the feudal era, if I am not mistaken, long, winding and often completely superfluous corridors were all the rave so I tried to channel this as best I could. I cut if off way before my vision of the palace's surrounding land ends, so imagine that the training grounds continue on until you reach a small bout of forestry that stops at the cliffs of the Western Land, nothing but ocean after that. The same for Sesshoumaru's garden. I didn't include the brocade around the palace or any minor details like furniture, but I do hope this inspired a vision in you all. Please go check it out, the link is on my profile, and drop me a comment.

Oh! And I am currently working on the sequel, a yaoi, called 'Youkai Misconceptions'. It'll be short, I don't see more than 20K or so.

I may do a second floor plan to the Western Palace, if anyone is interested. Or if there is anything else you would be interested in seeing illustrated? Let me know.

Love you guy.