Haruhi was wet.

Very, very wet.

Yes, the many sprinklers of the Ohtori Water Park- not to be confused with its Aqua Garden predecessor- had done their fair share, effectively wetting the edges of her Dickie's shorts and her black "commoner" sandals. The overhead misters hit their mark as well so that Haruhi had to wipe the extra water off her face and continuously keep her bangs from drooping into her line of vision. At that point, Haruhi thought she could deal with it, even though it made wandering the monstrous water park uncomfortable and most inconvenient. In a few hours, they would tire of their gangs to release her into the confines of her home, and she would be left to her own devices to finish the laundry and get dinner started so her father wouldn't have to wait after he came home from work.

Then it was the water guns.

Hikaru and Kaoru had been relentless in their assault, liquidizing everything that moved. Apparently that included blinking, much to Haruhi's dismay.

Definitely not the best way to start summer vacation with her boys.

"Her boys." She didn't know when she'd started calling them that. " Her boys."

Her boys.

Her boys.

It was strange, really; she was endeared to them in a way bordering on motherly (which was one reason she usually let Tamaki's "father" comments go; she could understand where he was coming from) and she, albeit somewhat disturbed by it, enjoyed their relationship. It gave a spark to her more routine driven life- wash the dishes, try and fail to pay off debt, clean house, get pushed off a cliff, etc- and made her a bit more excited to get up every morning.

Her boys. Her livewires, her employers, her nuisances, her headaches, her friends.

Haruhi grinned as Hikaru burst from the foliage with a water gun. So what if maybe she'd rather be inside with a book and an air conditioner, or finishing the laundry? She ducked behind a tree as he pulled the trigger.

So what if maybe she was a little east of Eden. She was here, right now, just her and the boys.

Besides, what was summer without a water-gun war?