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"Man, that was like, the best movie ever!" Jill exclaimed to the empty street, her fist punching the air with enough force to knock down a building. His smile at her cheerfulness dropped as soon as it appeared, turning to a grimace as her excitement led her to wolf down her burger like a wild pig.

"I know, Bruce Lee is the greatest," Chris said and mimicked the punches he memorized from the 'Game of Death' movie they saw. He stopped when Jill shook her head at his silliness. "Next time though, let's go to a family movie."

Jill shook her head more. "Nuh-uh, family-category movies sucks."

He frowned at her. "How could you say that? 'Home Alone' was a great movie-" Chris stopped when the brunette took his coke and gulped the whole drink down. She burped, threw the empty can behind her shoulder since no one was around to see, and smiled like an innocent kitten at Chris.

"Why didn't you get your own drink?!"

"I told you Chris, I'm on a diet!"

"Diet my ass," he snorted sarcastically, and that earned him a hard punch to his shoulder, "You touch my stuff again like that and no one will find your corpse."

"Aww, I love you too," she cooed back and gave him a hug.

"Just stop and listen for once, god dammit!"

Chris and Jill stopped in their tracks at the park's gate and looked at each other, both their eyebrows raised in a show of surprise. Looking down, Chris noted that it was past midnight and the park was supposed to be empty.

So why did they hear someone shouting then?

When they had finished work it was still 10 and Jill invited him on a friendly date, so they went to see a kung fu movie and bought their dinner from McDonalds. Chris had insisted on walking her home because "No beautiful lady should walk all by herself late at night." The streets were empty, like there was a plague that had caused an evacuation.

"Should we go and investigate it?" Jill asked him. They were upholders of the law, that meant whether on duty or not, they should go and survey the suspicious area. He nodded his head and walked carefully towards the source of noise, with Jill following closely behind him.

They found the man disturbing the silence of the night. White male, slim, medium-length blond hair, and about six feet tall, though they couldn't guess his age for he was facing away from them and was talking to the dark. Chris shrugged off the possibility that this man was a psycho and took his hiding spot next to Jill behind some nearby bushes.

"Albert, you have got to understand that what I've done was for the best for the two of us. I didn't have any other choice-Would you at least LOOK at me!"

Great, they had walked in on nothing but a melodramatic fag. "And here I thought we'd finally get to some action," Chris muttered under his breath, and Jill had to pinch him lightly in the arm to shut him up.

"I understand that you hate me at the moment, but for fucking sakes stop being a hardass on me! Everyone makes mistakes, even you!"

"No, Will, I've never made any mistakes, except perhaps prolonging your life to the very second."

That voice The cold tone It made their blood freeze in their crouching spots behind the thick bushes.

"Is that ?"

He locked his eyes on that dangerous voice's owner; too shocked to pay any attention to the confused woman.

A figure stepped out from the shadows. "I should have killed you years ago, that was my only mistake. Although, you are not worthy of a single bullet now. You know what, maybe I'll have someone else do it for me," he said, an evil smirk adoring his perfectly calm face now that it was visible.

Jill almost cried "What the hell?!" before Chris, thankfully, had gagged her effectively with his hand. The last thing they wanted was to blow their cover. What if their captain was undercover?

Those were Jill's thoughts. Chris' were blank.

"Why do you keep rejecting me whenever I beg for your forgiveness?! I've said I'm sorry, I'm getting a divorce, and I'm about putting my neck in the line of fire for the sake of you and you just keep fucking telling me off!??"

"Because I don't give a fucking shit about you!"

"But I do!"

Wesker's head tilted to the side and he snarled at the smaller man's comment; that sort of look sent sparks down the STARS agents' spines for they never seen Wesker lose his cool. "Since when did you care about anything but yourself, Will?"

Wesker must have hit a sensitive cord because the next thing they knew, the lighter man had lunged forward, his fist meeting with Wesker's face. The strike was strong enough to send him flying off, and he landed on his back by the shorter man's feet, his sunglasses disappearing somewhere on the grassy ground with a small clattering noise.

Chris hadn't realized his hand was gripping his handgun until another hand rested on his. He glanced at Jill to see her shaking her head.

"Look at you, all smug and haughty. And for what?!" the shorter man spat, glaring down at the seething captain. "Unlike you, Albert, I'm not a whore," he scornfully drawled at Wesker and aimed his booted foot to his face. Luckily for their captain, he succeeded in catching the leg before it touched him and twisted it upwards, causing the other man to lose his balance and land on his ass. "You couldn't wait to get into that slut's pants!"

"Don't you dare call him that!"

"Then why did you do it!?"

"Does it make any difference if I said 'same reason as you'?"

The light man clenched his teeth. "What I did was for a reason; a persuasive one, and you know it!"

Wesker pulled himself up, using the tree behind him to steady himself. He looked at the other man and gave him a cold stare. "Fuck you and your reason, bitch."

The smaller man threw himself at the muscular one, knocking his head against the tree. A dribble of blood leaked out the side of the STARS captain's mouth.

Chris placed a hand over Jill's mouth to prevent any further sounds after she let out a startled gasp.

The man lunged again, but Wesker managed to avoid it this time, stepping to the side, and grabbed the back of the shorter man's coat, spinning him around. He had meant to pay the man the same means of attention and slam him into the tree, but he wasn't expecting the blow to his jaw. Wesker's head snapped around to the side so hard his neck cracked and a pained groan erupted from within his bruised lips.

He grabbed their captain by the collar of his shirt, drew his head down violently, and brutally pressed his lips against the taller man's.

Wesker didn't resist. His arms wrapped in the lighter man's hair, driving him closer. They changed positions and the shorter man was slammed against the tree this time, moaning into the taller man's mouth as the latter rocked his hips forcefully against his.

The only sounds he could define were the deafening pounds of his heart. He felt his throat tightening around a thick lump, sharp stings in his eyes making his vision blur for a second.

How could he...

"Chris? You okay?" He heard his friend's concerned whisper and silently inhaled a deep breath into his burning lungs. "Let's go." Jill looked up at him as he tugged on her hand, his face turned away from her sight. They left like they came, silently, like there were never any eyes to witness what just happened under the cloudless moonlit sky.

"No one's going to eat those now, you know,"

Getting snatched from flashback and back to reality, Chris jumped in his place in front of the stove, his face nearly colliding with the frying pan in his hand. He looked to the side to see his blond lover quizzically quirking an eyebrow at him. Looking down at his work, he groaned when he saw the eggs were burnt almost black and sticking to the metal surface.

"You nearly killed me! Don't do that again," he hissed-with the pan raised to prove being the best weapon ever-as he watched his 'in love with sunglasses' lover start the coffee machine.

"I thought you were trained to not get killed by frying pans."

Chris growled at the sarcastic reply and walked over to the sink to dip the useless pan in water. He forgot about the blond and grinned as he reached the sink, watching with broad amusement as steam and the 'tshhhhhhhhhh' sound came when water touched the heated metal. Wesker just chuckled at the childish picture and it earned him a nasty glare.

Though a bit pissed off by the nasty blond, Chris was happy that Birkin was dead. Gloating over someone's death is a sin, but to have the blond tyrant as his and only his to touch in that way, Chris will gladly commit that undeniable feeling and dance silly on the dead researcher's grave. "I'll go get Claire." At the mention of her name, Wesker groaned and Chris ignored it, feeling good again and smirking. "You promise to behave?"

Of course he would behave. The brunette had taken good advantage of him last night and made him say things against his will, things he knew he would regret later had he been in a sober condition. They didn't get extra physical, though, just a manipulative, wicked blowjob that left him agreeing to his requests. Wesker rolled his eyes. "Yes, master."

"Good slave." Chris patted him on his head with a sadistic grin on his face and left. "I'll give you some cookies later."

Either Chris was an idiot or he really did enjoy his misfortune. Wesker contemplated that thought while studying his breakfast, poking at the bacon and prodding the unburnt eggs he managed to snatch from the pan before they turned black while his brunette lover's mind was in some other world busy daydreaming, probably about possible ways to kick his sister out so they could have their monkey-sex-24/7 life back.

Hmm, that sounded a little bit too dreamy to be close to reality, no?

Heavy thuds descending the stairs cut his musing. He guessed they belonged to the female Redfield, and to his dissatisfaction he guessed correctly. She looked miserable, like she hadn't gotten a nice comfortable sleep the whole night-which brought a dirty smile to his lips. The redhead had her hair in a ponytail with loose strands of hair poking out of it; her blazer hung loosely around her right shoulder even though it hugged her swollen middle section tightly like a second skin.

Claire noticed the funny way he was looking at her and grinned.

"Hey Wesker, Neo called and he wants his looks back."

He felt like he'd been slapped in the face, but his shock didn't last more than a few seconds because he straightened himself and glared a hidden-by-sunglasses glare. "I hope you get run over by a school bus."

Claire's lower jaw fell open and the blond couldn't help but smirk victoriously. "My brother is so going to kick your ass for what you said."

Wesker ignored her and shoved a full spoon into his mouth then followed it with his coffee. The silence that fell over them was welcomed, neither wanting to disturb the singing birds out side, and for a while it looked like peace was finally going to happen in this house.

Nope, that actually would never happen.

The problem was that Wesker didn't like her at all, and what he needed right now was to be in the company of his lover, not his harassing sister. "Where is Chris?" he asked her with disdain dripping from his tone. "Shower," Claire answered with the same emotionless tone.

He looked at her thoroughly, studied the way her fork stabbed at the poor meat and raised the bite to her lips to engulf it with her mouth, sending the defenseless piece of meat to the dark worlds of her insides.

Bad idea, it gave him a migraine. He snorted and trained his mind on something pleasurable so they wouldn't end up bickering at each other, thus his sadist lover would be convinced he deserved his exercises.

Chris... in the shower... "Hmm..." he hummed, smirking at his own dirty mind as it played a pornographic movie, starring him and his well-built lover, and it was free! A slow, erotic soundtrack playing in the back of his head as he shoved Chris to the cold wall, effectively trapping him under the splashing water, and pressed his lips to the brunette's. Of course, finding himself in such a position with no escape, the younger man would have no other choice but to moan into the clever mouth and thread his fingers in the wet golden strands, intending to deepen the kiss with a tongue forcing its way to meet his waiting one and fight for domination and control over the other man. Chris, like most of the time, will lose his optimism in gaining the upper hand and beg to be taken under the warm stream of water; and then he would grant the poor man his dear wish and fuck him, brutally and forcefully to the hilt. Chris would wrap his arms around him and hug him closer and cry for more thrusts-harder, faster. He would bite the base of that sweet, tanned neck and-


Wesker fell off his chair, shrieking like a small kiddo who had unfortunately walked on his grandparents having sex, and crawled on his butt as far away from the 2.4-foot-high Shepherd that had hopped into the kitchen until his back met with the cold fridge. Claire giggled as the trained beast licked her face, oblivious to the odd demeanor in the powerful tyrant.

He did love Chris; he had stated that to him clearly before. But he had no frigging idea, and neither did the weird brunette explain to him, why he wanted so badly to adopt a dog. Especially this dog.

"Someone's in a good mood today," Claire said as she rubbed behind the dog's left ear. Wesker swallowed thickly, trying to avoid eye contact with the barking beast that located him and glared. She finally glanced up from the 'cute' creature and her eyebrows frowned in his direction. "What's with you?"

"It-it's nothing," he answered hastily and hid himself almost wholly in the fridge. Wesker watched on the reflecting surface of a wine bottle as the dog nuzzled Claire's hand then averted his gaze down to his flat, clothed crotch and grunted with disgust. Damn you, mood killer...

His senses picked up a delicious signal once his head was inside. Where is it? He moved the milk carton three inches to the right, pushed the bowl of cold ramen to the back, took two cans of beer and placed them on the fourth shelf. Ah, found it, Wesker smiled to himself when he revealed a 4.1x3'' plastic box that held some rotten meadowie looking plant inside. He removed the lid and poked one finger inside, grinning like a maniac when he found the hidden prize. Chris and his silly quirks, Wesker mused as he picked out the chocolate bar and wiped the wrapping clean, he should've learned that he can't hide them from me.

"Are there any fruits in there?"

He scanned the fridge quickly. "Only orange."

"Get me two; I want to feed Boulder something healthy."

Wesker didn't question the redhead's stupidity -the damn dog has his own type of food!- and just slipped his chocolate bar into the pocket of his shirt and walked out. "Get them yourself."

"Why bother when you're around to do the work?"

Like a bucket full of ice-cold water had splashed him in the face, Wesker stopped dead in his tracks, his head slowly turning back over his shoulder.

The coffee in his mug has run off its heat. The birds had stopped singing. Boulder blinked at the duo with a tiny whimper. The rats in the sewers under them paused their chewing on random pipes.

Danger was sensed through-out the whole neighborhood, even a three months old baby living 6 blocks away stopped his disturbing cries for mommy's milk, holding his breath in fear till his face turned blue.

Claire smiled at the visible eyebrows that rose above the rim of his sunglasses and leaned over for a more evil appearance. "Let's make this clear, as long as I'm in this house, you will obey my every word. Do you understand, honey?"

That was the last straw.

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