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Landry stood in the control room rubbing his temple as he listened to the information being relayed to him by the leader of SG8 via the open wormhole. All week SG teams had been hearing rumors offworld but they had all hoped that there was no truth behind them. He heaved a sigh as he came to the conclusion that it was more than a coincidence and now he would have to deal with it, and the mess he was sure would follow.

For the past week someone had been looking for Vala, and now they had found out where she was.

"Has he said what this is about?" Landry asked.

"No sir. All he'll say is that he has a message to personally deliver to Ms Mal Doran." The captain replied, he hesitated a moment before continuing, "Permission to speak freely sir?"

"Go ahead Captain."

"He doesn't look like one of Vala's usual… acquaintances sir."

Landry sighed again, "OK, bring him through, I want this matter dealt with as quickly as possible. Search him, remove anything that could possibly be interpreted as a weapon, I don't want to take any chances on this."

The Captain agreed and the wormhole disengaged. Landry turned to Walter, "Get SG1 up here now."

5 minutes later Landry and the SG1 team were assembled in the gate room waiting for SG8 and the messenger they were bringing back with them.

"Vala, do you have any idea what this is about?" Daniel asked.

"For the tenth time, Daniel, no. I have no clue what's going on or who might be looking for me." Vala was honestly just as confused about this as everyone else was. Since she had been living on earth she had cut almost all her ties to her previous life and all of her former associates knew this.

"Well it looks like we're all about to find out." Cam quipped as the gate began to dial.

"Indeed." Teal'c added for good measure.

The four members of SG8 exited the wormhole and descended the ramp with their 'visitor' secured between them.

To say he wasn't what everyone was expecting was an understatement.

Instead of the leather-clad brute that seemed to the standard among the galaxies criminal population, and therefore Vala's old friends, the man was clad in what appeared to be some kind of chain mail with a leather tunic over it. He was tall and well muscled, glossy black hair fell to his shoulders and his piercing green eyes sparkled with intelligence. This man clearly wasn't a thug, he was a solider. A fact made all the more clear by the large broadsword and shield that SG8 had confiscated from him.

No one noticed that Vala had paled when he had walked through the gate or the flush of anger that followed it.

Before Landry could make introductions the man brushed passed him and came to stand before Vala.

"So you've found me then." She practically spat the words at him.

"I've looked for you since news reached us that you had been freed." He reached out his hand to touch her cheek but she turned her head from him.

"What do you want from me?" she glared at him as she spoke.

His eyes filled with sadness at the anger and hatred in her voice, "I want you to come home, it is all I have ever wanted since the day you left."

"If that's all then you've wasted your time. I won't go back there, I can't go back there."

Vala turned from the man and started for the door, SG1 following her, but the man called after her.

"Please! You must come home, our mother is dying"

This wasn't just anyone looking for Vala, it was her brother.