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Love Will Tear Us Apart


It was just another night on patrol for Jacob, he had not long been a wolf but he was already adjusting to his new abilities. He felt free and alive as he sped past the trees and searched the land for unexpected visitors.

It was a full moon above and the stars brightly lit the sky. The woods looked beautiful as the trees were hit by moon light. Jacob felt very content and relaxed.

He was now finally getting over Bella Swan, the one girl that took hold of his heart, torn it to shreds and stomped on it. She was now one of them and that means she was now his enemy.

As soon as her heart stopped beating, it was over for him. He wanted nothing more to do with her and he finally knew he could live his life without her. Although he had not imprinted yet, he still hoped that his special someone was out there, waiting to be swept off her feet by him.

He smiled in his head, he pictured himself stood next to a beautiful girl. She didn't really have a face, it was blurred but he could still see her and he could see how happy they looked together. He wanted more than anything to find his own true love, nearly all of the pack had imprinted and he wanted it to be his turn.

As his mind wondered about the blurred happy vision in his head, a scream ruptured through the air and his hackles came up. He searched everywhere to see where it came from. He knew that he was close to whatever it was that was out there. He thought maybe he should have contacted the rest, but he was much too curious and he wanted to know what it was right there and then.

As he came around a tree, he stopped in his tracks. There lay a girl completely naked and shivering on the ground. She looked frightened and in pain. Jacob instantly changed back in his human form and shoved his shorts on as quickly as he could. He ran over to her and cradled her in his arms. She had weird markings all over her body and she was sweating repulsively.

She opened her eyes to look at him, his eyes sparkled in the moon light. He was beautiful to her, the most wonderful sight she had ever seen. He stared back into her blue eyes, the world suddenly stopped moving and it felt like they were the only living people on the planet. They could have stared at each others features for eternity, they were completely amazed by each other.

He asked her what happened but before she could respond, she passed out in his arms.

He picked her up and snuggled her. Although she was sweating, she felt incredibly cold to him, but nothing like a vampire.

He wondered what could have possibly happened to her, why was she out here all alone in the woods? Why was she naked? All he wanted to do was to take care of her and give her what ever she needed. Jacob thought his luck had finally come in, but what he doesn't know is that the innocent girl in his arms is not so innocent...