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"What do you mean you lost her?" Jacob screamed down the phone as he walked down the hall towards the exit of the school.

Seth, Embry and Quil jumped out of their skin when he shouted and they looked at him with a questionable look. His face looked very fierce and a huge frown was on his forehead. They were used to seeing him like this after the whole Bella incident, but for awhile now since he had found Veronica, he was becoming a changed man.

"Jeez Emily, thanks for losing the only thing that could make me happy!" Jacob spat as he slipped his phone shut. He kicked a locker close by and made a huge dent in it.

"What has she lost? Don't tell me it's Veronica?" Embry said sounding worried himself. He didn't want his best friend to lose it again, not after he was doing so well. He barely spoke to Veronica but he could already tell that she was a great girl for Jacob.

"Yes, she went shopping with Emily but floated off while Em was in the grocery store. What am I going to do now?" Jake said as he put his hand to his forehead.

"Does she have a scent that you can remember? Why don't you phase later on and try to find her that way?" Seth said as he put his hand on Jakes shoulder, he was nearly as tall as Jacob now.

"I think I'll have to, I'm not just going let Emily lose her and that be it." Jake said as he pushed the door open and walked outside the school. They all walked side by side towards the car park. Quil was giving the guys a ride home.

"You can't just blame Emily though, it was an honest mistake. Surely Veronica meant to walk off otherwise she wouldn't be lost now would she?" Quil said and that made Jacob angry.

"What are you saying? That she purposely walked off because she wanted to? Because she doesn't want to be with me?" Jacob said as he stood in front of Quil making him stop in his tracks.

Quil was confused, it was only a suggestion after all and he didn't want Jake to make Emily feel worse. He could already see that Jake had a strong hold onto Veronica, but it didn't seem healthy to him. "That's not what I'm saying at all, What I am saying is that this can't be all of Emily's fault. I'm just trying to see her side of things, you need to calm down Jake and if you want I will help you look for her later."

"OK, thanks." Jake said as he stood out of Quil's way. They continued to walk to the car park and Seth suddenly stood still and it looked straight ahead, it looked like he was staring at something.

"I don't think you guy's are going to have to look for her tonight." Seth said.

"Why not?" Jacob asked.

"That's why not!" Seth said as he pointed straight ahead.

Jacob and the others let their eyes follow Seth's finger in the direction he was pointing to and Jacob's heart suddenly started beating a whole lot faster.

She stood with her body leaned against Quil's car, she looked different but definitely not in a bad way. Her hair looked darker and wavier, her skin looked shinier, her clothes looked skimpier and the crooked smile on her face looked happier. Was this the same girl that Jacob found in the woods?

Jacob suddenly couldn't help the corners of his lips move upwards and he suddenly had a bright beaming smile across his face. He felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted off his chest. She was here, she didn't walk away, she doesn't want to leave him just yet, she was here waiting for him.

"Wow, she looks like a model. I want one." Seth said and the guy's suddenly burst out laughing.

Jacob ignored them and walked towards her in a fast pace, his legs couldn't have moved quick enough. He looked at her and his lower body was reacting in a way that wasn't appropriate in a school car park. He liked the short denim skirt she was wearing that shown off her long tanned legs, he wasn't used to her being dressed this way. He had only ever saw her in Emily's homely clothes.

He finally approached her and her smile became wider, she looked happy to see him too. She unfolded her arms and put them to her side. Without thinking, Jacob scooped her up from under her arms and held her in a tight hug. Veronica swung her arms around his neck and took in his masculine scent, she could have stayed like that for a very long time.

"I thought you were gone." He whispered in her ear and that confused Veronica.

"Why did you think I was gone?" She said as he put her back down on her feet.

"Emily said that she lost you while you went shopping, where have you been?"

"I was bored while Emily shopped for food, so I went shopping myself and got myself some new stuff. I went back to look for her but I couldn't find her. Has she been worried?" Veronica said feeling a little guilty for making them worry about her.

"Yeah but it's OK now, you're here." Jacob said as he smoothed her hair out of her eyes. "How did you get all of this stuff? How did you get the money?"

"I... I got it back off Tracy because she owed it me so I thought I'd treat myself. Don't you like it?" She asked him as she held onto his hand.

"I love it." He said and they beamed at each other.

They were suddenly interrupted in their trance with each other when the rest of them walked to the car they were stood near.

"Oh, so you're not dead after all. You best tell Emily Jake before she has an aneurysm." Quil said jokingly.

"I will." Jake said sounding like he wasn't even listening to him, his eyes never left Veronica's.

Seth pushed passed them all and bumped Jake out of the way to introduce himself to her, they all groaned as he made his way to her.

"Hi I'm Seth, I do believe we haven't met yet thanks to Jake selfishly not introducing you to me." He said as he gave Jake and evil look. "Might I say you are looking amazing in this fine afternoon."

Veronica giggled at him, she just found him so adorable and she thought he looked like a younger version of Jacob. She held his hand out to him, expecting him to shake it but to her surprise he kissed her gently on it.

"Hey, enough of that Fernando!" Jake said as he pushed Seth to the side.

"It's lovely to meet you too Seth." Veronica said as Jake linked her arm, he began walking her out towards the exit of the car park.

"Hey, aren't you taking a ride with us now?" Quil shouted to him.

"Nah!" Jacob shouted back as he and Veronica walked smoothly down the street.

They reached Emily's and Veronica gulped, she didn't know what she was supposed to say to her after what happened. She just felt so guilty about it, Emily had kindly invited her out with her but Veronica took advantage of the situation and ended up stealing a purse for her own personal gain.

She hesitated on the porch step as Jacob went to open the door.

"You will be fine V, I'll just tell Emily that you got lost and that it wasn't neither of your faults."

Veronica nodded and slowly walked inside the house. Emily was sat at her kitchen table tapping her fingers frantically. She looked like she had been going crazy and blaming herself for what happened. She saw the two of them come in and she quickly ran to them.

"Thank god! I thought I'd lost you for good, I'm so sorry Veronica, I promise this will never happen again." She said as she pulled Veronica into a hug.

"It's OK Emily, It's my fault. I should have stayed with you instead of just floating off like that, I'm really sorry."

After saying sorry to each other for the umpteenth time, Emily invited the whole pack round for dinner and Veronica helped her with the cooking while the boys set up the tables.

It was around six o'clock when they all came round and Jacob sat opposite Veronica. Seth made sure he quickly got a seat next to V to Jacob's annoyance. He kept complimenting her any chance he got, when he found out that she had baked the potatoes he wouldn't shut up about how scrumptious they tasted because she made them.

On several occasions, Jacob kicked Seth in the shin to make him shut up but it only made him worse. Veronica didn't mind talking to Seth, he was sweet and lovable but she could see that it wasn't making Jacob happy so she tried her best to get in a conversation with him.

"How are you liking the food there hun?" She asked as she leaned on the table with her elbows.

"It's delicious, you're quite a good cook aren't you?" He said as he winked at her. He sent her butterflies in her stomach as he did, he looked good enough to eat.

"Yeah, she's the best, the best I've ever tasted ever!" Seth said interrupting with a lot of enthusiasm.

"Shut up Seth!" Jake said.

"Shutting." Seth said as he bent his head back down to his food.

Veronica laughed at them, they looked like brothers to her because they had the same warm personality and their features were very similar.

"So maybe I could cook just for you sometime, would you like that?" Veronica said as she raised her eye brows to him in a flirting gesture.

Jake leaned across the table to be closer to her "I would love that." He said as his warm breath touched her skin, it sent her shivers down her body and she sighed happily.

"Could I get some too?" Seth said shyly.

"No!" Jacob shouted as he flicked his leg under the table to kick him.

"Ha, you missed!" Seth said smugly.

"No I didn't, I felt it." Jacob said.

"Well it wasn't my leg you kicked."

"Then who's?"

"Mine." Veronica said giggling. Jacob looked at her shocked, he kicked her leg pretty hard but it didn't seem like she was in pain at all.

"I'm so sorry V, are you hurt?" He asked very concerned.

"No, I'm good. No worries." Veronica said as she shrugged.

Seth and Jacob looked at each other in surprise, even Jacob's kicks hurt Seth a little and he was a goddamn Werewolf.

They too shrugged it off and continued eating from their plates. Veronica suddenly got into a playful mood and slyly took off her shoe from under the table. She slowly moved her leg forward and let her foot stroke Jacob's leg.

Jacob quickly swallowed his food and looked up to her, she playfully smiled at him and a smirk came across his face. Was she flirting with him?

Jacob thought it would be funny to play hard to get and act as if he couldn't tell what she was doing. Veronica noticed this and decided to make a her game a little harder. She moved her foot upwards and let it slip inside his shorts leg and felt his soft thigh against her skin.

Jacob pretended that he was listening to a conversation between Sam and Quil and tried his best to ignore her but he was finding it hard. He suddenly let out a little giggle as her foot tickled him and the rest of the pack looked at him, wondering what he was laughing at.

"Ahem, sorry I just had something funny in my head. Carry on." He said and Sam and Quil continued talking.

He then started talking to Seth about school and hoped that he wouldn't start giggling like an idiot again. As Seth spoke to him, he noticed that Jacob looked like he was about to burst out laughing. This annoyed him but he carried on talking anyway.

Veronica wanted it to get even harder, so she pulled her foot out of his shorts and slowly moved it towards his middle. She hesitated a little, she didn't want anyone to find out what she was doing otherwise that would be major embarrassing for them both. But she wanted the game to get more fun and she suddenly didn't care what other people would think.

She let her foot slowly rub his manhood and she could feel that it was already hard. She could also feel the size of it and it made her a whole lot happier, it felt huge. This got her more excited and she quickened her pace and rubbed him harder with her foot.

Jacob was taking a swig from his soda at the time and he suddenly dribbled it all over him and choked a little. The rest of them turned their heads towards him to see what was going on.

"Jake, are you feeling alright?" Emily said sounding concerned.

"Oh yeah, I'm feeling great Em, Thanks." He said as he gave her a thumbs up.

Veronica laughed at his effort of trying his best to act as cool as possible. He was going under and she loved it but she now wanted him to retaliate or at least show her that he was enjoying it and didn't want her to stop.

Then he suddenly let out a quiet moan that sounded pleasurable to her ears. This moan made her feel incredibly wet and she wanted him to do it again. It was enough to let her know that he was loving what she was doing.

She rubbed her toes on to the tip of his length and he grabbed hold of her foot and let her rub him faster. He could smell her sweet scent that was coming from her panties and he bit on his lip, he couldn't wait till the lunch was over so he didn't have to hide how much she was pleasuring him at that moment.

He never would have thought Veronica would act this way with him. When he first met her she was shy and awkward with him and then last night he could see that she was feeling more comfortable with him. He was glad, she was acting a little forward right then under the table, but he couldn't care less. He liked the fact that a girl finally wanted him this way and he was more than ready to have a bit of fun.

Seth dropped his fork under the table and without Jake or V noticing, he bent down to get it. His eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when he noticed what they were both doing.

Jake heard a little giggle come from under the table and to his horror, he noticed that Seth wasn't in his seat. He quickly let go of Veronica's foot and she pulled it away from him as quickly as she could. She was glowing a bright red and let her hair fall down the right of her face to hide herself away from Seth. He got back in his seat and he started smiling to himself and gave Jacob a mocking thumbs up. Jacob replied by flipping him off.

Soon after that, the lunch had finished and Emily started stacking the plates together. Everyone helped with the washing up and Jake and Veronica dried the dishes. Seth walked over to them with a goofy grin plastered on his face.

"Well that was fun lunch, wouldn't you say Jake?" He said as he playfully nudged his arm.

Veronica shyly bent her head down and let out a chuckle, to her surprise she wasn't as embarrassed as she should have been.

"Quiet Seth, or this plate his going over your head." Jake said as his cheeks went darker.

"Don't worry you're secret is safe with me." He winked at them.

Veronica and Jake finished drying up and Jake whispered in Veronica's ear "Wanna come and hang out in my garage?"

"I'd love that." She whispered back and gave him a huge grin.

"Can I come?" Seth said, he was walking on thin ice now.

Jake grabbed Veronica's hand and as they walked passed, Jake punched Seth in the stomach. Seth bent over and let out a groan.

They quickly walked over to his garage and Jake lifted Veronica on top of his Rabbit. He got up and sat next to her and let his legs dangle down and swing.

"I enjoyed that lunch very much." Jacob said very casually.

"What did you like the best out of it?" Veronica smirked.

"Hm, let me think. I particularly liked the potatoes you baked, they were so hot and tasty."

Veronica playfully nudged him "Thanks Jake, did you like the dessert I made too?"

"Oh yeah, the dessert was the best part, I liked it a lot." He giggled to her.

"Hehe, you should have it again sometime." She said as she scooted up closer to him. He let his eyes fall on her and he stroked her cheek with his hand.

"I will only have it again if you make it." He said as he sniffed up, her sweet scent was becoming stronger.

"I will do anything for you." She said as she moved her head closer to him, their lips were inches apart again and it was only a matter of time before Jacob let his lips crash down on hers.

Their breathing became heavier and their hearts beat faster. Veronica put her arm around Jacob's neck and let her fingers run over his short dark hair. The hairs on the back of Jake's neck stood up and before she could move anymore, Jacob brushed his lips over hers.

She opened her mouth and he deepened the kiss. His tongue slipped inside her mouth, her taste was so inviting to him. His lips were so soft and warm to her own and his tongued danced with hers as their kiss became more passionate.

She stroked her hands down his smooth back. He his hand was pressed on the back of her head so he could deepen the kiss even more.

Just as they were getting into it and becoming extremely horny for each other, a wolf howl erupted the air and Jacob broke the kiss.

"What's wrong?" she said.

"I have to go, but wait here. I'll be right back."

Jacob jumped off the Rabbit and ran out the garage towards the woods. He through of his shorts and quickly phased.

"Whats up?" He asked.

"We've found something... odd." Sam said.