Drake and Josh are not mine. Sadly.

Rated M for steamy sex and language.

Please read Close Quarters first. Otherwise the plot wont make much sense.

Drake POV

My fingers drummed anxiously on my desk. 'Who invented math,' I wondered haughtily, 'and why does is have to be at the last period of the day?' I glanced at the clock for the billionth time and watched the second hand tick away the moments slowly. I grimaced at the five remaining minutes as they mocked me from behind their plastic window. 'Why the hell are there seven periods? What's the point of school for that matter?!' I took a deep breath. I was practically shaking. Waiting made me crazy, before concerts, parties, and for the final bell; it was all the same. I flexed my fists, trying to relieve some tension. It wasn't working. I knew there was only one thing that could stop my fidgeting, and that was Josh; the nerdy, clumsy, goofy, love of my life.

'Love,' I thought for a moment. Admitting it the first time had been embarrassing, but there was no use hiding it anymore. I looked up at the ceiling dreamily and indulged in one of my many fantasies. 'If only I had realized sooner… oh the fun we could have had…'

"Mr. Parker!" the teacher shouted furiously from the board. I snapped my gaze up and tried to smile innocently.

"Yes?" I looked up coyly through my lashes, a glance that made many swoon. It didn't seem to be working this time, though.

"I fully support deep thought, Mr. Parker, but based on your rapidly changing expressions I can assume that your mind isn't on math." Then his lips turned up in a self satisfied smirk; the one that most adults seemed to have mastered; the kind that pissed me off. I flashed a wiry grin back.

"Well, Teach, you know what you get when you assume, don't you?" I saw him sigh and his sneer turned to an exhausted scowl.

"I'm sure I don't, Mr. Parker." He sighed again loudly and shook his balding head, trying to belittle me into shutting up.

"Well," I started, taking several confident strides up to the white board and picking up a black marker. "When you assume things," I said, scrawling out the word, "it makes an ass out of you and me." With every exaggerated inflection I underlined 'ass', 'u', and 'me' accordingly. With a metallic click I placed the pen back on the tray, leering triumphantly at my gaping math teacher. A chorus of chuckles and giggles surrounded us, adding another shade of red to Teach's astounded face. 'I am such a smart ass,' I thought with pride.

"MR. PARK--" But the heavenly ring of the final bell cut off anything he had to say. I swiftly walked to my desk and snagged my backpack, disappearing into the hallway before I could be punished.

I couldn't hide the toothy grin that spread from ear to ear. Now that school was out I was free to return to Josh's side. My mood dampened however as I thought about the last few days.

When we had both confessed our feelings, I was more than ready to prove them, if you know what I mean. Seriously, I was hot and bothered, and all that dirty talk and innuendo had revved me up. I was practically bursting out of my jeans. But then, right when I was about to turn it up a notch, Josh passed out. His headache combined with the stress he was under had finally exacted its revenge on Josh's physical state. At that moment, I had wished I could've passed out, too.

I opened up Josh's locker and grabbed a few textbooks, so he could catch up on his missing homework. Like he needed to, he was a god damn genius.

'And a tease.' I slammed the locker door hard and trudged towards the end of the hall and outside into the summer sun.

The transit bus ride home seemed to pass by in a blur. My head was still swimming. I had spent the past few days attached to Josh's hip, bringing him food, fluffing his pillow, and checking his temperature. He tried to rebuff my attempts, telling me I wasn't his slave. That statement had only triggered several dirty thoughts before I continued waiting on him. I didn't mind it. It was cute the way he would blush at the slightest touch or whenever we locked eyes.

However, suggesting anything more left him wide-eyed and uncomfortable. He assured me that he wasn't well enough to do anything I had in mind. I wasn't buying it, though. I knew Josh too well. Once he lost momentum, it was almost impossible to get him going again. Don't get me wrong, I could turn him on, but there always seemed to be something holding him back. Like part of him thought that what we were doing was wrong. He cared far too much about how other people saw him. I knew it was selfish, but I figured that when we were together my opinion would be the only one that mattered. I groaned and leaned my cheek against to cool, bus window.

'Does he even know what he does to me?' I thought tiredly. There was no way I would force myself on him… but, on the off chance he was in the mood, I wanted to be sure I was there.

Suddenly, the bus jerked to a stop, flinging me forward. I grabbed for a hand strap and managed to catch myself, but before I could regain my balance, a body slammed into my back, wrenching my shoulder painfully. I let go of the hand hold and rubbed my upper arm wincing. It was then that I noticed whoever was behind me was still clutching on for dear life.

'Defiantly a girl,' my senses informed me, her soft chest was pressed flush against my back. A few short days ago I would have cared a lot more about this, but it didn't faze me now. I turned around and looked down. I made no effort to hide my revulsion.

"Cindy," I muttered, the words crawled slowly from my lips. 'God, I hope my stop is soon.'

"Oh my god, Drake! Like, no way!" She exclaimed in an overly peppy tone. I cringed at the sound. 'What the hell had I seen in her?' My look of utter distain didn't seem to register with her at all. She just went on babbling.

"Do you, like, ride this bus? I had no idea!" She cocked her head to the side and leaned towards me, showcasing some choice features, an obvious flirt tactic.

"I do," I paused before calling her on her BS, "but you don't. What are you doing here?" I saw her pale a little, but she quickly, although clumsily, forced out a lie.

"Oh, um, m-my Jetta is in the shop."

I nodded stiffly and glanced out the window. 'I can see my house! Thank God!' I stepped towards the door, not bothering with a good bye.

"Drake?" Cindy called after me. It was too late though; the door hissed and then folded open, offering me a chance at freedom. I stepped out without a backwards glance.


Cindy POV

I, like, couldn't believe it! 'Was Drake ignoring me? No way.' I had even used the trip-and-grab move. It works every time! I huffed and flopped into the seat behind me. I saw a geeky looking boy smile my way but I rolled my eyes and turned away. 'Total pizza face.' I can't believe I had thought taking this filthy bus was a good idea. It was disgusting in here! And that guy in the back seat looked like a hobo. Ew! I put my chin in my hands and thought about my next plan of attack.

Even after eavesdropping on Drake's sister's conversation with Jessica, I still had serious doubts about Drake actually being gay. 'I mean, he is such a lady's man. And with Josh of all people?' It seemed totally impossible. After all, he had practically spent the whole party on Sunday talking to me. 'He was so into me. I could just tell.'

Maybe this Josh thing is just a way to let off steam. That party had been pretty crazy. Right when I was sure Drake was about to move in for the kiss, Chet got all jealous and punched him. I mean, I tried to stand up for him, but my slap accidentally hit him instead of Chet. At least, that's what Chet told me. I was a little tipsy that night and couldn't remember everything.

I bet it was all just a big misunderstanding. He must have turned to Josh because he thought I didn't like him and was miffed about that slap. It was nothing that couldn't be fixed.

The bus stopped by my house and I stood up with a purpose. 'By the end of this week, I'll have the hottest boyfriend at Belleview High!' But one thing was for sure, I needed to know more about Drake's relationship with Josh. Just to be on the safe side.


Drake POV

I dashed up the shallow stairs to home sweet home, opening the door with relish, glad to be in my comfort zone. I immediately marched into the kitchen, rummaging though the cupboards in search of a suitable snack for Josh. I also gave myself the chance to sigh in relief.

Thank god I had avoided that near tragedy. I knew that Iwasn't into Cindy, but Cindy thought everyone was into her. I knew how rumors spread, too, having been at the center of many. Any hint of positive attention Cindy received from me would be misinterpreted as attraction. Not only was I far from interested, but I didn't want to give Josh a reason to doubt that I was serious about us. After all, my track record wasn't the best, and Josh often flew off the handle. He was the type to freak out first and ask questions later.

After loading up a tray with sweets, I leapt quickly up the stairs. I neared our room and could see that the door was cracked open. Feeling some adrenalin thrum through my system, I peeked in. I swallowed hard, trying to hold in a gasp.

I saw Josh sitting on his bed with his back facing me… shirtless. He slowly lifted his arms in the air and stretched, arching his chest towards the ceiling. My eyes were glued to his tan back as his muscles danced, putting on a stunning show.

That sudden health-nut-revelation Josh had gone through a few years back had definitely worked to his advantage. It seemed like such a short time ago Josh had been a chubby, nerdy spazz. Now he was a lean and sexy, nerdy spazz.

I bit my lip as he leaned all the way back. His eyes were barely shut, his cheeks a flushed pink, and his mouth wide open as he enjoyed the satisfying crack his spine made. I could feel a hard on pushing against my zipper. I made a vow then and there that I would put that expression back on his face myself. 'The sooner the better,' my body urged. Suddenly, Josh's eyes snapped open.

"Drake!?" He exclaimed, pulling his already tangled sheet up to his chin. "What are you doing there?" Without missing a beat, I kicked the door open and played it cool.

"Bringin' my man a snack. What's it look like?" I kicked the door closed and stifled a chuckle as Josh turned red, mouth hanging open. 'And what an amazing mouth it was.'

"D-didn't I already tell you that you don't have to wait on me," Josh stuttered, "I can take care of myself."

"Bull shit," I replied with a smile as I sat down on the edge of the bed. "I wasn't the one who passed out from a headache." Josh blushed a shade darker.

"Hey! You have no idea how exhausted I was! If you weren't such a slacker you might know what a little hard work feels like!" He looked away, frowning. I shot him a devious grin.

"Trust me, Joshie, I know what hard work feels like." For a second, Josh stared at me blankly, but realization slowly spread across his features. I giggled at the shocked and appalled look Josh was now sporting. 'Sometimes it's just too easy.' Josh looked like he was about to make a comment, but his gaze slipped to the tray of food at his feet.

"Drake," he asked hesitantly, "what is that?"

"Food, duh." My smart assed self reared its head again.

"That's not what I meant, Drake," Josh fumed through clenched teeth, "Those are strawberries, and if I'm not mistaken, that's chocolate dip. Oh and who could forget the whipped cream." Josh tried to be nonchalant and act sarcastic, but his face was still glowing red.

"Well, if you knew what it was, why'd you ask?" The inner devil in me clapped its clawed hands, reviling in the moment.

"DRAKE! Don't you get the symbolic meaning behind those things?!" Josh cried with a desperate look on his face. Of course I knew what I was implying, but I wasn't about to admit it. It was so much more fun to tease him.

"Um, yeah. They're symbolically delicious. Now open your mouth." Josh looked like he was about to grumble at the misuse of the word 'symbolically' but he shut his mouth. He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and leaned forward. I slowly dipped a slice of strawberry in the chocolate, all the way to the prongs of the fork. I lifted it carefully and squirted a generous helping of whipped cream on top. I smiled at the hungry look in Josh's eyes. Then, gradually, I moved the food towards him. I watched intently as the sweet treat slipped into his mouth.

I took in every moment of it: his pleased expression, his relaxed exhale, and most of all the smear of chocolate that he licked from his upper lip. 'God damn.' I thought. I was just about ready to burst.

Slowly, a wicked idea started to take shape in my head. I grinned at my own ingenuity. "Here comes another one," I whispered. Less hesitantly this time, Josh opened his mouth. I moved the fork slowly towards his mouth again. Then, at the last second, I flicked the fork sideways, smearing whipped cream across Josh's lips and cheek.

"Hey," he sputtered in surprise, "what was that for?!"

"Oops!" I gasped with fake astonishment. "A total accident! Sorry!" While he was distracted, I moved the tray to the desk and scooted closer. Slowly, he slid his tongue across his lips. I gulped visibly, watching him lick up the rest. The back of my mind was replaying that first night we acted on our feelings over and over again. I could feel his tongue on my stomach… my hips… my…"Oooh god," I muttered, trying desperately to keep a husky groan from escaping my throat.

"What?" Josh asked with authentic innocence and an almost child-like curiosity. Suddenly, he reached over and grabbed the strawberry from my fork and popped it in his mouth. Then he started licking each individual finger free of chocolate.

'Holy fuck.' I winced as my erection burned in my jeans. The gears in my brain were turning rapidly as it kept spitting out different images and memories, replaying them mercilessly. "I-it's nothing," I managed to say, although it came out breathless. 'When was the last time I was speechless?'

Without hesitation, I prepared another strawberry and fed it to Josh. Only, my hand was shaking this time, so the whipped cream smudged Josh's chin.

"Drake!" Josh shouted in annoyance. Before he could wipe it away himself, I set the fork down with a clack and pounced. I pushed Josh's shoulders into the bed and hovered over him, breathing hard. Josh looked up at me with those big, steely eyes of his and I groaned.

"Let me take care of that," I whispered in a throaty voice. I dipped down to Josh's face and pressed my tongue flat against his chin. I felt him tremble under me and I just about lost it. 'N-no! Don't force yourself on him!' I tried to keep hold of what little control I had left but… 'Kissing him can't cause that much harm, right?' I started to suck on his soft skin, catching the bottom of his mouth in mine. Josh parted his lips and tried to speak.

"D-drake," he murmured softly. It was like he had whispered it across my skin. Goosebumps rippled down my body and all I could picture was Josh's mouth on my cock. I absolutely could not take it any more. It had only been a few days but it felt like I had waited an eternity.

Oh who was I kidding? I had probably always craved this, somewhere in the back of my mind. I wanted him so badly. I don't know why I hadn't seen it sooner. I arched my back and started to writhe against him. Josh gasped as he felt just how hard I was. I closed my eyes and moaned, panting heavily.

"Oh god, Josh! Mmnnh! Say my name, say it please," I groaned pitifully. But I didn't care anymore. I needed him to say it.

"D-drake," Josh gasped, growing harder as I rubbed my hips against his.

"Louder," I panted, "Say it louder!"

"Drake, ahh Drake!" Josh leaned back, exposing his long neck. His jaw dropped and his eyelids fluttered shut; just the expression I was looking for.

"More, more, more! Say it again!" My voice cracked as I pleaded frantically. A rainbow of colors was exploding behind my eyes while sweat was glistening on my forehead.

I couldn't believe I still had my pants on. I was going insane and the only thing I was doing was creating a little friction. I was so god damn hard… I don't think I've ever been turned on so immediately. I hadn't felt this amazing in a long time.

Then Josh started to thrust against me. I opened my mouth to groan but there wasn't any air left in my lungs. I had just reached a new level of amazing.

"Drake, Drake, Drake!" Josh moaned a little higher in pitch each time. I was about to go over the edge. The way he screamed my name, the hot friction between my legs, and the breathless way he gasped for air was too much. I couldn't last any longer.

"Fuck yes, Josh! Fuck yes!!!" I moaned hoarsely. With one final thrust, I released into my boxers, and doubled over panting. I was so overwhelmed; all my senses were on high alert, sensitive to every breath, every muscle twitch and every bead of sweat dripping down my neck. It was only when Josh whimpered my name that I opened my eyes again.

"Drake?" Josh whined in a questioning way, his gaze trailing down his own stomach. I followed it and saw that he was still painfully, miserably hard. With disgust I realized that this made us two to zero, with me contributing almost nada to Josh's needs.

I suddenly remembered that first night. How I passed out into dreamy bliss, leaving Josh to deal with a hard on after I had brought him an inch short of climax. 'I'm a selfish bastard,' I thought coldly. I quickly crawled backwards and readied myself above his hips.

"D-drake!" Josh cried out in alarm, "You don't have to… if you don't wanna." I looked up at him, gaping in disbelief… until I saw the look in his eyes. They screamed 'Do it right now. Rip off my sweats and do it!' I smiled mischievously.

"We both know you're lying," I slid off the bed, pulling Josh's legs with me. His knees flopped over the edge of the bed as I knelt in front of him. Josh nodded pitifully as I pierced him with my fiery gaze. I then turned my attention to his throbbing erection. In one quick movement, I slipped his sweat pants and boxers to his ankles. For a moment I just stared at it; taking in the view.

'Impressive,' I thought. I leaned in and slid my wide open mouth over it, still not making contact. I took in a deep breath through my nose and let hot air cascade from my lungs (a move that Josh was surprisingly good at.)

"Ahhh!" Josh exclaimed loudly. Without missing a beat, I took in as much of him as could and sucked hard, bobbing my head slowly.

"Oh shit! Drake, that feels soooo good, uuh!" Josh arched back as I let my tongue twist around his cock. He tasted hot, and the way our pulses seemed to beat as one was getting me ready for round two faster than I could have imagined. Meanwhile, Josh's breathy cries and moans were music to my ears. I could have done this all day.

"Drake," Josh groaned, interrupting my inner monologue, "I-I'm gonna…" He paused and looked away embarrassed. I knew what he meant, but I wanted to hear him say it.

"Gonna what, Josh?" I asked, grabbing his member with my fist and pumping, trying to tease him.

"Huuuuhh!" Josh moaned desperately. Then I leaned in close and trailed my tongue around the head of his cock, tracing a wet spiral of saliva. All I could hear was a squeak, and I saw Josh's eyes roll back in his head. I could feel shivers rack his body as he reached his peak.

"Gonna, what Josh?!" I cried, tightening my grip, desperately wanting to hear his reply.

"I'm gonna come, Drake! I'm gonna- oh shit, DRAKE!" Josh let a rough cry rip from his throat as he came. It was hot and wet and dripped over my hand. I didn't want it to stop; I bent down again just kept sucking even as Josh flopped back on the mattress. I felt stomach contract with arousal as I slurped him clean. But my lungs burned for air and I had to let go. I gasped loudly and sat back on my hands, totally exhausted. For a long, peaceful moment we just stared at each other through half open eyes, breathing deeply. All I could think about was Josh, Josh, Josh.

'God… I can't believe I never noticed how hot he really is.' Actually, that wasn't completely true. I had probably always noticed. He had that tall, dark, and exotic look that a lot of girls go for. If he wasn't such a dork, he would probably be way more popular… maybe even more than me. I shuddered, feeling insecurities wash over me. 'He has so much going for him… Why is he even with me in the first-'

"I love you, Drake," Josh whispered as a huge, goofy grin slid across his face. My heart fluttered and I felt a blush sweep across my entire body. All my uncertainty seemed to melt away and I smiled back.

"Me too, man. I love you, too."


Megan POV

I could barely think strait as my stereo roared heavy metal at max volume. I sighed angrily. 'What boobs,' I winced as the lead singer groaned hoarsely about rising up from his zombie grave. 'If it weren't for me, Mom and Dad would be on to their little 'secret' in no time.' If I hadn't turned up my boom box the second I heard moaning, our parents would probably be in their room at this very moment gaping at what they found.

'At least I know what to get them for the next holiday… A sound proof door.'


Aww. Isn't Megan sweet? She cares about them in her own special way. But the next chapters wont be all fluff and romance. Some serious angst is on the way.