Fandom : Yu-Gi-Oh

Rating : M

Title : Comprehend

Author :Yami Kuro Ookami Hatake

Main Shipping : Monarch (Atemu x Yami)

Other Shipping : Pride (Seto x Yami)

Warnings : Rape, Yaoi, Het, Yelling...

Summary : In the space of one day, he is fired, abandoned by his hikari and boyfriend, and then raped. Now Jobless, homeless and tainted, Yami breaks. His darkness has decided its up to him to save his pretty, broken kitten... /AtemuxYami-SetoxYami\

Timeline : What timeline? Post series

Date : 5-21-09



Yami was in a daze, walking away from the school slowly, still trying to comprehend if what all had happened had really happened today.


"We're sorry Mr. Mouto, but we just don't think you're cut out for this job. You're fired."


"God Yami! I can't even look at you! Just…take your stuff and go stay with Seto or something for a while." Yugi huffed angrily, looking at his decimated kitchen. Yami nodded tearfully, and quickly packed the little amount that he had in his extra book bag, and left the Kame Game Shop.


"Seto! Thank god, I have to ask you a favo-" Yami froze mid-sentence at the look Seto was giving him.

Seto glared at Yami. "I told you when we started this…relationship that it had to be kept a secret." Yami gave his boyfriend a heartbroken look. "So …""Someone found out." "So…because someone found out… "It means you obviously told someone, when you swore not too. And I don't talk with – let alone date- liars." And just like that, a two year relationship dissolved…


Yami kept his tears to a minimum, but his eyes still gave off a teary-sheen. He stumbled as he bumped into someone, and apologized quietly, before looking up and choking on air. Chris Masters, the largest bully in school was standing over him. Yami gulped and back away quickly. Part of receiving his new body was the loss of shadow magick, and with it, most of his strength as well.

So when Masters pulled Yami in to the locker room, Yami could do little more than whimper through the hand covering his mouth.

An eternity of agony later, and Chris Masters left Yami bruised and broken on the floor, blood smeared across the black and white tiles. Yami whimpered quietly and gathered his stuff. He limped from the locker room, clothed in a shirt and pants he had gotten out of the lost and found box.

He had quickly made his way out of the school.

//End Flashback//

What was he going to do? He was homeless, jobless, and boyfriend-less. Not to mention tainted…

So it was really no surprise when he finally broke down in the middle of the street he was in, crumbling to the ground and starting to sob.

He stilled as something stirred in the back of his mind, and screamed as a large black shadow exploded from his body, before forming into a larger, darker looking version of Yami himself.

The darker version smirked, and picked up Yami. "Do not Worry, my own…Atemu will take good care of you, pretty broken one…" Atemu cooed quietly, and the two disappeared in a swirl of black and red shadow.