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Naruto: Chronicles of the Seventh

Book One: Dissension

Chapter Sixteen: Requiem

A bitter, cold wind blew into Konoha this morning. A sign that winter was fast approaching. Though Konoha was situated in a warm climate winter, from time to time, did visit this village. The Sages, whose job it was to predict the weather for the farmers, believed that this winter would be one of the harshest in recent memory. It seemed, judging by this day, that thier prediction would be accurate. But none of this really mattered today. Today, the weather was an after thought much like almost everything else right now.

This morning, every villager waited by the front entrance to Konoha for something none of them wanted to see. Already, even before their arrival, some villagers could be seen crying. Out in the distance they saw the shadows of the group as they returned. Yesterday, when word reached Konoha of Team Seven's return, the Hokage sent a small squad to escort them. Slowly, solemnly they approached the gate and Sakura and the others were in awe. Never before had they ever returned from a mission to this type of reception. All around the entrance, on nearby rooftops and leaning out windows, every citizen looked on.

As they walked through the gates Sakura could here the gasps of shock and the growing sound of screams and tears as those around her saw Naruto being carried in by the Chunin ninja behind her. All around, Sakura saw the faces of the dismayed and the depressed. Out of the crowd Sakura saw her friends, her comrades emerge. Their faces, to Sakura, seemed the most tragic above all. As they approached Hinata broke down into tears and Kiba quickly wrapped his arms around her. Neji, Shikamaru, Choji and Lee walked over and took hold of the small bed Naruto had been placed on and carried it themselves. Sakura could here the well wishes of Shino and TenTen and as more people moved to the side, Ino came into view.

Looking on her face Sakura could tell that she had been crying for quite some time and seeing Sakura, Ino again began to cry. Seeing Sakura, Ino ran too her and wept in her arms. As she tried to console her, Sakura looked up to see Tsunade walk past. Tsunade slowly made her way to Naruto and for a moment just looked on his face. Touching it she couldn't help but remember their first meeting, see his strength as he first fought Kabuto for her and his dedication to save his lost friend. Now to see him like this, her heart broke and finally her tears came.

After a short time Shikamaru and the others began to move Naruto towards the medical grounds. Behind them followed Sakura and the rest of Naruto's closest friends. And behind them still dozens upon dozens of Konoha's citizens followed in stunned silence. As the procession made its way through the streets Sakura saw Danzo, flanked by three guards standing up ahead. As they reached him they came to a stop. Danzo walked over and studied Naruto for moment before turning his attention to Konohamaru and Moegi. "I'm glad to see you made it," Danzo said. "Thank you Hokage-sama," Konohamaru said with a glower on his face.

Danzo did not respond and then looked towards Sakura. "Sai, Haruno Sakura," he said, 'You and I need to talk, now." Sakura grew angry. "This is not the time," she said. "Naruto…" "Can wait," Danzo said. "He obviously won't be going anywhere anytime soon and I need to know what happened out there immediately." Sakura could feel her whole body shaking with rage when she felt a hand touch her shoulder. Looking behind her she saw it was Tsunade, who seemed drained of all vitality. "It's all right Sakura," she said, "I'll see to Naruto personally until you get back." Sakura nodded in agreement as she and Sai followed Danzo to his office.

Meanwhile – At a hidden location

Madara swung open the door violently, to the medical ward and briskly walked into the middle of the room. Scattered about was Sasuke and the rest of his team. Madara, stared at Sasuke intently and though no one could see his face they could feel the anger coming from him, like it were some tangible thing that they could reach out and grab hold of. "Get out," Madara said without taking his eyes off Sasuke. Karin, Jugo and Suigetsu all looked to Sasuke who nodded his approval. Silently they left the room, with Karin in the rear. Looking back, Karin looked at Sasuke who looked back. In his eyes she could tell he was saying it would be alright. Reluctantly Karin closed the door behind her and left.

Sure that they were now alone Madara came closer to Sasuke and sat on the seat across from him. "So," he said, "You failed. Again. This is something you seem to be getting quite good at Sasuke." "Shut the hell up Madara," Sasuke responded, "Naruto proved to be more…..problematic than I anticipated. Besides, if you had gotten Sakura removed from the mission like you said you would this wouldn't have been a problem." Madara rose to his feet, "How dare you," he said, "My plan was flawless! It was your half assed execution that proved the problem! I warned you of her. What you should have done was kill her first! Then it wouldn't have been an issue."

Madara slowly walked around Sasuke who remained seated on the bed. "You know what you're problem is Sasuke," Madara continued. "You're too weak to do what is necessary. For all your talk of vengeance, when it comes to Naruto and that girl you held back. You didn't even use that technique until you had to escape." Sasuke looked around at Madara in astonishment. "How did you..?!" he said as he realized the answer. Sasuke shook his head and then said, "Zetsu. You had me followed?"

"I had you observed," Madara said. "After all he is the one who killed Nagato and therefore could have killed you. I needed to know what skills he now has. And I must say I've learned much. To think that he, someone who never before experienced the Tsukuyomi could recover from it so quickly." Sasuke looked away as he said, "Please. Naruto didn't recover from anything from what I'm hearing from Konoha. Besides that was all the Kyuubi." "The Nine Tails," Madara responded, "had far less to do with that fight than you think Sasuke. Don't you find it odd he didn't call on its power not once?"

Sasuke had in fact considered this while being brought back. He considered many things about what had happened. "Obviously," Sasuke said, "it was because he knew using it would be useless. He tried before and I easily suppressed it. I would have done so again." Under his mask Madara smiled, Sasuke's arrogance and ignorance was amusing.

Sunagakure – Office of the Kazekage – Several days ago

"And that is the complete report Kazekage-sama," said the elder who sat at the table. Gaara, leaned forward with his hands crossed in front of his face. He hadn't moved the entire time as he listened to the report from Kumogakure. Gaara, sitting in the seat of the Kage looked around him. In the room was a large round table and seated all around were his family and closest advisors. To the right sat Temari, Matsuri and several elders. While to his left sat Kankuro, Baki and several more elders.

For a moment everyone was silent as they waited for Gaara to address them. Suddenly one of the elders stood. "Gaara," he said, "I understand your hesitance in this matter, we all do. But we can deny this no longer. Konoha may have once been an ally, but now with that Danzo as the Hokage, they are not anymore. This action proves as much. We can not allow this to go unpunished or we will lose face." Gaara, without moving said, "Do you think I care about losing face Krolik? All I care about are the people of Suna. I will not enter a war and ask them to sacrifice their lives and of those they love just to save face."

Krolik expected this response and quickly said, "But if we do nothing others will take this as weakness. War will come to us." "Don't you think I know this,' Gaara said. "But how do we know Kumo themselves didn't do this?" Another elder spoke up, "We have considered this Gaara. Our men are still investigating. However he have confirmed that Konoha ninja were in Kumo and played some role in the death of Koga and his men."

Gaara closed his eyes, as if he were trying to shut out everything around him, as if he could make it all go away. Once again Krolik spoke up, "You see Gaara, there is no denying it. You need to act! You have been too soft and our standing in the Ninja world has suffered because of it!!" Matsuri stood up, angered, "Gaara has done nothing but do what's best for our people! He is the Kazekage and should be treated with respect! Don't dare speak to him in that way!"

Krolik then stood, "How dare you! You, who are the least qualified to even be in this room. Your ninja skills and experience do not compare to anyone else's in this room. Instead of giving you opinion on things you know nothing about perhaps you should spend your time on the training grounds." Krolik then smiled wickedly as he also said, "Or perhaps you should just be cleaning it."

Gaara slammed his hand on the table and stared harshly at Krolik, "Enough! Krolik we have talked about this before. Matsuri is a trusted advisor to me and for that reason deserves your respect. If you need another reason then also consider that she is now my wife and I will not stand for her to be spoken too like that!" Krolik, realizing his error, quickly gathered himself. "My apologies Kazekage-sama," he said as he bowed. He then bowed to Matsuri, "My apologies Matsuri-sama, I was out of line."

Baki then spoke, "Gaara, though Krolik leaves much to be desired in tact, his argument is valid. I believe, for the good of Suna, we must respond. Konoha, since Danzo took office, have treated us with hostility. This unprovoked assault proves they are no longer allies." "But what good will come from a war," Temari asked. "If we declare war only suffering, from all sides will come from it." Again everyone was silent. Gaara, again closed his eyes and breathed in deep. Opening his eyes again Gaara said, "Matsuri, Temari, Kankuro, I would like to speak to you in private. Everyone else please leave."

Silently Baki and the elders rose up and left the conference hall. Krolik smiled to himself, despite the slight misstep he had performed wonderfully.

Konoha – Office of the Hokage – Now

Danzo sat silently for awhile as he absorbed all that he had heard from Sai. For the past forty five minutes he had listened as his subordinate debriefed him on the entire mission while Sakura sat silently. After Sai came to an end Danzo sat back in his chair and looked at Sakura. "Well," he said, "You definitely fucked up royally didn't you Haruno?" Sakura looked away. Though she wanted to defend herself she knew that, in the end, the mission was failure. That, she could not deny.

"So tell me," Danzo said, "what information regarding Akatsuki's plans were you able to confirm?" Sasuke looked at Danzo with a gleam of hatred in her eye, "None." "Damn," Danzo said, "You are pathetic. All of you were. I send you out there with clear instructions. Learn of Akatsuki's movements, do not attempt to rescue team Three because it would lead you to most likely, having to break my other instruction; which was to avoid confrontation at all costs. Yet, you break each and every one of them. And now look at you. You return a failure. But what should expect from the pupil of Tsunade and the Kyuubi."

Sakura slammed her hand her down, denting Danzo's desk, "Don't dare refer to Naruto in that way! Naruto did everything he could! He has sacrificed everything to ensure our safety!" "Yes," Danzo responded, "It's a shame he couldn't do everything he could to complete the mission! The truth is Naruto is a failure as a leader. A good leader, a good ninja, would have realized that the mission comes first! He wouldn't have sacrificed the mission just to save two comrades! As a result he has put the entire village at risk!"

"Enough Danzo," Sakura said as she squeezed the armrest to the point of shattering. "Don't say another word, Danzo or I swear I'll…." "You'll what," Danzo said with a smirk, "Strike me? Kill me? I doubt it." Sakura, brought to such anger and frustration, could feel the tears in her eyes. Looking up at Danzo she said, "Naruto has sacrificed everything for us. All he every wanted to do was protect us." "And look what that got him," Danzo said.

Sakura looked down and hearing those last words, suddenly felt so weak and fragile. "Yes," she said, "Your right. We've depended on him; I've…..depended on him too much. But….what he did he did for us. And if he could talk right now I know he'd say he has no regrets." Sakura then looked up at Danzo, determination etched on her face, "So, I have no regrets either."

"Can you honestly look at Naruto and say that," Danzo asked. Sakura glared at Danzo but did not answer. "Fine," Danzo said as he placed his hand on two scrolls that were sitting next to him on the desk. Picking them up he tossed them over to Sakura and said, "Perhaps this will change your mind."


Madara returned to his seat and for awhile merely stared at Sasuke. Annoyed by his silence Sasuke said, "So now what? Word has been leaking out of Konoha that Naruto died from his wounds. If he's dead, then the Kyuubi died with him. How do you plan to go forward now?" "Who told you the Nine Tails died," Madara asked. Sasuke was surprised. "Are you saying Naruto's alive then?" "What I'm saying is that things aren't always as they appear," Madara said, "There is more than one way to retrieve the Kyuubi."

"Fine," Sasuke said, "Once I heal I'll head to Konoha and bring Naruto here." "Don't bother," Madara said, "I've come up with a new plan. The problem we've had capturing the Kyuubi is because we have been treating it like a human. When in fact all he is, is an animal. And how does one capture an animal? You strike at its heart." Sasuke was confused, "But Naruto is dead. And even if he isn't, you now propose to kill him?" "Ah," Madara said, "Therein lays the brilliance of this plan. For animals who fancy themselves human have more than one heart."

"You see," Madara continued, "while Zetsu observed your fight he learned something quite interesting. He learned of the Kyuubi's second heart. If we destroy that, then the Kyuubi will be ours." Sasuke felt his mouth go dry. He swallowed hard and his eyes widened in disbelief in what he knew Madara was implying. "So tell me Sasuke," Madara said, "Tell me about Naruto's heart. Tell me everything you know about Haruno Sakura."

Sunagakure – Office of the Kazekage – Several days ago

Gaara waited until his advisors had left when he turned to Kankuro and said, "You haven't said anything during our meeting Kankuro. I'd like to hear what you think." "We have many friends in Konohagakure," Kankuro said, "Friends who have stood by us and fought with us. Friends who put their lives on the line to rescue you from Akatsuki. The idea of having to fight them, perhaps even kill them, makes me sick. But, our friends aren't running Konoha, Danzo is. And for whatever reason, Danzo declared war on Suna by hunting and killing one of our own. We have no choice Gaara. You must respond."

Gaara looked at Kankuro, "If I do this, there is no going back." He then looked at Temari who, he could see was struggling to maintain a professional demeanor. "Temari," Gaara said, "This decision has great consequences for us, but even more for you." Temari, momentarily looked surprised. "Me," she said, "Why would it for me?" Gaara smiled weakly, "Do you really think I'm that dumb or blind? You think I haven't noticed you sneaking out of the city to meet that Nara kid?" Temari closed her eyes as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

"Temari," Gaara continued, "I can't make my decision based on protecting your heart. And if I do this. If I declare war, you know what that may mean don't you?" Temari kept her eyes closed as she responded, "Yes." "Do you think you will still be able to do your duty," Gaara asked. "Yes," she said. Gaara could feel her pain and wanted to console her. But he knew there was nothing that really could now. "Guys," he said, "I need to be alone to think about this." Temari and Kankuro got up from their seats and left.

As Matsuri stood up she walked behind Gaara and placed her hands on his shoulders. Gaara put his hand over hers and said, "What do I do Matsuri? The lives of my people are at stake. Often times I wonder what would Naruto do. I know he would find away to avoid this. But I…..I see none." Sadly Matsuri said, "I don't know what he would do. But you are not Naruto. You are Gaara, Kazekage of the Sand. And I know whatever decision you make will be the right one, because I have faith." Matsuri let go of him and left the room.

Finally alone Gaara sat silently and stared out at nothingness. Faith, he thought. It's not something he's always had. It's not something people always had in him. Naruto was the first to show him what true faith was all about. And he wished now that Naruto was here. But Naruto wasn't here, only he is. He has the fate of his people in his hands. He is Gaara, Kazekage of the Sand and he had a decision to make.

Konoha – Office of the Hokage – Now

Sakura stared at the two scrolls as they rolled and came to a stop at her feet. Somehow, deep down she knew what was contained in them was terrible news. Picking them up, she immediately noticed that both where stamped with an official seal. One was from Sunagakure and the other from Kumogakure. Sakura found herself hesitant to open them and felt her palms grow clammy. "Well," Danzo said, "aren't you going to open them?"

Sakura decided to open the one from Suna first. As she opened the scroll the first thing she noticed was that is contained a very long decree and was signed by Gaara himself. Before she could begin to read it Danzo spoke up, "Feel free to read them both when you have the time. But if you'd like I can summarize them both as they essentially say the same thing. They say that based on your recent actions and the obviously hostile intent of those actions, both Sunagakure and Kumogakure have declared open war on us."

Danzo leaned back in his chair, his look stern. He stared at Sakura as if he were trying to kill her with his gaze. "Congratulations Haruno Sakura," he said, "Your failure has just started the fourth Great Ninja War. So tell me…..do you still have no regrets?"

Meanwhile – Kumogakure Medical Ward

Uzumaki Naruto, he thought as he lay staring out at the sun-filler courtyard. I hate him; I'll curse his name till the day I die. For days he lay there thinking, hurting, his anger growing. The doctors told him that, in time, he will recover from his injuries, but not fully. Too much damage had been done to his back and spine. They said he would never be a ninja again.

They were wrong, they had to be. He would prove them all wrong. One day soon, he will fight again. If for only one reason it was to find him, the one who did this, and crush him. When he heard than Naruto had died, even that brought him no peace. Only more anger. He swore, even if he had to go to hell and drag him back just to torture him again, he would do it. He would find away to make him pay more. He would slaughter everyone Naruto knew and loved and hoped that Naruto could see this from hell and scream in pain as he watched helplessly.

The thought of this brought a pained smile to his lips. And then he would look down at his broken body and his smile would fade. And his hate would again rise. Suddenly, he heard a noise. The feint sound of someone approaching. To anyone else they would assume it was a nurse coming to check on him. But he knew better. After years as a shinobi he knew the sound of someone approaching who did not want to be seen or heard. Part of him expected this, due to his failure. Someone has come to silence him. And though he was ready, he is still afraid.

Slowly the door opens and he instantly recognizes the figure standing there. He has seen this person before, this pale white figure who, every time he appears, sends a cold chill up his spine. "Well, well," Zetsu said as he approaches the bed, "You look pretty banged up. I take it your confrontation with the Kyuubi didn't end well." "Master Zetsu," the man said, "Have you come to silence me? I have failed you, but I swear I will say nothing. If you allow me I will heal and I will make amends for my failure."

"Now, now," Zetsu responded with a smile, "there's no need to fear. I didn't come all this way just to kill you. If I wanted you dead I could have had someone else do it. Quite the contrary, my master was pleased with your dedication and has sent me here to reward you." The man felt all the air escape his lungs and it was then he realized that he was subconsciously holding his breath in fear. "Thank you master," he said, "but I am not worthy."

"Well," Zetsu replied, "We feel differently. According to your diagnosis, you are not expected to be able to be a shinobi again. What if I told you we could change that? What if I told you we have the power not only to heal you but to make you faster, stronger than you ever were?" The man could feel the tears run down his face. "Anything," he said, "I will do anything. I will sell my soul to you if I must."

Zetsu smiled a wicked smile, "Well," he said, "I doubt you'll have to go that far. But there will be a sacrifice. Tell me Muramasa Shinsuo, have you ever heard of a Jinchuricki?"


Madara exited the medical room. Down the darkened hallway he saw the rest of Hawk waiting. For the most part Madara considered them to be useless but their loyalty to Sasuke he could respect. Seeing Madara leave the room, Karin and the others made their way back. As they passed each other Karin couldn't help but look at Madara. Since the day they met she has hated and feared this man. His Chakra was practically unreadable and seemed darker than anything she felt before. One thing she noticed though was that his chakra seemed to be a mix of many different ones which to her seemed impossible.

As they entered the room Madara turned and watched as the door closed. He then made a left and walked up some stairs that led above ground and through another door that led to his quarters. Waiting for him was the black Zetsu. "Well, Lord Madara, how was it," Zetsu asked. "Better than expected all things considered," Madara responded. "Sasuke may have failed to capture the Kyuubi but it will not hamper my plans. And refocusing him on the Haruno girl will play out just as I expect it."

"My Lord," Zetsu asked, "Are you sure we can proceed without the Eight and Nine tails?" "Of course," Madara said, "It will be troublesome but it can be done. And with Sasuke progressing as planned he will be the final step. Speaking of which Zetsu, how goes it with your brother?" "As planned Lord," Zetsu responded, "Soon we will have another volunteer." "Excellent," Madara said, "Then there really is no point in holding back any longer. We have enough of our pieces in place. Tomorrow we begin Operation New Dawn."

Konohagakure Hospital - Later that Evening

It was quiet now in the room. All his friends had left. All the words of consolation had been said and tears had been shed. The worst was Iruka, Hinata and Tsunade-sama. She couldn't stay in the room while they were there. Their faces, their sadness was too much to bear. So she waited outside and talked to friends and her mother. She talked to nurses and doctors.

Many friends and well-wishers suggested she get some rest. Tsunade herself told her she should go home. That there was nothing she could do now. Tsunade was right of course. She was exhausted beyond words. But she swore to herself she wouldn't leave. As long as it takes she wouldn't leave his side. Because she knew Naruto would never leave hers. And he deserved such loyalty in return.

Looking on his face as the light of the moon shone down on it, Sakura remembered. She remembered the first time she ever saw him, the first time she ever spoke to him, the first time she fought by his side and during the Chunin exams, the first time she saw him, really saw him. She remembered the unexpected loneliness she felt when he left with Jiraiya and her happiness upon his return. She remembered how she felt when she learned of the curse he carried and the burden he had to carry.

She remembered the words Yamato told her on that awful day she first saw his burden first hand, "It not what you do for Naruto that's important. It's how strongly you feel about him that counts." She remembers these words and frowns and thinks. What good is feeling strongly about a person if you lack the strength to help them when they need you most. Naruto, the truth is I failed you. When you needed me I failed you, and now…….

Sakura reaches out and grabs Naruto's hand and weeps. She covers her face in an effort to hide the shame of her weakness yet beneath it she cries uncontrollably. Naruto, she thinks, if you come back I swear I'll protect you. Please Naruto, if you come back I'll make things better. Naruto…….please…….please…….Naruto……I'm so sorry.

End of Book One

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Abandoned docks - Tokyo

"Are you sure you want to do this," she said as she looked at him. Ichigo looked around at the large rundown space. There was no lighting outside of the moon that shown through. He could hear rats running around and the place smelled of urine. "Rukia," he said, "Like I told you. I want to do this. I want to be a Shinigami."

"Alright then," she said, "Let's begin your first lesson. As you know we are Shinigami, the gods of death. We kill demons." "Yeah, yeah," Ichigo responded "I know this already. Can we get to the killing already?" "Shut up idiot and pay attention," Rukia screamed. "Whatever Rukia," Ichigo said, "You mind telling me what we use to kill those damned things! What is it, guns, rockets, magic? I bet you it's magic right?

Rukia looked annoyed as she pulled something from behind her, "Actually we use this." Ichigo suddenly got confused, "A sword? A freaking sword?! Rukia, it's 2009 for God's sake. I'm supposed to use a sword?!" Rukia reached her hand out as if giving him the sword. "Take it from my hand," she said. Ichigo smiled, "Oh I get it. This is like that grab the rock from my hand stuff right?!"

"Ichigo, shut up and take it," Rukia yelled. "Ok Mr. Miyagi, I'll bite," he said as he reached out to grab it. Ichigo was shocked as he saw his hand pass right through the sword. "What the fuck," Ichigo screamed. "Now you understand," Rukia said, "This is a Zanpakuto, or a spirit blade. It is our weapon on choice. To destroy demon spirits you must use a spirit weapon." Ichigo smiled, "Alright, then give me mine and lets get to work."

"I can't give you one," Rukia said, "That's not how this works. You must find your Zanpakuto." "Well," Ichigo said, "How do I do that?" Rukia turned her back to Ichigo and walked away. "That's why we're here," she said, "We are here to test you. You see, the fact you can even see my blade proves you have above average Spirit Pressure. But you need higher ability to actually wield one. So here is you challenge. The time is now 11pm and you have until sunrise to find your Zanpakuto."

Ichigo crossed his arms, "What's the catch?" Turning to face Ichigo again Rukia responded, "The catch is we'll be releasing a demon we captured onto the grounds. It will hunt you and attempt to kill you. Your only options are to avoid it until sunrise, by which you'll then fail the test, but at least you'll survive. Or you find you Zanpakuto and use it to kill the creature."

"So," Rukia asked, "I'll ask you again. Do you want to continue?" Ichigo looked at his fist and clenched it. He thought of everything he had lost, his friends, his family, the girl he loved. All lost at the hands of demons. He swore he would make them pay. "I already told you I'm in."

"Ok," Rukia said as she walked off into the shadows. "Then I guess we can begin." Ichigo watched as Rukia disappeared into the shadows and turned as he heard in the distance a low growl. Damn, he thought, this is gonna be a long night.

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Konoha, has always been a place of peace and prosperity. Now that peace is at an end. War has begun and Akatsuki is making their Ultimate move for power. Now as the Fourth and final Great Ninja War begins, heroes must stand in the defense of their home. Friends will make the ultimate sacrifice. New legends will be born. And a New Dawn will rise!!

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Naruto: Chronicles of the Seventh

Book Two: New Dawn

A New Dawn is Coming…….

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