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'We're from two different worlds…Bella, I'm not human and I'm tired of pretending that we're meant to be.' (AN: Sorry I don't know the real words from New Moon so I'm making it up as I go along. Plus I can't be bothered to go upstairs and get it :P) Edward's words sliced through my heart like a knife, except doing more damage than a knife ever could.

'Edward…Please.' I begged heartbrokenly, tears pricked my mud-brown eyes insistently.

'Bella, I don't think we belong together anymore.' Edward hissed with his guarded topaz eyes, allowing no emotion to slip through. Those words sounded so wrong from his perfect marble lips and sweet velvet voice.

''.Me?' I managed to choke out after chewing the words through in my head. Tears were now streaming down my pale cheeks.

He gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and disappeared, leaving no footsteps to give away what direction he had gone.

Pain shot throughout my chest and I crumpled to the floor. Helplessness washed over me and I curled up in a pitiful ball, hugging myself as if to hold the imaginary hole in my chest together. Sobs racked my trembling body.

After a few seconds, I felt a strange feeling of calm settle over me and realized someone was stroking my hair and cooing soothing words in my ear.

My head immediately snapped up and my eyes widened to the size of saucers when I saw the wild mane of curly red hair.

'Victoria?' I breathed, in shock. She smiled sadly at me and continued to stroke my hair comfortingly.

'What are you doing here?' I asked, not caring if I sounded rude. I was still getting over the fact that my enemy was comforting me after – It hurt to think the name – Edward had slaughtered her mate, James.

'I followed you and copper head – She eyed me in concern as I winced at the mention of him – from your house, all set to hurt you him like he hurt me. But then I heard the words he said to you and I saw something in your eyes that reminded me of me when I found James' ashes at the ballet studio. Believe it or not, I know how you feel, like some part of you has been ripped to shreds and burned, never to return.'

I nodded, that was exactly how I felt.

Victoria lifted me up easily and looked me straight in the eyes.

'Bella, you have three options.

'The first is you can carry on with your life and forget about vampires and the Cullens.' She gave me an apologetic glance when she said the name and I flinched.

'The second is that I can change you and you will remain immortal with me and we will start a coven with Laurent and his mate from the Denali Coven, Irina.

'The third is that I change you and you go your own way. I will not stop you hermana. (AN: Spanish for sister. Sorry I'm doing my Spanish homework at the same time.)

'But remember this you will always have a hermana in me.'

Touched, I hesitated briefly.

'Victoria, I choose to become one of you and create a coven with you.'

Victoria grinned and put me on her back.

'Come, sister, we must find Laurent. Oh and Bella?'

'Yeah?' I answered

'Would you like to change your name to fend off bad memories?'

'Izzy. Call me Izzy.' I decided.

She winked and called Laurent, speaking so fast I was lucky if I caught one word. Weirdly, I heard one sentence but it was only – Don't call Bella, Bella. Call her Izzy okay?

Two Hours Later –Imagine that in the SpongeBob narrators' voice, if you don't watch it, you are a disgrace to the human race! – By the way Vicky and Bellsy boo are in France now!

We stopped at the front of a beautiful mansion. It was so big! (AN-Picture on profile-)It had 3 floors! A ground floor, the 1st floor then the 2nd floor.

Laurent and Irina floated out and grinned at us.

'Victoria, Izzy. Welcome home.' Laurent chuckled, stepping forward to embrace us. After Irina had repeated Laurent's friendly action, she stayed behind to talk to me while Victoria and Laurent discussed where my room should be and who would change me.

'Coming, Iz?' Irina asked as I stopped outside the ruby doors.

'Come on, Laurent and Victoria won't eat you alive. Look at their eyes. I managed to change their diet.'

Feeling stupid for not thinking about this earlier, I looked up at the windows on the second floor to see them both arguing- but with butterscotch eyes.

I followed Irina Denali up to the second floor and Victoria told me my bedroom was first on the right. Feeling extremely pleased, I shyly threw my arms around Victoria, drawing 'Aww's' from the happy couple at the side of the room.

I followed her instructions and reached my room. The walls were a creamy white, the carpet a rich scarlet. The bed was double and looked so comfortable- not that I would need it once I was changed.

A bathroom was attached to it – much to my relief and I immediately went in to fin it stocked with bar soap, shower gel, shampoo, bubble bath, deodorant (gee, thanks! Are you trying to tell me something?) , Bath bombs and perfumes. There was also gel, combs, brushes, straightners, curlers, hairspray and a LOT of make up. It's like they knew I was coming.

I took a long hot shower with some of the products and wrapped a fluffy towel around me, heading back to my bedroom; I noticed the wardrobe and opened it. I was satisfied to see that it was fully stocked with: bikinis, bras. Knickers, tank tops, spaghetti trapped tops, boob tubes, skirts, shorts, skinny jeans, bootleg, skinny flare, dresses, etc, etc.

After drying myself, I shoved on a pink and white matching bra and knicker set and a blue spaghetti strapped top with some dark blue bootleg and some boots. Sure, they're a deathtrap but hey, at least I'll look good when I'm tripping. I put on some make up for the big moment and slightly curled my hair. I breathed deeply when I was finished.

'Izzy are you sure you want to go along with this?' Victoria called. She was at the door – flanked by Irina and Laurent, of course- and sounded worried, I nodded and climbed onto my cloud-like bed.

Irina held my hand and Laurent softly chanted a song which instantly made me calm.

Victoria stalked over to me and kissed my forehead lightly, just as he had done when he left me and whispered;

'I'm so sorry, Hermana. This is going to be the most painful thing ever but please forgive me.'

With that, Victoria tilted my neck up and bit in deeply with her venom-coated pearly white teeth.

I felt her bite at other places were blood pumped – My wrist, crease of my arm, etc - after each one licking the wound to make sure the venom stayed in. A huge fire burned away inside me making me whimper in pain, each time I did, Victoria flinched and reassured me. Two days later, the fire began to fade away but grew hotter to create its biggest flame yet on the way to my heart.

At three days, my every heart-beat came closer to my last one and the huge flame enveloped me. At last, I opened my eyes and saw the world through new perspectives. Instinctively, I listened for my heart beat. There was silence. I was now Izzy Windsor. Twin of Victoria Windsor and daughter of Irina and Laurent Windsor. I was a vampire.