Disclaimer: Although I am, of course, superior to all of you filthy human scum (jk!), I cannot yet get my royal hands on owning Maximum Ride. I will though, as soon as James Patterson mysteriously disappears (jk, again!!). Muahahahahaha!!

"I rule the world. I am your queen and you are my slaves. You do as I say and everything I say. Why, you may ask. Why? I'll tell you why. First of all, I can kick everyone's' butts no matter who they belong to without even breaking a sweat. Second, I am totally awesome. Besides, if you make me mad, I can throw you off a cliff, and that's being generous for me. Thirdly, but certainly not lastly, I'm not human. That makes me, your queen, Her Royal Highness Maximum Ride, superior to all of your underdeveloped puny brains that are so small they would fall out of your ears if it weren't for that inconvenient system of nerves and blood vessels that keeps it in place. Here's a little advice: Be afraid. Be very afraid."

Queen Max stood taking in her pathetic excuse for a kingdom (which was the whole world, but she took what she could get). She was proud of this particular speech. Her Royal Highness was certain that she had the evil witch of an unstoppable dictator down.

Stop Max! What you're doing is wrong, unnecessary, and completely immature!The queen's annoying Voice scolded her inside her head.

Oh Voice. She sighed in her head, if that's even possible. You don't understand, do you? You spent that whole time you wasted for us both rambling away about my so called destiny. You were distracted and apparently never noticed my wickedness before it was too late. I'm evil now, and as long as the world is mine, it's not in any danger. Isn't that what you wanted me to do, Voice? Protect the world? Oh, yeah. And it's Queen Max to you.

Being evil felt great. The Voice would never even begin to understand the pure bliss Queen Max felt having people everywhere collapse to their knees in her presence and rush to wait on her every desire.

Being evil was lonely though.

She would never admit it, but she missed her flock. She missed them enough to go visit them in their personal dungeons which she had made especially for them. It was on one of these visits when she let the walls in her superior mind down for just a teensy little second and when Angle unexpectedly found out the truth behind Queen Maximum Ride, Most Respected Ruler of the Earth.