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Chapter 10: five months later

It was five months after the small battle and death between Orochimaru and most of his troops. Naruto was only a couple of days away from his birth date and was terrified. His stomach had grown large and was jutting out from his body, carrying twines. Sasuke was also worried about becoming a father, but also happy. He was happy because his mate was carrying life inside him made by both of them. And right now, Minato was going into labor, clawing at Kyuubi's hand as Hinata asked him to push the baby out.

Minato said that he was keeping the baby, not wanting to destroy an unborn baby's life by his anger. No, he was going to treat the baby like any loving father would. He was going to treat it like he had with Naruto. Speaking of whom, the blond fox was soon going to be a big brother and baby brother was soon to be an uncle at a very young age. This was surprising and funny at the same time.

"Calm down Naru-chan," Sasuke said to the pacing blond, who was walking back and forth in front of a large tent where several other demon's were giving birth along with his father. Screams of pain and the crying of newborn babes came from the tent, making the blond worry even more. He had no idea which scream was his father's or which baby cry belonged to his new baby brother.

"How can I calm down when my father just went into labor about an hour ago?" Naruto snapped back, keeping up his pacing. Sasuke's eyebrows rose into his forehead at the snippy fox and shook his head.

Eight hours later, Kyuubi exited the tent, sweat covering his brow. But he had a huge grin on his face and wanted the others to fallow him. The other births were done for the moment and would have a few minutes to spend time with Minato and the newborn babe. Minato was fast asleep and getting cleaned up, being prepared to change to another tent away from the birthing tent. They called it the nursing tent, where they-Minato and the baby-would be staying until the fox was strong enough to walk on his own.

Being cleaned and changed, Minato was left alone for the moment while a nurse handed Kyuubi the baby, who too was sleeping peacefully in a blue blanket. It was a boy with black hair like Orochimaru's, but his skin was verbally tan and they knew when the baby opened his eyes, they would be blue. The elf grinned down at the baby like it was his own son before handing it to Naruto.

The young blond fox took the boy gently like he was made of glass and cradled him in his arms. The baby wiggled from being manhandled to another person and opened his eyes to show that his eyes were indeed blue, but not a bright sky blue like Minato's and Naruto's, instead it was a deep navy blue with slitted pupils like a snake. So the boy was a snake demon, huh? What will Minato think?

The baby looked up at the young fox with curious eyes as Naruto glanced back down just as curious. "What's his name?" the blond asked, not taking his eyes away from the baby.

"Minato had decided on Usagi Uzimaki a couple of months ago," Kyuubi said smiling at the baby in Naruto's arms. Handing the baby back to the elf, Naruto suddenly gasped as pain ran across his stomach and crumbled to the floor.

Sasuke knelt down by his side quickly. "Are you alright?"

"I don't know, I'm hurting around my stomach," Naruto whimpered, giving a small pained scream as another came. Sasuke was suddenly handed Usagi, who than gave him to a nurse, while Kyuubi lifted up Minato to go to the nursing tent as Naruto was placed down on the futon where his father once laid. Several women demons were at his side, undressing him and laying a blanket over his legs. Sasuke was sitting at his side, holding his hand as Hinata told him to push when another contraction came on.

Naruto did as ordered and began to push as a contraction came on. The fox had never felt so much pain in his life; he had no idea that demons could give birth like women can! But instead of coming out from a vagina, they came out through his entrance, causing a lot more pain for men than women. He squeezed his eyes shut as pain washed over his body, squeezing Sasuke's hand.

When the first was out several hours later, the second didn't take as long. Cleaned redressed in clean clothes, Naruto was taken to the nursing tent beside his father's bed. They were on actual beds this time instead of futons; they were pampered since they had just given birth to future demons that would make a great impact on the world some day.

Naruto was near falling asleep, but he wanted to stay awake long enough to name his children, which were both girls. Sasuke held one as Naruto held the other, noticing that they were both doves and had black hair and pale skin. When they both started to cry out in hunger, opening their eyes, the parents found out that they both had Naruto's eyes. Smiling tiredly, Naruto feed both of them, having no idea that he too could produce milk like women could, toes curling at the sensation placed on his nipples. The dove smirked and watched his mate protectively and babies as they feed.

"Naruto, my heart is swelling with joy and I love you so much," Sasuke whispered, kissing his mate lightly on the lips. Naruto let out a happy sigh, closing his eyes.

"I love you too Sasuke," Naruto replied. "Sasuke?"


"Promise you'll never leave me."

"I promise Naruto."

Naruto let out a sigh of relief. "What are we going to name our babies?"

"Hmm, how about Mikoto after my mother and Kushina after your mother." Sasuke smiled at his mate as the blue eyes swelled up with tears in happiness. Naruto readily agreed and told the dove how much he loved him. "I love you, so much." The fox smiled and soon fell asleep son afterward, the babies being picked by the nurses, who brought them to the other cradles that held other babies in them, leaving the couple alone for the moment.

Life was soon to get better.