"This is it… the Kagamine residence."

The detective huffed in his cigarette deeply as he exited his old truck. Across the street, he saw a colorful hue of red, blue, and yellow reflecting off the walls of the surrounding residences in the gloomy atmosphere. He also noticed the curious local bystanders, old and young, standing around the scene. He scratched his rigid beard in annoyance as he watched. That was the man's pet peeve; it doesn't matter what happened, just as long as it wasn't them. "People are nosy," he grunted to himself. But the man doesn't know exactly what happened either. He hated when it was like that. It meant that he would be in for something surprising and unbelievable.

It was always the case.

He took in one final breath from the cigarette, threw it on the floor, and thoroughly mashed it into the ground.

The detective rudely walks by the onlookers with contempt, brushing shoulders impolitely (with a few of them instantly fuming at him) and saunters into the house. Inside, there were people standing around, idly chatting with each other gravely. He looks around for his subordinate in the living room… but no luck. Though admittedly, he didn't look very hard.

Seeing as how most of the officers and forensics staff were around the kitchen, he decides to stroll in the same direction. "Excuse me," he says, passing in-between two officers who were occupied in their conversation.

The very instant he stepped into the area; a strong stench reached his nose. "Ugh, what the hell—" His eyes glanced around his environment.

Almost everything was splattered with blood.

From the walls to the floor, to the cookware and even the tiny flower designed cookie jar was dyed with the red fluid. But the area around the sink cabinet was the center of it all. Blood was, almost literally, all over it, as if someone decided to coat it with red paint. And right below it, there was a puddle…

"Sir," someone said next to the detective, "take this." He handed him a facemask, and the detective thankfully took it from him, promptly putting it over his face.

"Thanks. I've been looking for you, Junior."

"Junior? Sir, I've been working with you for two years…"

"When you pass ten years, I'll acknowledge you as my colleague, but until then…" He turned his head to the blood splatter, "What happened here?"

"You think that's bad? You should have been here before the tech guys showed up." The detective looked at him questionably. "…You see the area around the cabinet? The one below the sink, I mean."


"Well… when we first got here… I-I don't know how to say this…"

"Just say it."

"Okay…" he swallowed. "Well, there were… guts…"


Junior cleared his throat and continued, "Y-Yeah. You know, guts."

"Be more specific."

"Ah, well… if you really want me to be more specific, then, there were insides lying on the floor. Y-You know… intestines, kidney, stomach, liver…" He fought the oncoming urge to heave as he pictured the scene in his head. He looked at his superior, "Do I really have to go on?!"

The detective pinched the bridge of his nose, "No no, that's fine… Sheesh, what the hell…?"

"Yeah… some other insides were thrown around the kitchen too, which explains the blood everywhere…"

"I said 'it's fine'. You don't have to tell me anymore about it."


"Ugh…" If he could smell the disgusting odor, he thought, he was sure he'd hurl inside his mouth a little. "Anyway, does anyone know what happened? And what about the body?"

Junior shook his head, "There was no body found… and no one really knows what happened. When we looked around the house for evidence, we found a bat inside the bushes with blood. But the blood was dry."

"It was outside wasn't it?"

"Yeah, but sir, it was old, dried blood. The specialists say that it must have been weeks since the person last used it."

"I see," he paused, "Is this related to the student's body found at the park? You know, the one that was reported missing just a few weeks ago?"

"We don't really know about that yet, sir. The only thing we probably know is that's related to the murder of the shovel store owner. The shovel found at the scene was the store owner's brand."

The detective nodded his head in thought. "It must be related. We got calls of random people murdered right down the street from the park, leading to here."

"That's what I think too, sir. But they have to perform autopsies for the causes of death, just to be sure."

Abruptly, a police officer silently strides up to them with a stern look on his face, "Sorry to interrupt, but we found a body in the basement." He pointed to the men and women carrying a body bag out the door. "It's an elderly woman. We believe it's the victim's grandmother. They confirmed her death to be from blood loss."

"Blood loss?" The veteran detective asked.

"Her throat was slit with a knife, along with multiple stab wounds. Our guess is that she was taken to the basement closet and—"

"She died there?"

The officer strictly nodded his head. "Another thing. The girl who discovered the crime scene… We asked her a few questions before we let her go. She said that she received a text message from the possible victim. She told us that it read, 'Help me'. Of course, that's when she came over," he points to the bloody mess, "And saw this."

"How awful," Junior said solemnly.

After a long, deafening silence between the three, the detective cleared his throat. "We'll question the girl tomorrow. I'm sure she's too shaken up to answer any of our questions right now…"

The office dismissed himself, and so did Junior. The detective stood, silently gazing at the disturbing scene in front of him. "Only a high schooler, huh…?"

She couldn't sleep well. In fact, she didn't sleep at all. She knew if she did, she'd have nightmares…

The scene was still in her head…

When she arrived, the door was off its hinges on the ground on their lawn. "Oh no," she whispered. Her mouth ran dry when she stared into the house. Unfortunately, she couldn't see anything. It was pitch black… it was like a portal to another dimension… Not even the outside light can penetrate the darkness.

Miku shook her head violently, telling herself that she shouldn't be hesitant.

She stepped into the house.

It was murky… and silent. The atmosphere around her was almost sucking her in within its deep anonymity. Each foot step was like a clap of thunder, echoing throughout the unlit ominous room.

"R-Rin?" Her voice came out dryly. She blindly touched the walls and furniture for some kind of light switch as she wondered deeper.

Suddenly, she reached a doorway, and found one.

She flipped it on…

A middle aged woman with brilliant scarlet curls opened the door, causing Miku to jump slightly. But she was glad the woman came before she remembered the worst part of it all…

She tightly wrapped her blankets around her.

"Alright," the woman greeted while sitting across from Miku, crossing her arms, "Let's start with your name."

"…Miku Hastune."

"Miku, how well do you know the victim?" She asked unsympathetically.

"Not… very well…

"And her relative? The old woman, I mean."

"I don't even know her name…"

"I see." She jotted down some notes on her miniature notebook then continued, "Well, Miku, you seem to know the following people: Kaito, Meiko, and Rin, who happen to be victims. Are these crimes related?"

Miku sucked in her lips. "…Possibly."

"They seem to revolve around you—"

"No," she said at once, surprising the investigator, "Not me. It's… Rin…"

"Rin, huh…" She shifted nosily in her seat, grunting and sighing. "Can you tell me what's been happening?"

'Where do I start?' She asked herself. So many things been going on this year, with the drama, then her band, then her friends… she doesn't even know how to begin. She licked her lips and gazed at the investigator. "… Well, we came to the police station to report our friend was missing—"

"After that."

Miku blinked at her sudden interruption then continued, "Um… At school, Meiko told us to meet up really quick, and…" She trailed off looking down at her stiff thighs.


"Well, it was about Rin's brother…"

"She has a brother?"

"Er, no… it was actually a robot…"

"A robot?"

The emerald-haired girl started to be become annoyed at the investigators uncaring attitude and constant straightforward inquiries. "Yes."

The investigator chucked halfheartedly. "May I ask, what kind of robot was it?"

The way he asked the question made Miku yell in response, "I'm serious! He was a robot! I saw him breakdown myself!"

"Calm down," she said simply, "I never said I didn't believe you." Miku glared at the woman out of irritation, but did as she said, and became calm. "What kind of robot was it? Do you know where it is?"

She shook her head. "No…he 'broke', so I'm guessing Rin threw it away… Since that day, she never said anything about him. And of course I don't know what kind of robot he is."

"…I see… the victim sent you a text message, correct?"

"Yeah… I didn't have my phone around me… I-I was too busy doing something else…"

"What were you doing?"

"It's private."

"Hmm…" She inscribed more notes on her notepad, longer than usual, before talking again, "Do you have any idea as to who or why someone would do this to your friends?"

She shuffled in her seat uncomfortably as tears were started to build up in her eyes. "Not really… I mean, Len, the robot, knew where Kaito was… but Meiko and Rin," she turned red as she sniffed and dug her face into her hands, "I-I have no idea…!"

The woman reached over and rubbed her hand on Miku's back for comfort, "Hey, when you find out anything, just let us know, alright?"

Miku's response was incomprehensible; only quivering weeps of sorrow escaped her shaking body.

"Come on, I'll drive you home."

Miku slowly stood up, struggling to hold in her sobs. "Please…" She wiped her wet tearstained cheeks, "Please… at least find her body… i-if she's…"

The woman held open the door for her while she said, "We'll try."

It didn't sound to reassuring, Miku thought. But she nodded her head anyway, before leaving the confined room. It was the only thing that put her heart at ease, at least, for a little while longer.

Multiple weeks has passed since he carried her in.

They saw it as an opportunity to prove how advanced their science and technology were.

Every single staff and employee in the building has been waiting for this day. All eyes were on their test subject, sparkling with glee as they were all in high spirits. Some even came with ordered pizza for the possible celebration.

If it isn't a success, at least they have good food.

A white coated, dark-haired young woman elatedly laid her arm on one of their products. "It's about to begin!" She stared at his neatly tied hair cheerfully, "Aren't you excited?"

The boy nodded his head slowly.

"Okay! Turn on the power!"

"Turn on the power!" Someone repeated.

Everyone was still when they heard the electricity build inside the wired walls of the building. In a swift motion, the elderly man in charge of the mission walked in front of the thing they're excited for. He lifted his hand, and signaled it to the secretaries at the computer. They complied, and input information into each individual computer.

The elderly man waited until they were done to unplug the main cord from its headphones.

And now they wait. Eyes were unblinking, glasses were shining with excitement, mouths were hushed, lips were sealed, until…

She shot open her big, azure, soulless eyes.

"…K-Kagamine Rin has started."

The room exploded with merriment in an instant. They applauded, patted each other on the back, and passed out sodas, juices, and food immediately, repeating "It was a success! It's a success!"

One of the scientists toasted with another, "Man, that young girl is very lucky."

"I agree. Found on the brink of death, disemboweled and everything! Yikes…"

He laughed, "Yes yes! And look at that, she was discovered by one of our products, and her life was saved! This just proves that our knowledge is, indeed, the best."

The other man took a gulp of his drink. "Yes, but unfortunately, she still doesn't have the most important part fixed…"

"Ah, well," He turned towards the boy, who was chatting to the elderly man. "Blame him for it. He was very eager to see her again, up and walking. If we wanted to fix the most vital part now, she'd still be in the operation room, and we wouldn't be celebrating right now."

"Haha, right? A 'heart' takes forever to make. But, enough about that. Let's celebrate, without the talk of work, eh?"

"Agreed!" And they clink their glass together.


"Oh… of course you can," the elderly man responded, "But we'll need her again to make the—"

"But you don't right now, do you…?"

The man chuckled, "Heh, I don't. You can take her into the white room, if you want."

Without another word, the boy pulled her stiff body from the area. Her feet dragged on the ground heavily as he impatiently lead the way. The scientist cheered loudly once again when the two of them brushed past.


He closed the door and locked it. When he turns to look at her, she remains at the same spot, staring motionlessly straight ahead of her, like an elegant life-sized doll

Like how he imagined her. A doll… it wasn't an angel, but dolls are fine too. Maybe, perhaps, it was even better.

He smiled at her, "Sorry about that, Rin. I know how you don't like large crowds." He sauntered up to her and gently twists her blond locks in his finger. "Don't worry; we'll be living soon…"

She remains staring blankly ahead of her unseeingly.

"Huh? Oh, you don't have to apologize to me. You were lying, right? Hahahahahaha, you're such a bad lair, Rin." He touches her cold cheek, which felt like steel. "See, now we'll definitely be together…

Just you and me."

He drops his hand and laughs quietly. "O-Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you… I sort of tinkered with you while the Masters took breaks. Oh, but not too much that they'd notice." He slanted his head, "I wonder if it works. You don't mind me trying, do you? No?"

He grinned, and then his lips moved so rapidly, that a slight flicker in the eye would make anyone miss it.

Recognition appeared on her emotionless features as the data was being transferred from her eyes to her memory unit. Then,

She smiled.

Len's excited grin broadened. It was his smile; the smiled he remembered, the smile he wanted to see again and again… a true smile that would touch her vacant eyes.

He tightly hugged her frosty, rigid body happily, but her arms reminded lifelessly at her side.

Her smile faltered as soon as he hugged her.

She couldn't feel anything. She couldn't remember anything. Who is this boy? After all, she knows nothing of before she was awakened to a room full of strangers. Did she have a life before? A life full of familiar faces?

Apparently not, since her memory bank is empty.

The boy was laughing while he hugged her tighter.

…Even if she did have a "life", she can never go back to it.



She was stuck with this unknown boy for her whole life (?), for decades, for centuries to come…

She felt nothing as she processed this to herself.

But yet, even with her vacant, expressionless face… a single tear, going unnoticed by the boy, glistens in her eye…

And it slowly rolls down her cheek.

.the end.




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