Fire and Ice

Superman and Diana ran into each others arms. The wave from their collision broke the vase, coffee table and cracked two of the pictures on the wall. Lips locked together, they didn't even notice.

Without breaking their kiss, Diana reached up and removed her tiara and flung it behind her. The sound of it cracking the wall was soon echoed by the sound of it hitting the back of Diana's head.

The force of the blow rocked her enough to push the lovers together violently, their teeth smacking together. "Ouch!" she managed before pressing her lips back to his. Clark pretended not to notice.

Above their moans of pleasure could be heard a sharp *snick* "mmmm. Diana? The zipper mmmm seems to have mmmm broken. "

"Well? mmmm. You're Superman, I'm sure you can't be mmmm defeated by a mmmm simple costume malfunction. mmmm"

He spied a mirror behind her that she miraculously managed to not break with her tiara. It gave him an idea. His eyes began to turn red as he stared at the mirror. If he could get the angle just right...

Diana broke their kiss with a cry. "Ouch! Clark, are you trying to burn a hole in my ass or what?"

"No, of course not, I just thought that I could--"

"Could what? Burn my uniform off? Less creativity and more brute force, if you please." In one swift motion, she took hold of the front of her uniform and pulled. It peeled away easily.

And now for him. She grabbed the waistband of his shorts and yanked towards her. And nothing happened. Almost.

"Yow! What's up with giving me a wedgie?"

"Sorry." Determined to reach her goal, she decided to yank downwards. There was a little resistance, but she managed to overcome it and push the shorts down to his thighs.

Superman sank to his knees in pain. Evidently, he'd been living up to his moniker of 'Man of Steel'. When Diana yanked his shorts down, she forgot to take that into account.

"Oh, Hera, I'm so sorry! Are you alright? Let me help you up."

He put a hand up to forestall her. He still couldn't speak from the pain.

Their communicators chirped. Diana answered. "Yes, J'onn?" "Right. Understood. No, Superman is currently...indisposed." Was that a
snicker that crept into her voice?

Diana retrieved a spare costume from her closet and began to dress. "Clark, there's trouble in the arctic. I'll take care of it and be back soon."

The still writhing Kryptonian, his eyes squeezed tightly close, could only manage to nod.

As she prepared to fly out the window, she turned back once more.

"Would you like me to bring back some ice?"

There was definitely a snicker in her voice that time, he was sure of it.