Well, my first fanfic on here... Well, I hope you enjoy!

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"This is bullshit Mello." Matt snarled, glaring at the blonde in front of him. "For God's sake I forgot to but your chocolate ONCE and you become a PMSing bitch!" Mello slapped MAt who just took it. Matt was used to this behavior. Mello was easily angered. But this time, Mello looked hurt. Matt sighed. "I'm sorry Mells." He hugged the blonde, who gave him a funny look and blushed.

"Er.. Matt?" Mello asked, getting out of Matt's grip and looking around. People were staring. Mello was in love with his friend but was too embaressed to tell him or even act gay in public. The same went for Matt. At least the first part. He was trying to drop hints but Mello never got them. Mello rushed off to but his chocolate in the store as Matt filled up his car.

"Having troubles?" A woman asked. She was dressed oddly and had a jewel on her forhead.

"My car's fine, thanks." Matt grumbled.

"Not your car, dear. The one you love... You cannot tell him for fear of rejection?" She asked. Matt tensed. How...? The lady smiled. "It's ok. I can help. Just tell me what you wish to happen."

"Well..." Matt thought for a moment. "I want him to realize how much I love him. But It can't be the traditional way. Something amazing." Matt laughed nervously. Here he was, admitting to a stranger who must be nuts.

"Done." the lady said and smiled. Matt shrugged and turned bac to his car. When he turned around, the woman was gone.

"The Hell?" He asked, looking around. "Wierd woman..."

"MATT!!!" Mello said, running towards him. "Let's go! I got my chocolate!" Matt smiled sadly. He knew that Mello would only realize his feelings in his own dreams. The two hopped in the car and headed back towards their apartment for some very much deserved sleep.

The two didn't realize the adventure they were about to have.


I know what you are saying... It's short. I kinda noticed that since I wrote it. It is an introduction so it is supposed to be short. It is just introducing my idea...