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It started with a video trailer mashup, then I just loved the idea so much I decided to take one step furthur and write out the story, too!


Around cave walls, there are paintings and engravings- all of lion cubs (coincidentally?).

The first lion cub has fur of rich goldish-brown color, black-lined ears, and a particular birthmark of some kind, hardly standing out, on its forehead.

The second cub has paler fur and lighter, bright green eyes.

The next cub is identical to the one sketched on a board of wood, which is sitting on the ground.

Needle-sharp claws that are so long and thin they appear almost as fingers takes out the board of wood. On it is a drawing of a lion cub with sand-colored fur and dark marks around its eyes, which have bangs of fur hanging over them.

Carefully and steadily, the claws wash and dry the wooden board, which is amazingly sturdy. The drawing is faded now.

Over it, the claws completely paint over it, so that the wooden board shows no trace of it.

Then, the claws steadily scratch to leave engravings on it.

When the sketch is done, the tips of the claws delicately dip themselves in paint and progressively trace the outlines on the board, coloring the tight spaces sharply and accurately.

At last, the masterpiece is finished: it's yet another lion cub, with a fur coat the color of apricot, a mix of gold and light tan, and mahogany eyes. And if one looks closely, one could possibly spot a so-barely-noticeable-that-it-might-not-even-be-there discoloring on the forehead.

Who were those cubs, and how is the last one different?

Hey The Lion King and Coraline fans! Get ready for the fantastic story of Coraline with an awesome twist!

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Disclaimer: I do not own the story of Coraline, or anything of Coraline for that matter, nor do I own The Lion King.

This is based on the movie, but also inspired by the book (later on there may be something inspired by descriptions or lines in the book).

One thing I must clarifiy for future reference, to survive reading the later chapters, you must be ready to forget all you know about who's related to who as of The Lion King characters.

i.e. Kiara will not be the daughter of Simba and Nala (surprising to think, I know). The only Simba and Nala you'll know in this story are the young cubs who crossed their borders. Kiara still exists, of course, she just has different parents.

And Kovu and Kiara do not grow up in this story either.

There is no Outsiders pride. If there is, they're not involved in this story, so Kovu, Nuka, and Zira are not Outsiders. Zira is not the mother of Nuka or Kovu. Nor Vitani. You may or may not know why..well you'll see.

I'll lay it out for you more when the first chapter begins.

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