Rough Night

: I don't own "Supernatural", sadly, but the boys are such a treat to play with…

A/N: My gratitude goes out to my awesome beta twinchaosblade who makes sense of my stuff, even if I don't.

A/N 2: Response to the Drabble Challenge by Enkidu07 and Onyx Moonbeam

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Prompt: Sheet


Startled awake by Dean watching something horrific on TV at a volume capable of deafening the hearing-impaired, Sam bolted from the bed. His legs were still thoroughly tangled in the sheets and he fell flat on his face with a worrying thud. His older brother was at his side immediately.

"Easy, Sammy. What's gotten into you? Bad dream?"

Sam just scowled for a good few moments.

"Sammy?" Dean's concerned voice brought him back to reality at once.

"More of an inconsiderate moron of a brother," he mumbled darkly.

Despite his initial grudge, he took the offered hand helping him up.

The End