It is again that time of the year. Christmas is coming around and that means all of the good food you can handle, all of the annoying relatives that you have to deal with, all of the presents you have to buy and all of the Chrismas parties that must be attended. The Christmas party for the year, a new tradition that had been started ever since the complications with the cards had ended. And everyone got together for these things too.

There are the people you'd expect to be present, you know, Sakura and her father and brother, because they are the hosts. But, this year had the largest turn out of all. Chiharu, Naoko, Yamazaki and Rika had all come from school. And had brought thier parents and if present, siblings, with them. Meling had flown in from China for this occasion. Mizuki-sensei, Eriol, Akizuki and Suppie all arrived on time from England even though there had been weather delays with some of the flights leaving that airport.

Then, as faithful as ever, Keroberos, Yukito and Sakura's best friend Tomoyo and her mother have come as well.

Of course, Yukito and Sakura's brother Touya sit in a couple of chairs, chatting away happily. Keroberos and Suppie are playing a videogame on the floor by the tree and arguing about who is going to beat who in the end. They have taken all the snacks so now Sakura is back in the kitchen with Tomoyo and Rika, preparing more.

Meling and Naoko are discussing Twilight, the new movie that had come out back before the holidays and how it had just been so wonderful. Yamazaki is currently being strangled in his usual regard by his girlfriend Chiharu, who had gotten angry when he had tried to lie to Meling and Naoko about how the story came to be.

Eriol and Mizuki are having a very pleasant conversation about the goings on back in England. Mizuki laughs in that childish way and the raven-haired boy beside her smiles. They seem so happy. The same goes for Sakura's dad and Tomoyo's mom. While the man is taking picture after picture with his little disposable camera, the woman is growing more and more angry. She's been recording this straight from the beginning with her ever-present camera crew. Both Tomoyo and her mother are obsessed with getting footage from everywhere.

Syaoran sighs, looking at the floor. Just at that moment, Sakura comes back into the room, clad in a tank top and a ruffle skirt with an apron thrown over it while preparing the food. A blush grace's both Syaoran's and her face when every head in the room turns in her direction. She smiles, a mix of agitation, embarrassment and happiness.

"Gomen-nasai! Hai, ageru!" She stammers, being careful of her footing. Her hair gently bounds along with her movements, her skirt hitting lightly against her legs. She brings treats around to everyone in the room, Tomoyo following her around the entire length with the camcorder, recording her every move. This will most likely go into her all ready very extensive collection of videos of the girl.

Syaoran's face goes blank, partly feeling bad for Sakura and partly wondering if Tomoyo had some sort of disorder that made her this excited when she got to use her camera. But then, he has to concur with Tomoyo's need to film Sakura. What's not to like about Sakura? She's smart and beautiful and kind…

"Syaoran-kun?" The said girl's voice breaks through his thoughts. He looks up, only to be met with those striking emeralds that most would call eyes, no more than three inches in front of him. Her hair is brushing against his face, the trey of food right below his jaw.

Feeling the heat rush into his face, he backs away from the girl slightly, sinking into the chair timidly. She smiles and leans in a little more, her face flushing red as well. She bites down on her lip. Syaoran swallows. She looks so right. This is how she should always look.

"Hai?" He questions back, trying to shake off the blush.

"Here, have a snack!"

He looks around the room to see no one looking at him save for Sakura's brother, who is staring over Yukito's shoulder and making a fist at him. Syaoran scowls back and then, ignoring him again, looks back into Sakura's very-close-to-him eyes with a gentle and shy smile. "I'd love one," He tells her. "I'd love to eat something you made."

Her face turns so red that he can't help but to chuckle a little. Tomoyo laughs in that high-pitched laugh that couldn't be anyone else's as she continues to capture the whole scene on film.

Syaoran and Sakura both turn to her at the same time, Syaoran gritting his teeth when he realizes that now everyone in the room is looking at the two of them and Sakura just looking exasperated. "Ne, Tomoyo-Chan, do you ever put that thing away?"

Tomoyo clicks the pause button on the side and moves the camera away from her face, laughing again in that same yet now extremely annoying way. "Why would I do that? You just look so cute that it's making me dizzy!"

Syaoran shakes his head as the other people in the room begin laughing and Sakura lowers her face toward the floor, embarrassed and annoyed. Tomoyo only smiles, turning to Syaoran, who's redder than a tomato at this point.

The night goes on, playing games like bobbing for apples and pin the tail on the donkey. They spin Sakura right now and she finally stumbles forward from her place, making her way in a completely wrong direction. Letting a small laugh escape his lips, he watches the girl, content.

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