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"Nee-san, I don't need a babysitter," the child pouted.

"Hai hai," Yumiko said, rummaging through the cupboards. "I know, you'll be 10 in six months and you don't need watching over. But Syusuke," she turned to her little brother. "It would make Mom feel better if they knew you were safe."

"I can take care of myself," the boy mumbled, before smiling brightly at the spicy syrup being poured on his pancakes.

"He will be here this afternoon," she said, sprinkling powdered sugar onto her own pancakes. "Behave."

"Don't I always?" Fuji Syusuke smiled sweetly...deceivingly sweetly.

Yumiko ruffled his hair affectionately. "Yuuta's coming back from summer camp next week, so you'll have someone to play with soon."

Syusuke chewed on his blueberry pancakes and drank his pineapple-orange juice before speaking up again.

"I still don't think we should've sent him to that camp with Mituli," he declared, glaring menacingly at the table. Yumiko found it endearing.

"Yes, Mituli-kun is very bad," she humored her brother.

"And Yuuta should be kept away from bad influences," he insisted.

"You're so cute, Syusuke," Yumiko giggled.

"I know," he replied with a dazzling smile.

Syusuke was crossing off pictures of people he hated in his school yearbook when the doorbell rang.

"Ah, Tezuka-kun," he heard his mom say. "Please come inside. Syusuke is in the living room playing."

Syusuke felt indignant at that. He was not playing. He was strategically and resourcefully planning the doom of all the idiots who have ever crossed him. That was not playing.

He sat up on his knees when his day care provider (not babysitter—he refused to think of himself needing a babysitter) entered the room. Syusuke blinked. That person didn't look nearly as scary as he had imagined. And he wasn't old. Or a lady.

"Syusuke, this is Tezuka Kunimitsu," his mother told him, bending down to his eye level. "Be nice to him, ne? He'll take care of you while your daddy and I are away."

He watched as his mom showed the boy (who was really big) the emergency phone numbers and what to not eat in the refrigerator (those were in containers labeled with a red pepper and crossbones). Syusuke still said nothing as his mom kissed him on the cheek and waved goodbye.

For what seemed like an hour afterwards, he engaged Tezuka in a staring contest, his eyes wide and unreadable, Tezuka's emotionless and stoic.

Eventually, he turned around and went back to drawing horns on Mizuki's head. He heard Tezuka set his bag on the table in the dining room and heard the rustling of papers.

Probably homework, Syusuke thought, while coloring stars around Eiji's photo.

Around 1 o' clock, he heard the scrape of the chair and footsteps. Syusuke hummed a song while working on his math homework, later abandoning it in favor of drawing a comic where "X-san" and "Y-san" got married and had a kid, "Z-chan," who was squared because of its amazing mathematical cloning powers.

The little 4th year was surprised when Tezuka set a plate next to his book. There was a slightly greenish omelet sitting on the tray next to a cup of some guava-mango juice.

"Thank you…" Syusuke said hesitantly. He didn't remember nee-san putting a wasabi omelet in the fridge the night before. Did Tezuka make it himself? Okaa-san did say something about using a special recipe book for him.

"Aah," Tezuka said and then walked back to make a sandwich. He sighed. This kid was so…odd. Honestly, he would've rather spent this time going fishing with Atobe or playing tennis with Sanada, but his father had requested that he watch his friend's son, so he planned to do it to the best of his ability.

In the late afternoon, he was filling out a form for the art club's activities when he heard delicate, dainty footsteps approach. A honey-haired head appeared next to his arm in the next moment, looking at the papers.

"What's that?" Syusuke asked.

"Forms," Tezuka replied. The little boy stood there, resting his arms on Tezuka's wrist.

"Are you the student council president?" he asked, looking at Tezuka after reading the papers.

He blinked. Those forms included business-like texts. Did the 9 year old understand what he just read…? "Aah."

Syusuke grinned. "Wow, that's amazing."

The elementary school student sat with the junior high 2nd year for the rest of the evening, sitting in silence as he watched his day care provider write things down. Tezuka wondered how he could stay interested in that, but dismissed it as another of the child's weird traits.

He left at eight o' clock with a short bow and started the walk home. Yumiko, who had come to relieve him, walked over to her little brother, who was cheerfully smiling at the table with his hands supporting his head. He swung his legs back and forth with a cheerful beat.

"So, how was Tezuka?" Yumiko asked, sitting across from him. Syusuke opened his large blue eyes.

"He'll do."

Hm, I figured that 9 was the youngest I could make Fuji so that he was still innocent but was intelligent enough to understand complicated concepts. And four years later, he would have to be old enough to experience romance.