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Chapter One-

Nyota Uhura walked down the brightly lit ship corridor, arms tucked behind her back, knowing exactly where her feet were taking her.

Should I ask him? Wait. Why wouldn't I ask him? ...Will he appreciate the gesture?

At once, knowing she had reached her destination, she halted at the door that was now directly to her left. In her peripheral vision, she could see the Starfleet standard issue letters that adorned the light gray metal. The letters indicating she had arrived at his quarters. To be perfectly honest, it was a room she wasn't unfamiliar with.

Generally, when it came to his room, Uhura wasn't nervous upon arrival. Give or take the first time, of course. But today, she was afraid he would decline her offer. And she wasn't prepared for him to say no.

Perhaps it's too soon. And he's still grieving...

The fact of the matter was, Uhura missed her family. That could have been an understatement. She needed her family. And the two weeks of scheduled shore leave to repair the ship was a rare opportunity. Especially now that she was assigned to the Enterprise.

After the two weeks of relief of duty, the crew was assigned and prepared for the Gamma Quadrant. In all actuality, Uhura wasn't sure how soon she would get to see her family again.

Uhura was about to chime his door. Even after knowing him on a more intimate level, she still hadn't built up the nerve of opening it freely on her own.

But before she had the chance to move her hand forward, the door swished open, revealing the tall, lanky, arrow-straight Vulcan she had grown to utterly adore. Her breath caught in her chest.

"Lieutenant," he greeted. She smirked. Always the tactician.

"Commander." They consistently left their relationship, especially while on board the ship, quite diplomatic. "I have something to ask you."

His eyebrow raised. God, how she loved that eyebrow...

He allowed her to continue, but he ushered her inside his room. The sight and familiarity of his quarters relaxed her and a small grin played upon her lips.

"I am surprised you are still aboard the ship, Nyota. Shore leave is a rare opportunity," he grabbed her hand. Uhura's stomach flip-flopped at the gesture. "Especially for those who miss their families."

"That's actually why I'm here." Her dark eyes caught his own. "I wanted know if..."

"If?" He asked.

His thumb was lightly stroking her fingers. Maybe she could spend shore leave elsewhere...

No. She needed to see her family. It had been far too long.

"...If you would want to go with me." She tried not to sound eager.

He took a step back while contemplating her words. "Your proposal is... unexpected."

Uhura nodded, "I know. I ... I just hate the thought of you being alone. And if Earth is technically the only home you have left..."

The corner of his mouth tugged upwards. "Then it is only logical."

Uhura was floating on a cloud. She was off to visit her home and her family while taking her boyfriend with her.

Boyfriend. How else could she describe him? In all her years, she never imagined a half-Vulcan to fit that description. But as she walked beside the austere man with the pristine hair cut and the unyielding stare, she couldn't help but develop butterflies in her stomach.

Needless to say, it was the first time she had ever taken anyone home to meet her family. During reprieve from the academy, while her roommate often went off planet with a couple girls to do who knew what, Uhura had always gone home. Alone.

And she hadn't done that for at least a year and a half; it was time to make up for that.

With her impeccable grin and her obvious uplifted spirit, Uhura marched to her own tune around the milling inhabitants of the transportation bay. Not to mention, the fact that she was standing beside Commander Spock drew a few stares and comments, naturally.

But she paid the crowd no attention. Because, as noted before, she was on a cloud.

After following Spock into the transporter, they took their seats and were told that the transporter would arrive and land in Nairobi at exactly 1200 hours.

She looked over at him and wondered, as she often did, what he was thinking about.

But he was the first to break himself from his quiet absorption

"Is your family aware that I am coming with you?"

"Well, in a way, I guess." She looped her arm around his as the transporter took off into the sky. She recalled the earlier conversation with her mom. "I contacted them and told my mother I was bringing someone along."

"So she knows about me..." He added distantly.

Uhura nodded, "Yes. She knows I'm bringing my boyfriend with me." She then smiled at that. It was the first time she had vocalized her attachment to him aloud.

It seemed to take him off guard for moment, but from what she perceived, it didn't displease him.

"That wasn't what I was referring to," he said quietly.

"You mean, do they know that you are from Vulcan? No. I didn't feel it was necessary." For the first time that day, Nyota's elated demeanor dropped if ever so slightly. That would be an interesting topic of conversation.

Pushing any uncomfortable thoughts aside, she lowered her head on his shoulder. "There's no need to worry." She laughed at herself. He clearly wasn't the one that was worried. "They'll like you as much as I do."

"I have not brushed up on my Swahili. It may be..." He raised a brow. "Quite rusty."

"It's alright, my family is well versed in standard English. In fact, my father was born and raised in Chicago."

"Chicago? That is... interesting."

As they sat there together, thinking about what the upcoming weeks would mean for them, Uhura suddenly realized something. Her father was usually very protective. And when it came to men dating his daughter... He was almost ridiculous about it.

She turned her head slightly and studied Spock silently. It was apparent that she was bringing home the one man that could challenge her father on every level.

Grinning wickedly, she resumed her position of resting her head on his shoulder and waited for their destination to arrive.

This was going to be an interesting trip indeed.

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